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AnTir Heraldic Symposium

March 29, 2008 to March 30, 2008
Heron's Reach

Clatsop County, OR

Autocrat: Tifridh Friardattir

An Tir Kingdom Heraldric Symposium

Shire of Herons Reach

March 29 & 30th, 2008 Astoria, Oregon

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir! The time for the An Tir Heraldic Symposium draws near. Please join us for a day filled with classes for all interests.

Please go to forclass information .

An Tir Kingdom Heraldic Symposium
March 29 & 30, 2008

     Please pre-register for classes to assure a space. All classes have class size limits due to the size of the facility and/or structure of the class, and instructors need to know how many handouts to bring.
     Pre-registration also allows the line at gate to be shorter for you and move swiftly for everyone.
To register, contact Lord Ciaran Cluana Ferta, Argent Scroll Herald at: arget-scroll (AT) antir (DOT) sca (DOT) org. Please use the subject line:  PRE-REG.

Pre-registrations must be received by Saturday, March 22, 2008.
     In your pre-registration request, please include your name, classes you wish to take, total cost of your
classes, and e-mail address for confirmation. You will receive a confirming email by the 23rd. Payment for classes is on accepted on-site only. Please do not send any payment at this time.

How to do Court
Baroness Kateline MacFarlane, Mano d'Oro Herald has seen Court from both sides: formerly Baroness of Three Mountains, she was well-known as a court herald before occupying that baronial bench. She will share her wealth of knowledge about pacing, voice usage and ritual.

Basic Voice Heraldry
Lady Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle, Löwenmȃhne Herald, will discuss vocal technique, the care and feeding of your voice and standard procedures for Field and Town Cry duty.

How to do Court Without Having a Nervous Breakdown
HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva, formerly BeWayre Pursuivant and Vox Leonis Herald is a self-confessed "court junkie", and will show you how to do courts well without stressing yourself to the breaking point.
     So, someone has asked you to herald their court.  This class will give you the tools you need to make this a less daunting prospect.   This class is also helpful for those who are considering service to the SCA as a Baronial or Royal noble.
Students should bring note taking materials.

Intermediate Voice-Heraldry:    Making Your Voice Work for You
HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva gives you an experienced view toward making the best use of your voice.
If you are a voice herald, or would like to be, this class will help you understand how to make your voice work for you. We will work to identify and refine the skills needed to make a more theatrical, and thus more interesting, court, field, or town cry presentation.
Proposed subjects for discussion include projection versus volume, proper breathing, voice inflection, vocal timbre, vocabulary, and making boring announcements interesting. 
Students should bring note-taking materials and be ready to make some noise!

Names for Nomads
HL Ursula Georges, Loyall Pursuivant,  says:  Want an authentic name for a Scythian, Old Bulgar, Hun,
Magyar, Turk, or Mongol? We'll discuss research strategies, literate and illiterate personas, titles, and the registration process. Students interested in a particular culture are encouraged to contact the instructor in advance:  loyall(AT)antirl(DOT)scal(DOT)org

Russian Names
Lady Mrya Kargashina, formerly Lion's Blood Herald discusses Russian (and other Slavic) names including formation tecniques.

The Tools of Conflict Checking
HL Teceangl Bach, formerly Lion's Blood Herald, shows you the ins-and-outs of conflict-checking  names, devices and/or badges, including in-depth analyses of the rules, rulings and regulations of conflict checking SCA names and armory. Practical application of RfS, Glossary tables and Laurel precedents. Technical discussion of rules and precedents will cover both consulting and submissions.

Helping Submitters understand
Lady Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle writes the notification letters to submitters for Lion's Blood. HL Ciaran, Argent Scroll, is a former Lion's Blood & Æstel. They have years of experience explaining (in plain English) what all the "herald-speak" is about, and together they will help you to discuss with clients the changes that may assist them to register.

Twenty Questions
HL Gwenlian Catharne discusses the questions that every armory herald needs to be able to answer for submitters.

The Heraldic Oath
HL Gwenlian Catharne, Demi-lion Herald will discuss the Oath in the ceremony for the Creation of a herald. Why do they make you swear to be sober, then offer to make you drunk? Why is there a baptism in there?

Reporting and Warranting
HL Gwenlian Catharne tells you about your required duties as a herald and what to expect from the Kingdom officers.

The Administrative Handbook - Its Use and Necessity
Often overlooked, the Administrative Handbook is an important and required tool for all heralds. HL Teceangl Bach will review its use as a consultation tool, the tables and appendices and their practical application, and how and when to reference it. Information presented should be of use to branch heralds and consulting heralds specifically.

Running a Consulting Table
HL Teceangl Bach, long-term consulting herald show you how to manage consulting at events and meetings. This will include an overview of references, how to find staff, managing extended consults and more.  The handout will include lists  of things to have and to know. 


SITE OPENS: Saturday 8:30 AM (For instructors doors open at 8:00AM). Dinner 6:00PM. Site closes 9:30 PM. Donations for the silent auction are welcome.

SITE CHANGE: Due to severe storm damage at Viking Landing/Astoria Yacht Club

First Presbyterian Church of Astoria

1103 Grand Ave
Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 325-1702




SITE FEES: $7 (Sunday only, $3) SCA members; NMS $3 fee applies to non-members. Make all checks payable to “SCA, Inc.- Shire of Heron’s Reach“. This fee does not include the seperate class fees or registration.

FEAST FEE: Requires a prepayment (in addition to gate fee) of $10.00. Mail must be postmarked by March 20th, 2008 or received by March 22, 2008, for feast reservation. Feast is an additional $10 for 10-adult, $5 for 5 to 9 and under, free for four and under.

Please make checks payable to “The Shire of Heron’s Reach”. Send your check or money order to Tifridh Friðrdottir, c/o Tiffany George, 708 Alameda Ave, Astoria, Oregon, 97103. Please include number of adults, children 6-12, 5 and under. Also include phone number and e-mail to receive confirmation message (2 attempts will be made  if no e-mail or answering machine) your feast registration by March 24, 2008.  Also, please note any dietary concerns so we can accommodate your needs.


Asst'd Breads
Asst'd Butters - Reg, Herbed, Honey, Margarine [for the Vegan
Sallet [Vegan]
A Pottage of Lentils [Vegan]
A Tart of Ryce [Vegetarian]
Soldiers Couscous [Vegan]
Artichokes in Herbed Sauce
'Ein Condimentlin' -- Marinated Veggies -[Vegan]
Fabaciae Virides Et Baianae -- Green and Baian Beans [Vegan]
Jugged Hare
Alaunder of Beef [Steak in Sauce]

Poached Pears [Vegan]

Beverages -----

Sekanjabin -- Middle Eastern Mint Drink
White [non] Wine -- er -- Golde Lemon Lemonaide
Red [non] Wine -- er -- Fruit Punch
Chilled [ICED] Water

Please bring your feast gear. Feast will be served banquet style with a high table.


From Hwy 30:

Take your best route to HWY 30 to Astoria.

Turn left at 16th St

Turn right at Franklin Ave

Turn left at 12th St

Turn right at Grand Ave

Yes, there will be SCA signs!

From Hwy 101 and Hwy 26:

Take your best route to Astoria for Hwy 26 or Hwy 101.

At the traffic circle at the end of the bridge coming into Astoria from Warrenton, take the 2nd exit onto W Marine Dr

Continue on 8th St/US-30 E (it will pass by a McDonalds and then twist right past the Post Office)

Continue to follow 8th St up the hill, do not take the left onto Commercial St.

Turn left at Grand Ave

Yes, there will be SCA signs!



AUTOCRAT: Tifridh Friðrdottir

mka Tiffany George, 708 Alameda Ave, Astoria, OR 97103

Cell Phone : 503-791-4997


HERALDOCRAT: Lord Yngvarr Gleðil Sigurdsson



HL Jalida bint al-Yasamin bint al-Susiya (kitchencrat/Golde Lemon)


Site Info:
Name: First Presbyterian Church of Astoria
1103 Grand Ave
Astoria, OR 97103

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