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Canterbury Fayre

February 27, 2016
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Morweena

In the air there is a hint of spring to come. Faces are bright, smiles are welcoming. Come into the hall, filled with the sound of storytelling and song. Artisans and scientists are explaining their creations... you stop a moment in front of a game board to engage in a rousing game of.. chess or nine man morris.

You have wandered into Canterbury Fayre

Join the Baron and Baroness of Lions Gate as the new Champions of the Arts and Sciences and Bardic are chosen. Making its debut this year is the Games Champion, how will it be decided? Who will show their strategic skill. Come support those willing to defend the Barony in times of War and Peace.

During the day artisans can display their crafts and workshop with other artisans, come see what they do.

Many will have traveled the Knowne World and come to linger, come join for conversation or perhaps just sit and drink it all in.

Information on the other activities including bardic, children's activities, any TUTR classes, and Newcomer Meet up coming soon!

Event start 9 am

Ends 11 pm

Cost - adults $10 (yes $10!)

Tavern Fee for those coming in after 6 pm) $5

Plus NMS

Youth FREE

Please note the evening will have a licensed tavern. Please respect the license holder who is liable for all alcohol consumption while the license is in effect, no outside alcohol

Championship Information
The Arts & Science and Bardic Champions are meant to be an inspiration and role model for teaching and encouraging others. As Champion, you will represent the Barony through your leadership and by your example.

Entry Requirements:

1. Only one entry is required to compete in the competition.

2. Each entrant must be present at the competition (no proxy judging).

3. An entrant must submit a letter of intent to Their Excellencies of Lions Gate and the Arts & Science Minister by January 31st (although earlier is preferred!). This is to ensure suitable judges can be located prior to the event. Email is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. The letter should include your name, home branch, any fealty ties (if you’re a squire, a protégé or an apprentice for instance), a detailed description of your entry and any special requirements you may have for your entry.

4. Each entry must be consistent with a pre-1600 date and can be from any culture within Europe or from a culture that traded with a European society. This can include Asia, North Africa and others.

5. The entry may not have been previously entered at Kingdom or Principality level. A piece can have been entered at a Baronial or Shire level previously but only if there has been significant notable changes (you should be able to discuss these changes with the judges).

There is no theme for the Arts & Sciences Championship or Bardic Championship.

An A&S entry can be an object (book, clothing, footwear, box, etc.) or a research paper. It consists of the item/research paper, a visual display, documentation (showing your progress, research, conclusions, etc.), and an oral presentation to the judges.

A Bardic entry is a performance piece. It consists of the performance, documentation (showing your progress, research, conclusions, etc.), and an oral presentation to the judges.

For more information, please liaise with the Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences, Her Ladyship Eleanor Odlowe ( or

And if there's anyone out there who would like to judge, please email me with your name, fealty ties, and areas of expertise.

Thank you!
HL Eleanor Odlowe, Arts and Sciences Minister of Lions Gate

Games Championship! Lions Gate's Games Champion will be chosen after a competition in three different games.

We'll begin with Quoits. We'll try for a round-robin tournament, but the number of competitors may change this opening format. The number of wins will determine ranking coming out of this, and will indicate a number of points (1 for first place, 2 for second, etc.)

The next game will be Tablut, with the same competition and ranking format as above. However, each player will need to play as both attacker and defender, to determine skill in this game.

The final game will be Nine Man's Morris. Ranking from the combined scores above will determine how these final pairing will play out, as will the number of entrants and time remaining. It is my intention to have the four top ranked players enter this tournament, and come down to two final competitors playing for the title, but this will be determined at the time.

(Specific tournament rules for these three games will be published separately, shortly.)

The winner will earn the rights and title of Games Champion of Lions Gate! It could be you! It won't be me. (insert sad face)

Play more games!

Baron Uilliam



Site Info:
Name: Lochdale Hall
490 Sperling Ave
Burnaby, BC V3n4p4

Directions to Site:

Site is located at the corner of Sperling and Hastings in Burnaby, easilly accessable by transit as well as car

Traveling Eastbound on Hastings, turn a left on to Sperling - hall is on your left.

Westbound on Hastings, turn right on to Sperling 



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