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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Grand Thing X

May 22, 2015 to May 25, 2015

Vancouver, WA

Autocrat: James Sayer

The Grand Thing X

May 22nd – May 25th, St. Helens OR 2015

Columbia Co. Fairgrounds, 58892 Saulser Rd, St.  Helens OR 97051

The Barony of Stromgard invites you to the tenth Annual Grand Thing.  This event focuses on Norse and Irish traditions of the Viking era though all cultures and interests are welcome!   Armored combat, competitions, games and a Grand Feast are some of the highlights of the event.  The "Grand Thing" will take place Saturday evening after the feast -- Based on the period Norse tradition when the community would come together to settle issues of law.  All are welcome to come witness the the review of previous laws and see a new law accepted








10:00 AM

Gate opens for merchants

12:00 PM

Gate opens for populace

8:00 PM

Teen: Meet and greet at the Teen Hall (3 hr)

12:00 AM

Gate “officially” closes, if you arrive later call the Event Steward, no one is turned away.








8:00 AM

Gate opens

8:00 AM

Archery: Range open for practice (1 hr)

9:00 AM

Archery: Adult / Child Prize Tournament (1 hr)

10:00 AM

Class: (Refr) Fermentation in Theory and Practice (2hr), main hall or cooking shelter

10:00 AM

Rapier armor inspection

10:00 AM

Archery: Teen: Prize Tournament (1 hr)

10:00 AM

Thrown Weapon Practice: Knives, axes, and spears at archery range (1 hr)

10:00 AM

Opening Court at Monastery Barn

10:00 AM

Arts and Sciences Exhibits in Great Hall

10:30 AM

Armor inspection begins at fighting field

11:00 AM

Rapier Tournament

11:00 AM

Multi-Weapons Tourney begins at fighting field (3 hr)

12:00 PM

Class: (Alexandria) Silk Banner Painting, main hall.

12:00 PM

Thrown Weapon: Practice and scoring knives, axe, and spears at archery range (1 hr)

12:00 PM

Children: Grand Thing lunch at Bjorgvin camp

1:00 PM

Archery: Adult Prize Tournament (1 hr)

2:00 PM

Class:  (Svava) How to make Skyr, Cooking shelter (2hr)

2:00 PM

Archery: Range open for practice (3 hr)

2:00 PM

Children: Swing Joust (50lbs & under) near Monestary, parents required (1 hr)

3:00 PM

Games: Caber Toss competition near erics (open to all ages) (1 hr)

2:30 PM

Tiernan’s Domination Tourney at fighting field (2 hr)

4:00 PM

Potluck Feast set-up begins (Great Hall closed to everyone else until 5 PM)

5:00 PM

Potluck Feast / Great Hall open to populace for setup

5:30 PM

Potluck Feast begins in Great Hall (1 ½ hr)

7:00 PM

Baronial court at Great Hall (1 hr)

8:00 PM

Teen: Dance at Grand Hall (4 hr)

8:30 PM

Grand Thing law giving ceremony at Bjorgvinn or Monastery if it rains (45 min)

10:00 PM

Norse Trade Blanket at Artisan’s Village (3 hr)









8:00 AM

Gate opens

9:00 AM

Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (3 hr)

10:00 AM

Class : (Hugh) Keep Your Edge, Main Hall (2hrs)

10:30 AM

Armor inspection at Castle

11:00 AM

Monastery Raid at Castle (3 hr)

11:00 AM

Thrown Weapons: knives, axes, and spears at archery range (3 hr)

12:00 PM

Class: Muireann, Cooking with Pottery (2hrs)

12:00 PM

Children’s Tea Party at Great Hall, parents required (1 hr)

1:00 PM

Event Volunteer Heavy Tournament

1:00 PM

Rapier Activities TBD

2:00 PM

Class: Eleanor, Waxed Linen, Main Hall (1.5 hrs)

2:00 PM

Thrown Weapons Competition: Knives, axe, and spears at archery range (2 hr)

2:00 PM

Children: Monastery Raid at castle (1 hr)

3:00 PM

Memorial Axe tournament at fighting field (2 hr)

3:00 PM

Games: Sheaf Tossing near erics (2 hr)

4:00 PM

Archery: Range open for practice & Royal Rounds (2 hr)

4:30 PM

Tear down of castle

5:00 PM

Baronial and Prize Court at Grand Hall (1 hr)

6:00 PM

Pig Feast fund raiser for Dragon’s Mist (please bring side dish and cash donation) at BBQ (2 hr)

7:00 PM

Games: Baron Raul’s “Cut the braid contest” (Adult only women’s and men’s division)(1 hr)

8:00 PM

Adult Bardic on stage in merchant area (2 hr)

8:00 PM

Archery: Dismantle the backdrop and clean-up area (1 hr)

10:00 PM

Games: Adult Hops recycling competition (Spear the Beer) by eric (2 hr)






11:00 AM

Teen: Clean-up and tear down at Teen Hall (1 hr)

1:00 PM

Site closes you must be off site or we are charged extra!








Grand Feast – Saturday Night

Everyone is invited to the Great Hall with seating for 450 to attend a Grand Feast Saturday night.

This feast is a potluck with contributions divided by modern last name:

A-F: Salad or Cheese

G-L: Side Dish or Vegetable

M-S: Main Dish

T-Z: Dessert or Fruit

Please bring enough for 10 or more people for each person attending

Following the feast we will be holding a traditional Norse “Thing”, a gathering where laws are made and conflicts are resolved. 

This “Thing” re-enactment is to present how Nordic law governed their culture.



Pig Roast

House Small Milk is proud to host its 5th annual Grand Thing Pig Roast on Sunday 5/24.

As in the past this will be a potluck dinner with a donation to help offset the cost of the pig. 

Please plan to bring a dish to pass for at least 6-10 people.

Tickets will be sold in advance to get in head of the line. This year there will be a special token for all donors.  

Please see a House Small Milk member for details and tickets. Proceeds after cost this year will go to help fund the pig next year. After that what is left will be donated to the An Tir Crown Fund to help cover the cost of the new crowns and preserving the current set.

If you have any questions please contact Geoffry Albryght at


Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no Equestrian activities at this event.

There will be special limited edition site tokens for $5 each available only at gate.  First come first serve!

Armored Combat:

  • Multi-Weapons Tournament with five weapons styles  - sword & shield, axe & shield, spear & shield, two-handed axe, and two-handed spear
  • Memorial Great Axe Tournament  - bring word fame of the fallen in song, prose, or saga to enter
  • Monastery Raid - where you  keep what booty you can escape with
  • Domination Tournament - where not just your skill is tested but your courage and valor as well. Can you withstand the Storm of Steel?



These are most though not all of the classes that will be taught over the weekend (final schedule to be posted here prior to the event or in the event handout, more classes may be added, subject to change without notice).


Keep Your Edge

Hugh MacDomhnaill

A “hands-on” sharpening class focusing mainly on the modern woodworking tools we use to create our period pieces.  You will learn the basics of setting and maintaining an effective cutting edge on your tools and go home with a finishing strop.  Bring a tool to sharpen if you want.  We will also discuss historical sharpening implements and a bit about techniques.

1 to 12 students.   2 hours    Fee: $3.00

Fermentation in Theory and Practice

Refr orðlokarr Fiachson

This class will go over the basics of fermentation as it relates to food, how you can get started at home, and how such fermented products fit into daily life during the SCA period.

Max 12 (more can come and listen, but I'll bring 12 handouts)     2 hours (might not go that long) 


Waxed Linen

Eleanor de SacKville

Bring note taking materials. I will supply linen, wax, and bakers parchment. 

Limit 5      1.5 hours (may get out early, but don't want to rush with hot wax) $2.00


Silk Banner Painting: intro

Mistress Alexandria DK

Number of hours:  2

Maximum # Students: 8           (if 4 of the 8 foot tables are available.   2 students will  share one table.)

Course cost:  $5 per silk piece (extra folks watching (up to 6 extra copies of the handout will be available - first come first serve))

Course Description: (2 hour class version)-- Learn to create serti-silk banners in this hands-on class.  Using  one of the templates supplied  each student will create a  newcomer or local groupbanner while they learn the techniques and tricks of using silk paints/dyes with the fence technique.  Quick and colorful banners in a few hours that don't crack or need special folding and weigh almost nothing!  

This class is potentially MESSY (silk paint stains fabric after all) so dress with that in mind (with sleeves you can roll back or pin).  Some plastic Aprons will be available.

PLEASE NOTE:  If students wish to do their own design or heraldry, they should contact the instructor before May 15 to arrange this! This option is  open ONLY to students who have already taken the basics of silk banner painting with me earlier and are ready to create their own banner.

Materials that will be supplied by the instructor: Hands on samplers,  One display table, Project kits, paint, gloves, paper towels, table covers,  and hand out 

Materials to be supplied by Site: Access to water  if possible and  4 of the 8 foot tables

Prerequisites and supplies required of the students: clothes that can survive messy paint or bring an apron if you tend to be messy

-contact Alex at with questions


Cooking with Pottery

Muireann inghean ui Mhuirneachain

2 hours, Max 8, $4.00

Come prepared to cook over an open fire in pottery bowls, pans and a baking cover. This is a hands on class. 

We'll reproduce a variety of "period" dishes so you can get an understanding of what it make have been like to cook a simple meal.

Bring your plate, bowl, eating utensils and a good knife. You will get to eat what  you make.

Demonstrations:  Various demonstrations are being arranged (final schedule to be posted here or in the event handout, subject to change without notice).

Renart--  Period Cooking

Laurellen--     Painting

Madrun--  Weaving

Aelianora--       Embellishments

Arontius--        Musical Instruments

Refr--    Viking Brewing

Eulalia-- Something?

Cara-- Scribal

Sine--   Italian Maiolica

Danute Yotvinge-- Fiber Arts, spinning, combing, etc

Reginlief--       Viking Age clothing construction and embellishment

Marike--  Lampworking

Kirsten--    Beginning Weaving / Fiber Arts

Helga--   Naalbinding

Octar--   Shoemaking

Motel 1066 "We’ll keep an electric candle on for you".  (hey if a barn was good enough for Mary and Joseph it is good enough for you!).  I will once again take on the task of Inn Keeper; send all emails and reservation requests to me at GEBARBER2001@YAHOO.COM

I have (38) lovely 12 foot by 12 foot closed horse stalls and (20) 10 foot by 11 foot open animal stalls.  All stalls are on a first come basis, the cost is $20 for the weekend.  All proceed go to the Baronial Travel fund.

The horse stalls come in two styles, interior and exterior.  The interior have a half door that opens to the large walkway, the exterior have a full door that opens to the outside.

The smaller animal stalls all have a half door that opens to the outside

The interior walls on all of the various stalls, are built of 2 x 6 lumber with gaps between the boards, you will want to bring cloth covers for privacy.  The ground is dirt but with a plastic tarp and carpet or two you will be sleeping in luxury (well at least for a camping site anyway).  It did appear last year that if it rains heavily there were a couple leaks in the roof.  Nothing major, just a drip or two but it is something to watch out for.

Propane heaters and lanterns are OK for use in the building but please no open flames.  Fire pits can be used outside near the building.


Rules for Motel 1066:

            There is no maid service at this Motel so, please clean up after yourselves.

            Do not leave your propane heater, stove, or lantern alone.  Not even for a minute.

                        No camp fires in the barns

                        Please be respectful of your neighbors as the walls are thin and full of gaps.

            Do not harass the horses and ask for permission from the owners before approaching.

            Watch for horse traffic at the North end of the building (near the road)

            Last year there were families staying in the barns so quite time will begin at 10 PM

            The overhead electric lights will be turned off at 10:30 PM

If you wish to continue singing, dancing, drumming, and chatting past the quiet time you are welcome to use the South lawn area near the Erics.  Picnic tables will be there and you can set up a fire pit or two.

There are Porta-potties to the South-West by the Eric (one regular / one ADA) and one regular to the North-East by the horse arena.  If you use personal potties in your stall you are responsible for the contents (yes, we did have someone leave it to others, yuk)

If you had a stall last year and liked where you were let me know and I will give you the same space.

Baron Ivon of Stromgard, Motel 1066 Inn Keeper


Prizes will be awarded for many different competitions including one for Best Norse Encampment.

Teen and youth family activities throuought the weekend.  Children must be accompanyed by a parent or guardian. All  Schedules available on site.  Contact Enid at for more information.

Groups contact Land Master: Gustaf at

RV sites are very limited.  First come first serve on reservations.  Contact Gustaf for these limited spots as well


Site opens 12PM (merchants 10AM) on Friday closes 12PM Monday.


Event Pre-registration is closed.    Remember, even if you pre-registered, you will still need to check in at gate.

Site fee at Gate: Adults-$20, under 18 free.  Day-fee at gate $10.00. (add $5 Non-Member Surcharge on all fees) If you will be attending with minors, please remember to be prepared at gate with the appropriate  forms

Make checks payable to: Barony of Stromgard, SCA Inc.
P.O. Box 5548 Vancouver, WA 98668


Merchant fee: A suitable donation to the tournament prize chest. Contact Merchantcrat Stanton at

As is Stromgard tradition 10% of the profit from this event will be donated to the Kingdom Travel Fund.



Event Steward: HL James Sayer (James Spiering)
503-201-9274 Please not after 9pm


Directions: Columbia County Fairgrounds, 58892 Saulser Rd, St.  Helens OR 97051.  From North take I-5S to Longview WA, cross bridge into Oregon, go south on Hwy 30 (past milepost 28) to St. Helens, turn right on Gable Rd in front of Safeway store, follow signs to site.  From South take I-5 to Hwy-30, go North on Hwy-30 (past milepost 27) to St. Helens turn left on Gable Rd in front of Safeway store, follow signs to site.

Site Info:
Name: Columbia County Fairgrounds
58892 Saulser Rd.
St. Helens, OR 97051

Directions to Site:

Directions: Columbia County Fairgrounds, 58892 Saulser Rd, St. Helens OR97051.  From North take I-5S to Longview WA, cross bridge into Oregon, go south on Hwy 30 (past milepost 28) to St. Helens, turn right on Gable Rd in front of Safeway store, follow signs to site.  From South take I-5 to Hwy-30, go North on Hwy-30 (past milepost 27) to St. Helens turn left on Gable Rd in front of Safeway store, follow signs to site. 

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