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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Baroness War X

April 06, 2018 to April 08, 2018

Yakima - Yakima County, WA

Autocrat: Ionamyst V. Reginasdottir device8994OP

Unto Her Noble Cousins does the Fair Isa, Baroness of Vulkanfeldt, send her greetings! As winter draws nigh, Her Excellency�¢ï¿½ï¿½s thoughts are turned to the season of war that will be upon us once the snows have given way to spring. Our Baroness grows weary of the distension between the Baronies of this Great Kingdom, and as such, expresses a desire to make peace. From this peace filled heart comes the idea of unity. It is in this spirit that Baroness Isa wishes to invite her Noble Cousins to a friendly competition in the skills of war so that when the time comes to defend the borders of this Great Kingdom, An Tir�¢ï¿½ï¿½s fighters will be ready.

Available for your pleasure: various classes, a siege cooking contest, arts & sciences competition, as well as Vulkanfeldt's Bardic Championship. As always, the much loved Baroness Tea will be held Saturday. War points will be awarded for combat, arts and sciences, archery and siege cooking. (Class list and rules for competitions to be posted at a later date.)

Event Steward: Lady Ionamyst Regginasdottir 

Land reservations: please e-mail Lady Ionamyst at ionamyst @

Event Registration Fees: $20. SCA blue card members receive $5 discount. Youth 17 & under are free. (Please make checks payable to Barony of Vulkanfeldt, SCA Inc.)


Wondering who to contact for something? Here is a list! It will be edited as things are added:

MIC Heavy: Hammar (Ray), Sulo Bjornkettil
War Scenarios: Sulo
Unicorn Tea: Kara of Wealdsmere (Rachel Kleinpaste)
Mistress of Classes: Kara of Wealdsmere (Rachel Kleinpaste)
Court Heralding: Mistress Reggina (Reggie Brulotte)
Vendors: Jenn Harper (Lucia Robertsdottir)
Castles: Brother William (Rob Riggins)
MIC Archery: Margeurite
Equine Events: Rich Bright
Land Grab contact: Baron Rurik
Thrown Weapons MIC: Branwen Stewart and Geoffrey 
Gate Keeper: Sabrina GrÃ��Ã�¸enig
Siege Cooking: Tanayle Haga
A&S/Largesse: Fa'el (Tim Wayne Louk)
Waterbearing: Kata (Kelsey Conklin)
Baroness Tea: Tanya Winsor Big-Mountain
Bardic Championship: Sulo Bjornkettil
Web Mistress: Lucia (Jenn Harper)
Site Copy: Lucia (Jenn Harper)
Site Map: Baron Rurik (Ron Mansfield)
Site tokens: Rich Bright
Combat Archery MIC: Ronan Mackay




Fabric Stamping 101 Baroness ��sa Ormriauga & Lady Ionamyst Reginasdottir

Intro to stamping fabric

1  hour Max Participants 10

Donations accepted but not required  for supplies (fabric, paint, and stamps)

*Unless you want to carve your own stamp ($5 supply fee)

*Feel free to bring own fabric piece

Location:  Class area

Lucet Cord Weaving By Serafima Ruriksdottir

Instruction on the basics of weaving cord on a lucet.

45 min Maximum of 3-4 students


you may bring your own lucet or use one provided

Location:    Class area

Basic Cheese Class By HL Una of Grimwith

In this class we will be making a basic farm cheese. The class will cover a short history of cheese,farm cheese, other types of cheese that were found in medieval times and the importance of cheese to the common person as a food source. This class is a hands on, so please remember to dress appropriately.

approx.2 hours Maximum of 5 �..but watchers are welcome

$5 (for milk/cheese)

Location:  Merchant Booth  

Six Panel Hats HL Tabytha Morgan

Class involves basic hand stitching, super basic drafting.  Project will be completed  in-class. Geared for students with years of sewing experience or zero sewing experience.  Appropriate fabric, thread and spare needles provided.

1-2 hours Maximum of 4-6 students

A couple bucks per student is appreciated but not necessary

Location:  Merchant Booth

YAFA Textile Class Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir,  Mentor Textiles/Calligraphy

Learn about the different types of materials that were used in the medieval age, where they came from, how they were made..  Interactive lecture class with tactile examples.  Some writing and coloring may be required to if youth are looking to complete sections of the YAFA: Textile workbook.  Covers YAFA:  Textiles Division 1: #1 & 3 Division 2: #1 & 3 and Division 3: #6

1 hour No limit, parent/guardian MUST accompany child


Location:  Class Area

Unicorn Tea Party

All of young heart come join us once again for the Second Annual Baroness War Unicorn Tea party!  Unicorn treats, crafts and story time are waiting for children accompanied by a parent/guardian AND all those young at heart (Peeps!  I�m  talkin� mental age, not physical!).   Rainbow colored candies, unicorn shaped cookies and lots of fun.  We may even get a visit from our magical four legged creature in real life!









Baroness War Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE **UPDATED 3/27/18**


**Please note that locations of classes and other activities will be available in site copy**


Friday, April 6th


Noon Site opens

10:30pm Quiet time


Saturday, April 7th


8 - 9 am Siege cooking entrants pick up baskets @ Tabby's Hats in 
Merchant Row

9 - 10 am Armor inspection - authorization cards will be checked

9 - 4 Archery Field available-will be suspended for 
court and equestrian 
archery, check schedule for times

10:00 Opening court

11:30 -12:30 Equine Archery- At archery site

11:00 Battle begins - Vulkanfeldt Castle - On the 
battle field

Noon -4pm Classes begin- Please bring a chair

1pm Jousting & Heavies Castle At Demo site

1- 3pm Thrown weapons

3 - 4pm Baroness Tea

4pm Royal Court

5 pm Pelican Meeting

5pm YAC Practice

7pm Unicorn Tea

7pm Laurel Meeting

8pm Birthday Party - Baroness Alessandra, Tabytha, 
Aurora, & Balthazar

8-10 Bardic Fire pit & bardic Championship- all are 

10:30 Quiet time


Sunday, April 8th


9am Court for the Tournament of Champions 
Armour inspection immediately following.

10:00 Tournament of Champions begin

10:00 YAC ( youth armored combat)

12-1 Jousting ( at Demo site)

1pm closing court

3:00 Site closes




11 AM Field Heraldry Part 1 - Listen For Announcement
Field Heraldry Part 2 - Immediately Following Part 1

11 AM - 1 PM Cheese Making @ Merchant's Row (Black Horned Ewe)

12 PM Beginning Lucet - Covered Area

1 PM Fabric Stamping - Covered Area

2 PM 6 Panel Hats - Merchant's Row @ Tabby's Hats

2 PM YAFA: Fiber Arts - Covered Area

2 PM Viking Age Clothing Patterning & Construction Consultation - 
Covered Area



Site Info:
Name: Central Washington Agricultural Museum
4508 Main st
Union Gap, WA 98903

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

Site: Central Washington Ag Museum, 4508 Main St. Union Gap, WA 98903 

Directions:From the North (I-90) - Take exit 110 for I-82 E/US-97 S toward Yakima

Take exit 36 for Valley Mall Blvd toward Union Gap - remain in the left lane of the exit

Proceed west through two round-abouts (2nd exit of each) 

Turn Left at Main St. - Remain in the left lane for the next 1.75 mi. 

Once beyond the over-pass, take the next right. Proceed through Fulbright Park to the Museum

From the South (I-82) 

Take exit 38 from I-82 W/US-12 W 

Turn Left toward Main St. proceed 89 ft. 

Turn Left onto Main St. 

Once beyond the over-pass, take the next right. 

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