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Embers and Ambrosia, Celtic Bardic, Daffodil

April 27, 2018 to April 29, 2018
Blatha An Oir

Tacoma-Pierce County, WA

Autocrat: Maire nic Shiobhan

Pre-registration forms can be found here: 

Class sign ups will be at the Gate on Saturday morning!! There will be no sign ups offered before Saturday. 


Join us for our first camping event of the season! All classes will be held on Saturday, April 28th.  Many classes are youth friendly.  Some classes will require you to bring supplies or have a class fee, be sure to read through the descriptions and contact the event team or instructor with questions.

 New this year, Swiss wrestling demos!!

 Saturday afternoon during the lunch hour, join us at the Musikhusl as bards compete for the championship! They will perform for you, so don't miss out. A bard with no audience is a sad bard indeed.

 Is archery your thing? Do you love the ping and thunk of the arrows flying from your bow to the target? Come compete at the Daffodil Archery tourney! It's the place to be!

 Baronial A&S Champion contenders! This is your weekend to shine!! A&S championship to be held inside in the Alpenhaus.

 Page Competition!!  This year Embers will also host our Baronial Page Competition for youth between the ages of 8 and 15. Come be a part of the baronial court and be an important part of our events.


Saturday  Class Descriptions/Event Schedule


9:30 Sharp! Opening Court

Baronial Page competitors must present themselves in opening court to declare their intent to compete. Bardic and A&S championsip competitors should also be prepared to present themselves at opening court. 

10:00 am

White tent /Classroom 1

 14th century veil- 90 minutes

Instructor: HL Annika Poznanska


Making a ruffled Manesse codex-style fillet and barbette. In this hands-on class we will measure, cut, and start to make this late 13th early 14th century woman's headdress. Materials and a handout provided for 6 students. Basic hand sewing skills required. Adults and teens welcome. The instructor will be available throughout the day if assistance is needed for completion.


BaO Tent/Classroom 2

 So you want to be Baron- 1 hour

Instructor: Baron Yusuf Jabar Al Timbuktuwwi el qalot

Student Capacity: 2-12 students

A discussion of what is expected of you and what to expect when you're a landed Baron.


First A&S Championship presentation in Alpenhaus Hall


BaO Baronial Pavillion/classroom 3

How to be an Event Steward- 1hour

Instructors: Lady Kira Mikkeldotter and HL Ellisif Leifsdottir

Learn how to run an event from start to finish with step by step instructions from our Baronial Exchequer and former Baronial Seneschal.


Musikhusli Hut

Singable Period Songs- 1 hour

Mistress Elizabeth Piper

Class Maximum: 15 Students

This is a hands on class. We will discuss sources for period songs suitable for Bardic Circles or singing in camp. We will sing street cries, rounds, Trouvere songs, and Elizabethan Airs. $2 for the handout.


Classroom 4/Youth Tent

Posament- 90 minutes

Instructor: HL Disa i Birkilundi

Maximum students:  8

Cost $5

Posament is a textile embellishment technique using a wire coiled around a silk cord found almost exclusively in Birka, Sweden in the tenth century. We will discuss history, resources and creation methods for both the coiled wire (tentrad) and the posament itself. Youth friendly class.


 Early Period Tent/Classroom 5

Naalbinding for beginners 1 hour

Instructor: HL Audny Reffsdottir

This class is for beginning naalbinding, and will focus on the Oslo stitch. Instructor will be providing plastic needles and yarn, Plus a handout.

Class Maximum: Up to 6 students, youth 12 and under are welcome with a parent or guardian, teens are welcome.


Back of Hall/Outdoor classroom

 Mask making using ridged wrap- 1 hour

Instructor: HL Volk the Grey


Number of students allowed:  5

Description of class: Make a mask!  Hands on class. No fees. Students must bring an apron large enough to cover the front of their garb. Youth and teens welcome (youth under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).


Archery Dragon Wing

 In Depth Intro to Archery -90 minutes

Instructor: Tymme Prodfellow

Number of students allowed: no maximum. Bring a chair.

An in depth introduction to archery in the SCA.  Learn about: Different bow types; Different arrow types (period, non-period); Dominant Eye/Dominant Hand; Different shoots (RR, IKAC, York); Bow care; Parts of a bow (terminology); Equipment inspections; accessories (gloves/finger tabs, bracers) and more!


11 am

2nd A&S Presentation-Alpenhaus Hall


BaO Tent/Classroom 2

Chivalry Roundtable- 1 hour

Instructor: led by HE, Sir Gernon Valletorte du Harfleur

Number of Students: Open attendance

Description: Are you curious about what it takes to be a knight in the SCA? Perhaps you just have a question about chivalric behaviors on or off the list field? Then come join us for an open discussion with members of the Order of the Chivalry. This free-form question and answer roundtable will focus on the pursuit of Knighthood and questions of Chivalry and the Knightly virtues. Attendees should bring a chair.


BaO Baronial Pavillion/classroom 3

Grievance Procedure within the SCA- 1 hour

Instructor: HL Andromocha tou Lesvos

Number of Students: 20-25

Squire Smuckatelli has a problem with someone and they don't know where to begin addressing it. Kingdom Law spells it out and you can come learn about it along with Squire Smuckatelli. Handouts will be provided.


Early Period Pavilion/Classroom 5

Iconic Costuming: Making a men's Viking warrior/caftan coat- 1 hour

Instructor: Baroness Maricka Sigrunsdotter

Number of Students: Open class. Instructor will have 8 hand-outs on hand which can be downloaded online at a later date.

Description: A discussion group about the Warrior Caftan Coat from the late Iron-age (Vendal era), and how to make one. Students are encouraged to bring pen/paper and a chair.


Back of Hall/Outdoor class area

Naalneedle making- 1 hour

Instructor: Baroness Eilidh Keldeleth

If you enjoyed Nalbinding, come learn how to carve your own needle out of horn! Each student will create their own nalneedle.



 Musikhusli fighting ring

Swiss Wrestling Demos! Come watch as our hosts perform a demo of the time honored tradition of Swiss Wrestling before the Bardic Championship!


12:00 pm-1 pm  Bardic Championship!!!!

Afternoon Classes

1 pm


White Tent/Classroom 1

Sewing a Carolingian Book Block- 90 minutes

Instructor: Mistress Roana Aldinoch, OP


Maximum students: 8 (others may join us to watch, and the handout will be available for up to another 10 people for $.50.)

Description of class: This is a hands class that teaches the participant one of the core skills in bookbinding: making a book block. We will be focusing on an early period Carolingian book, learning several potential stitches that can be used. This class is appropriate for ages 13 and up. There will be a $3 class fee to cover materials and handout costs. I'll have 8 kits on hand, but others may join us to watch, and the handout will be available for up to another 10 people for $0.50.


Bao Tent/Classroom 2

Beginning Leather tooling- 1 hour

Instructor: Baroness Marika Sigrunsdotter

Learn to tool and decorate leather. Tools and leather bits will be provided


Alpenhaus Hall

Reading Music A- 2 hour workshop

Instructor: Mistress Elizabeth Piper

Number of students: 6 maximum (this workshop will be repeated at 3 pm)

This is a hands on class. The instructor will provide electronic keyboards. Students are welcome to bring other instruments the already play by ear. (Please bring a fingering chart.) We will cover the basics of reading pitch and rhythm with lots of hands on practice time. $4 for the handout.


Alpenhaus Hall Kitchen

The Period Camp Cook 3 hour workshop

Instructor: Maestra Raffaella Di Contino, OP

Maximum students per class: 12

Learn to make an entire period meal that can be reheated at War. Delicious and educational.


BaO Baronial Pavilion/Classroom 3

Baroness Tea with Baroness A'yse al-Zahra

Come enjoy afternoon tea and conversation with the Baroness of Blatha an Oir. It is the social event of the afternoon!


Musikhusli hut

Beginning Bodhran-1 hour

Instructor: Sergeant Gareth Albreck

Maximum students: limited to drums on hand

The classic, and oh so period, hand drum that no bard should be without.


Youth Tent/Classroom 4


Instructor: Baron Yusuf Jabar Al Timbuktuwwi el qalot

Student Capacity: 12 students

Have you wondered about the basic social rules of our game? How should you behave in court? Do you bow and then stop, or bow and keep going? This class will teach you the basics of court etiquette, including what is going on, and what are these awards, anyway.  This class is open to adults and youth, and is a required class for baronial page candidates.


Early Period/Classroom 5

 Tablet Weaving: the Basics and More-4 hours

Dame Madrun Gwehyddes, HL Audny Refsdottir, and Magistra Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais

Student Capacity-8 hands-on students; Additional folks may attend but they can only listen and ask questions.  Materials fee:$5-$7 per student, depending on the cost of yarn

This class will focus on the basics of tablet weaving: how to make your own tablets, methods of warping, how to read and weave patterns, and the variables that control what the tablets can do.  This is a hands-on class.  Students will leave with an extensive handout (sent electronically), a two-color practice warp, several pattern options, and enough information to warp and weave on their own.

Students should bring: a chair, a belt or sash long enough to go around their hips, scissors, note taking materials, a deck of standard playing cards, a small weaving/band shuttle if possible.  All other materials will be provided.


Back of Hall/Outdoor classroom

Needle felting your way to happiness-I hour

SCA Name: Lady Runa Harasdottir

Class is limited to 12

Description of class; Felting is the oldest of the textile arts, however, it is generally not the most portable. Modern needle felting techniques may be used for embellishment and three dimensional works. It's easy, fun, and forgiving. This class will focus on three dimensional works. While you may make whatever you are inspired, the instruction will be towards creating a small felted rabbit. There is a material fee of $12. This will include tools (needles, holder, shears, leather finger protectors, glass eyes, awl, and roving to create at least one rabbit.  There should be extra roving to take home in your kit and I may have additional roving for purchase. No young children, please. Needles are very sharp.


2 PM


BaO Tent/Classroom 2

Anyone can Research!

Instructor: Maude Louisiana deOrleans

Maximum students: open, bring a chair.

This lecture based class will explore how to make research easy for beginners to advanced. 


BaO Baronial Pavilion/Classroom 3

Iron Age Bronze Jewelry-90 minutes

Instructor: Thangbrand of Dragon's Laire

This demonstration/lecture class will cover how to make a finger ring in the Celtic and in the Viking style. The demo will cover hammering (forging) techniques, twisting and forming the forged copper rod into a finished ring.

This will not be a hands-on class for students but you will be able to watch the process as the instructor performs all the steps to make a particular type of ring common to Celts of the Bronze Age and Vikings of the Iron Age 


Musikhusli Fighting ring

Rapier Workshop with the Blatha an Oir Rapier Champion-90-120  minutes

Instructor: Cameron of Stewart

Come learn about rapier  from the baronial rapier champion!!!! Further details forthcoming. 


Youth Tent/Classroom 4

YAFA Costuming- 1 hour *Page Candidates must take at least 1 YAFA class

Instructor: Alizand le Favre

A YAFA instruction class for level 1 costuming. If signed up for YAFA beforehand your child will earn a level 1 token for completion of this class.  Students under 12 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.


Behind the hall/outdoor class area

Lampworked Beads 90 minutes
Instructors: Baroness Maricka Sigrunsdotter and HL Sophia Francesca Bruno

Number of Students: 8

Description: Class fee of $20. Come learn how to make lampworked beads from two of our most experienced and talented glass magicians! Fee is to cover materials. At the end of class you can take your bead(s) home with you! (Allow time after class for beads to cool properly)



In the Alpenhaus Hall

Reading Music B- 90 minute workshop

Instructor: Mistress Elizabeth Piper

Number of students: 6 maximum (this is a repeat of the 1 pm workshop)

This is a hands on class. The instructor will provide electronic keyboards. Students are welcome to bring other instruments the already play by ear. (Please bring a fingering chart.) We will cover the basics of reading pitch and rhythm with lots of hands on practice time. $4 for the handout


White tent/Classroom 1

Patterning a Gothic Fitted Dress- 1 Hour

Instructor: HL Annika Poznanska


Patterning a mid-to late 14th century woman's Gothic Fitted Dress. In this class we will discuss how to measure for and construct a custom-fitted dress pattern, including fitting a larger bust and curvy hips, closures, fabric and layout, and incorporating heraldic elements. This is an introductory class, no previous pattern-making experience is required.  Lecture class with handouts provided for the first 10 students.


BaO Tent/Classroom 2

 The Medieval Dog- 1 hour

Instructor: Lady Dagrun (Runa) Harasdottir

Number of Students: Open class

Description: Man's companion for thousands of years, what part did the dog play in day to day life?  We will explore this as well as husbandry, hunting, superstition, and the types of dogs your persona would be familiar with.  The modern concept of individual breeds was not as we see it today.  Dogs were bred for function.  However, form follows function and there were certainly distinct groups that had individuals that would be recognized today.


Youth Tent/Classroom 4

 YAFA Heraldry-1 hour *Page Candidates must take at least 1 YAFA Class

Instructor: Alizand le Favre

A YAFA instruction class for level 1 heraldry. If signed up for YAFA beforehand your child will earn a level 1 token for completion of this class.  Students under 12 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.



 White tent/Classroom 1

 Patterning Medieval Hose- 1 hour

 Instructor: Lady Angharat verch Reynulf 

Class Maximum- 10 students.

Do you want to wear linen or woolen hose for that more period look (and be cooler in both look and comfort)? Learn some basic patterning tips, trace a template for fitting to your legs and see some examples of period embellishments.

Instructor provides: Handout, non-woven fabric for making a pattern.  Student brings pen, scissors, and muslin if that is preferred for your pattern.


BaO Tent/Classroom 2

Medieval Falconry- 1 hour

Instructor:  Lady Dagrun (Runa) Harasdottir
Number of students: Open to all
Description: Falconry was an extremely popular pastime in period, both throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Lords and ladies, the clergy, and yes, even the common man took up the sport on some level.  Learn how it was done, from trapping or rearing eyasses (baby raptors), to training, to the hunt.  Learn terminology that hasn't changed in 1000 years.  Understand what the sport was and why it lost its popularity and learn about modern practice.  This class will help enrich your persona and understanding of period life.  Questions welcome.  Hands on examples of equipment (called furniture).  There will be at least one falcon present.


Musikhusli Fighting ring

Rapier Marshalling

Instructor: Cameron of Stewart

Details TBA.


Youth Tent/Classroom 4

Bardic 101- 1 hour

Instructor: Sergeant Gareth Albreck

Everything that you need to know about being a Bard from a former Bardic Champion!


Behind the hall/outdoor class area

3  Page Stations- All Page candidates must attend each station to learn a skill and have their Page card signed off on by the instructor. Complete details to be provided soon.


5 pm

Classes wrap up and prepare/re-set tents for closing court.

5:30 pm Closing court. Final bardic performances, announcement of competition winners.   



Event Steward: Lady Maire Nic Shiobhan;  Contact:
Deputy Steward: HL Zahra bint al-Rammah
Site Coordinator/Sponsor: Jeremy Simmons.  Contact: message Event steward with site questions
Merchant-crat: HL Alizand Thorgeirsson, Contact:
A&S Championship: HL Angharat verch
Bardic Championship: HL Andromacha Tou Lesvos
Daffodil Tournament: HE Yusuf Ja'bar Timbuktuwwi
Page Competition: Kurohayashi Yoshi, Outgoing Baronial Page. Contact event steward with Page Competition questions. 
Thrown Weapons: HL Phydeaux Weir


 General site and event information:

  ***Site opens for general public at 3pm on Friday April 27th, Event staff, volunteers willing to help put up classroom pavilions, and merchants are allowed on site at 12 noon.

 General public: Pre-registration forms are available, please pre-reigster by April 13th, 2018.  If you are RV camping we highly recomend you pre-register for RV space.  Camping available both Friday and Saturday evening. Please note the per tent fee.

Pre-registration forms can be found here: 

 Gate opens Friday at 3 pm and Saturday morning at 8:00am closes before evening court.

Site closed Sunday at 1pm, everyone must be packed up so that event team can have the site cleaned by 3pm

  Site Fee:

 Adult: $15

 SCA member discount: $5

 17 and under: Free with legal guardian (remember to bring waivers found on

 Camping fee: This site has a $10 per tent fee that we must charge, a $15 dry RV camping fee, and a $20 wet RV camping fee (RV's are highly recomended to pre-register). There is no camping fee per person, just PER TENT. Open pavilions do not count towards a tent fee.

 This site has bathrooms AND showers. It is discreetly wet, please keep all alcohol within period/period-esque containers. Fires are allowed within raised fire pits only, and must not be left unattended at any time. Ashes/partially burned wood must be removed from site, there is no dumping area for them. DO NOT PUT ASHES IN TRASH CANS. Please be sure to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher handy near any open flames. We will be using the Alpenhaus, which has a small kitchen area and electricity with a sink, fridge, and stove/oven. If you wish to use these facilities please talk to the event steward first. You will also be required to clean up after yourself in the kitchen, please don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.




 ******For anyone showing up Friday!!!!!!!!!! Our first priority MUST be setting the ranges up and making sure safety areas are set before any campers or activity tents can be set up. Please be patient, or if you are willing, volunteering to help with this process will enable us to allow everyone to set up much faster. Thank you!!

 Page Competition

Page candidates will be required to take the SCA Ettiquette Class, participate in the Page stations in the afternoon which will teach them skills such as setting a copper rivet, turning a wooden top,  and will be required to take at least one of the YAFA classes which are offered. These classes and trials will begin after the bardic competition at the classroom area.  If your child is intersted in competing to become page, please have them present at opening/ morning court to announce their intent to compete. 

 Merchant information:

This year we have several merchants returning, and a few new faces!

Norse Gypsy Forge- Drinking horns, leather journals, and medieval miscellania. 

Sidhefire Arts- beautiful handmade pottery, mugs, pitchers, etc. 

DragonStorm- Hand made blades, leather products, and costume bits.

Waltz Art- Handcrafted jewelry, felt wool dolls, Mineral specimens and stone pendants. New inventory added!

Silverthorne Crafts-Custom hand crafted leatherwork.

Burnt Village Wares-Norse stuff! Furs, jewelry, tunics, keys, rings, oh my!

Tabby's Hats- Hats, coifs, hat accessories, cushions, feathers, and more hats!

Heirs of Elegance- Clothing!

For questions contact HL Alizand Thorgeirsson, merchant co-ordinator (merchant listing is now closed. Thank you).


 Celtic Bardic Championship Information (deadline to declare your intent to compete has passed):

We have two worthy competitors going for Champion this year!   The Celtic Bardic Championship will be held at 12 Noon on Saturday April 28th. A populous choice will be awarded this year, please join us at the Musikhusli arena at 12 noon!


Daffodil Archery Tournament Information:

TBA, contact HE Yusuf Ja'bar Timbuktuwwi for questions.

 A&S championship

THE DEADLINE TO DECLARE INTENT HAS PASSED. Good luck to our two competitors.

The A&S Championships will begin at 10 am on Saturday the 28th in the Alpenhaus hall. 


Site Info:

Name: Swiss Sportsman Club

9205 198th Ave E

Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Directions to Site:


Tacoma Swiss Sportsman Club

9205 198th Ave. E.

Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Take your best route to HWY 410 in Bonney Lake, 

If coming from the West, turn right on 198th Ave E

If coming from the East, turn left on 198th Ave E

The Swiss Sportsman Club will on your right

Site Info:
Name: Swiss Sportsman Club of Tacoma
9205 198th Ave E
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Directions to Site:

Last Event's Directions:

From I-5 North and South proceed on I-5 to Puyallup, take Hwy 512 East towards Puyallup. Take the Summit-Canyon Road exit. At the top of the exit (at the light) you will take a right. Proceed South on Canyon Road approx 3.8 miles. The site is on the left hand side of the road. 16409 Canyon Road East. There is a large sign stating Tacoma Sportsmens Club. Turn left into the drive and proceed to the Club House and gate. From HWY 405 or 167 proceed South or Hwy 405 to the 167 Junction in Kent, go South on 167 to the Hwy 512, Puyallup Junction. Follow hwy 512 west towards Spanaway, Lakewood. Take the Summit-Canyon Raod exit, at the top of the exit(at the light) turn left onto Canyon Road. Follow Canyon Road approx 3.8 miles to the Sportsmens Club. It will be on the left hand side of the road, 16409 Canyon Road East. there is a large sign that states Sportsmans Club. Turn into the drive and follow it to the main hall and the gate.

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