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Archery Academy

August 18, 2018
Three Mountains

Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR

Autocrat: William Tarrell

Archery Academy 2018           Barony of Three Mountains    Sat Aug 18th, 2018

The Barony of Three Mountains invites all who are interested in Archery and all other missile combat activities to join us for Archery Academy 2018.  This year, Archery Academy will be a one-day event, with a particular focus on creating Archery and Missile Combat related items, from building your own bow, to string making, from creating an Atl Atl and Darts to making a Quiver.  Join us for a day that will help you develop your skills and equipment while making new friends!  After classes, join us for an Archer's Potluck!  We provide the meat!

Site Fee:  $20 per adult ($5 Member Discount), Youths 17 and younger Free

Site Information:

Marshall Farm
34058 Sykes Road
St. Helens, OR 97051


8:00 am -         Gate Opens

9:00 am -         Morning Classes Begin

1:00 pm -         Lunch Break

2:00 pm -         Afternoon Classes Begin

6:00 pm -         Evening Break

6:30 pm - ?      Archer's Potluck

7:00 pm -         Baronial Court


Event Steward: William Tarrell (aka Deane Stitt),, 503-730-5689 (no calls after 9 pm please)


Use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Abusers will be directed to leave the site.      As there are cats and wildlife, please leave your pets at home.   Children must be with a parent at all times. Most of the classes are not appropriate for children under 16 years old.    Smoking is allowed only in approved areas. You may not smoke at your campsite.   Site is discreetly wet.  Alcohol is permitted for those of legal drinking age.  Riotous drunkenness is not allowed.     Bardic music is encouraged.  Loud recorded music is not and should be left at home.   The property owners reserve the right to interpret the rules as needed and if you cause issues, you will be asked to leave.    Area for camping and classes  is flat but outside and ground can be uneven.  Bring a flashlight and any needed aid for travel on uneven ground and  for night time use.    Portable Toilets will be in use  on site.  


There is limited camping available Friday and Saturday night, with preference given to attendees from outside the Greater Portland area and/or instructors.  Contact the Event Steward directly if you would like to camp at the event.  There is no additional fee for camping.  Please bring your own water for cooking, etc.

Class Schedule

9:00 am

Tillering a Longbow (this is an all day class)

Construction of Atl Alt & Darts (2 hours)

Archery 101 (2 hours)

10:00 am

Thrown Weapons -Knife (1 hour)

11:00 am

Target Archery Marshaling (2 hours)

Medieval Period Arrow Making (2 hours)

Thrown Weapons - Axe (1 hour)

History of European Archery (1 hour)

12:00 pm

Thrown Weapons - Spear (1 hour)

1:00 pm

Lunch Break

2:00 pm

Tillering a Long Bow (continued from Morning Session)

Children's Archery (1 hour)

How to Check Your Thrown Weapons and Basic Techniques (2 hours)

Introduction to Carving Leather Using Simple Tools (2 hours)

Making Flemish Bow Strings (2 hours)

3:00 pm

Children's Archery (1 hour)

4:00 pm

Tuning Your Body and Bow (2 hours)

Mary Rose Quiver Construction (2 hours)

Intro to Children's Thrown Weapons


Class Descriptions

Tillering a Longbow

Hugh MacDomhnaill

Cost: $30.00, Class Size: 1-6

Learn the art of making a fair curve and controlling the strength of a bow.  We will provide roughed out flat bow blanks which you will finish in class, learning about tillering, tool use and care and the basics of the art of bowyer.

Be prepared to get dusty and dirty.  Bring your own Band-Aids...we'll be working with sharp tools!  Bring a chair if you want to sit down for a break.


Construction of Atl Atl and Darts

Domhnall MacCeallaigh of Dublin

Cost: $10.00, Class Size: 1-10

You will be creating and Atlatl and Darts. It is a simple process which anyone can do, using simple hand tools. I will be providing all the necessary tools to complete the projects. There are no power tools used in the construction of these items. Depending on your skill level you should be able to complete these in 2 to 4 hours.

Bring a chair


Target Archery Marshaling

Ai'binn ingen hui Ne'ill 

Cost: $2.00, Class Size: 2-20

This class will give an overview of the latest SCA Target Archery Marshal's Handbook, with added real-life examples. Students will learn the rules for safely running a range, how to judge the overall safety of the range and inspect equipment, etc. They will learn the commonly used commands when marshaling, become familiar with the types of bows/arrows allowed in the various shooting categories, and more.   After this class students should be able to practice running an archery range a few times (under supervision), and then they can be certified as junior target archery marshals.

Students should bring Pen/pencil to take notes on their printed copy of the handbook. Personal archery equipment for practice inspection will be helpful. Bring a chair/stool  for your comfort.


Archery 101

Duncan McKai

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1 to 12

In this class students will learn the following:
Part 1
 Parts of the bow and of the arrow;
 Types of bows, bracers & quivers typically used in the SCA;
 Other types of equipment and accessories used;
 Range rules and etiquette
Part 2
Basic shooting techniques including:
 Stance, Grip, Form, Aim

Students should bring any equipment they have


Medieval Period Arrow Making

Richard de Westwode  
AKA Richard the Fletcher

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-99

We will discuss principles of arrows and arrow making (fletching) and specifically work on horn insert self knocks and whipping.  There will be some hands on opportunities to work on self knocks and everyone will be able to learn how to whip (tie on) the fletches (feathers).  No previous fletching experience needed, but will be helpful.

Bring an arrow with fletches attached.  You can use this arrow to practice your whipping.  Note paper and audio/visual recording is fine.


Throwing Weapons -  Knives

Master Robert of Wolford

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-10

We will cover the basics of learning to throw with a knife 

Bring your own throwing weapons. Limited loaner gear will be available.


Throwing Weapons - Axes

Master Robert of Wolford

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-10

We will cover basics of learning to throw with an axe

bring your own throwing weapons. Limited loaner gear will be available.


Throwing Weapons - Spear

Archos Giovanni dell'Arco, OGGS

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-10

Cover the basics of learning to throw a spear

Bring your own throwing weapons. Limited loaner gear will be available.


History of European Archery

Master Andrew Stiubhard

Cost: $0, Class Size: 2*15

Talk on the history of European archery from its emergence around 11,000 BC through its decline, about 1600 CE, with advantages and disadvantages of different bow designs. Some examples of different bows & arrows will be on hand for examination.


Children's Archery

Archos Giovanni dell'Arco, OGGS

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-3

Has your little one ever wanted to emulate Princess Merida, Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen (the Mockingjay), or Legolas?  Now's their chance to safely emulate their heroes, using real bows and arrows, under the tutelage and guidance of veteran archery instructors. 

One parent or legal guardian must be present on the archery range as long as their child is on the range.


Tuning Your Body and Your Bow

Andras Truemark

Cost: $0, Class Size: No limit

How to tune your bow, arrows, string, rest, and even you, for maximum scoring

Bring your Bow and Arrows


How to Check Your Thrown Weapons

Matthias von Schwarzenberg

Cost: $1, Class Size: 1-10

Class will cover the basics of checking your equipment safely as well as confirming if it is SCA legal.  Will also cover basics of learning to throw.

bring your own throwing knives, axes or spear if possible. Limited loaner pieces will be available.


Mary Rose Quiver


Cost: $10.00, Class Size: 2-8

A style used by medieval European archers, a simple drawstring cloth sack with a leather spacer at the top and a "hood" to protect the fletching from rain. Commonly seen extant examples are from the Mary Rose. Worn on the hip, back or across the body, it is an excellent period addition to your archery kit! We will be making a 12 count bag in this class. I provide all materials (fabric is a period-esk canvas type, natural in color).

They may bring their own fabric; it must be canvas grade in thickness and a minimum of 42" long and 20" wide. And I need to know ahead so I do not make more kits than needed. Cost adjustment $5.


Introduction to Carving Leather Using Simple Tools

Baron Titus Antonius Archelaus

Cost: $5.00 (for carving tool), Class Size: 5-10

I have chosen to meld SCA heraldry and leather carving in a way that I believe could have been used in the middle ages to decorate saddles, chests and shields using only very simple tools that any blacksmith or wood carver could easily make.

A heraldic design of interest no more than 3"x3"


Intro into Children's Throwing Weapons

Matthias von Schwarzenberg

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-10

Children will be taught the basics of range safety and etiquette, as well as throwing techniques for knife, axe & spear.  Parents must plan on attending

bring your own throwing knives, axes or spear if possible. Limited loaner pieces will be available.


Making Bow Strings

Laing and Dax

Cost: $0, Class Size: 1-6

Hands on Flemish bow string making

Bring your bow (for string sizing)


Please send pre-registration requests to:

Please submit your:

  • Modern and SCA name
  • Which classes you are registering for

Please keep in mind that registration is a first come/first registered basis.  We will update class information to indicate if the class is full.

Please be prepared to pay the class fee (if any) directly to the instructor.  Be kind and bring proper change!

Site Information:

Marshall Farm
34058 Sykes Road
St. Helens, OR 97051

Site Info:
Name: Marshall's Farm
34058 Sykes Road
St. Helens, OR 97051

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

Take your best route to Highway 30 driving towards St. Helens. Turn LEFT on Sykes Road if traveling from the Scappoose side of Highway 30 (Burgerville is on the corner) and drive approx. 2 miles. Driveway and SCA signage will be on the LEFT. Drop off items and passengers and then go park in a designated area. 

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