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Wealdsmere Sergeants Trials

July 24, 2015 to July 26, 2015

Spokane - Spokane County, WA

Autocrat: Ceawlin Silvertoungue

 The Sergeantry of Wealdsmere, in addition to Their Excellencies Lars and Kara, do cordially invite you to invite your old friends and new friends to join Us for Wealdsmere’s FREE Sergeants Trials and Newcomers Event!  


Not only will candidates be trying their hand at the Sergeantry Trials but as well the Sergeants of Wealdsmere have a weekend filled with fun and merriment.  It’s destined to be hot in the last weekend in July but don’t let that scare you away because we have taken that into account...


Tournaments for Heavy, Rapier, YAC and Combat Archery (not regular archery, come prepared to shoot a few combat arrows at water balloons!) in the cool hours of the morning and then lots of opportunities to cool down with Nap time, A & S, games and even a Henry the 8th eating contest followed by a Rukus Bardic and dessert social.  Wealdsmere will also host a Newcomers Tour class with resources galore.  And what is even better than all of this?  ITS A FREE EVENT!


Did we remember to say bring your friends that may be interested?  Why?  Because it’s FREE!


Activities: Tournaments, displays, classes and merriment


All Weekend:  

Volunteer Raffle:   Volunteer as a water bearer, marshal, list, gate help, set up or clean up crew, and earn tickets which will enter you into a drawing of a basket of SCA goodies at 12PM on Sunday (must be present to win)!



No Garb Friday:  

Have to set up in the hot weather?  We are not requiring Garb on Friday!  Let’s all stay cool and welcome our newcomers as our regular selves.  We can get our pageantry on starting Saturday:)


Friday Evening Tournaments (o’dark thirty):  

Card Board tubes?  Taunting?  Row sham Bow?  Never know what the style of tournament this will be!  Help us determine the Captains of the Heavy and Rapier Sergeantry while in armor.  Prizes for the winner of each tournament.



Testing Starts for Sergeants Candidates

This is also open to the public so come see what it takes to be a Sergeant of Wealdsmere and cheerlead for our candidates.


Newcomer Tours (about an hour):  

Every few hours come join our tour and learn about the basics of the SCA!  What is it?  What is Etiquette?  What is there to do in the SCA?  What do I wear for garb? How do I not become overwhelmed?  And other newcomer resources.  Have you played for a while but are needing a refresher?  Come on and join us!


Nap Time:  

Break for Lunch and Nap….. ahhhhhh, sweet relaxation!


Scenarios  and Activities (Look for updates as event time approaches):

Remember… where there are fun events, there are cool PRIZES!  Lots of chances to win for everyone.


Combat Heavy:  

Viking ship raids


Moat battles


Seek and protect


Combat arrows versus targets and  water balloons


A & S:  

Iron Quill:    Paint your best Scroll in 30 minutes (brushes, paints and charters supplied)


Populace choice of Best A & S Display:  (bring your most recent project and lets show our new persons what you can do in the SCA)

Tweezil Bop:  

Try to knock your opponent of a balance beam with a soft pillow… which may be filled with cool sponges if it’s hot!

Hunker Hausen:  

Think tug of war but on boxes.  Lose your balance and you’ve lost

Spear the Ring:   

Try your hand at throwing a “spear” through several rings… this is harder, and sillier,    than it seems.

Henry the 8th Eating Contest:

We’re not sure what you will be eating yet, but we’re going to do it!   

Have a big appetite?  This may be the contest for you!

Rukus Bardic:  

Bring your favorite filk, folk or traditional bardic ensemble.  It can be as loud or roudy as you want as long as it remains in fair taste (there will be ladies and children present).

Dessert Social

During Bardic (which is directly after the eating contest), we will enjoy some nosh!  If your Mundane last name starts with A - G please bring a bottle of juice or wine.  All others please bring a favorite finger-food style dessert.  We can dine and be entertained together


Merchants are welcome!  Please contact Baroness Kara, Courtier with the following information at 

We ask everyone to follow all posted and announced rules and to sign the waivers!  Space is on a first come, first serve basis.  Set up for Merchants only starts no earlier than 2 PM on the Friday of the event AND the site closes promptly at 1 PM on Sunday.  Merchant fee is just a small something donated for a prize.   The following information is needed:


Name of your business (or how you want to advertise it)

How much space your market stand needs

If you want to camp behind your stand (need tent measurements)

Other than that, any questions you may have.  As soon as I have the info, i'll be happy to add you to merchants row and on the merchants list:)  


Site Opens:      July 24th Promptly at 3PM, no earlier, for members and non members, if you are early you will be put   to work.

                        Promptly at 2PM, no earlier, for MERCHANTS ONLY!

Site Closes:     July 26th Promptly at 1 PM on Sunday.  All tents, personal items and trash must be removed off site at  this time!


Site Fee:           FREE EVENT (donation of cinderblock always recommended)


Please Note:  All persons in attendance during day or weekend MUST sign in at gate and sign waivers.  Additionally, Minors may not attend the event without a parent/legal guardian unless the adult accompanying them has signed consent from the parent and a Minor Medical Authorization signed by the parent.


Event Stewards:


HL Caewlin Silvertongue, Sergeant Wealdsmere


Co Steward:

HL Gernot vomme Sewe,  Sergeant and Courtier Wealdsmere


Merchant Steward:

Baroness Kara Bjornsdottir, Courtier Wealdsmere


Some Basic Rules:


  •  Please respect the site and hospitality and follow ALL rules which will be posted at gate and in copy.
  • All pets must be at owners control at all times, clean up after them.
  • All children must be at parent/guardian control at all times, clean up after them.
  •   We won't know about fire conditions until the day of event; so, this information will be posted at Gate.
  • There is potable water on site.
  • All trash is to be packed out.
  • NO TRASH in the Biffies: This includes but is not limited to Diapers, garbage, cans etc. 
  • If fires are allowed, fire pits above ground and ashes must be empty at Bardic pit.
  •  Participants shall not violate any state, federal or local laws.  Illegal substance use and underage drinking will NOT be tolerated and are grounds for IMMEDIATE removal from site and notification of modern authorities.
  • In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal.  As it is still illegal under Federal Law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions. January 2013 Board Meeting.



Site Info:

Name: Michael Lancaster Estates

6325 Hwy 291

Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026



Site Info:
Name: Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291
Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

Directions to Site:

Directions to Site:


Coming from the I-90 West and East;

1.   Take the 281 exit to Hwy 2 (N. Division).

2.   Go North to W. Francis make a left at the W. Francis light.

3.   W. Francis is also Hwy 291.

4.   Continue west; stay on the right lane, until W. Francis turns into N. Nine Miles Rd.

5.   Drive North passing through Nine Miles Falls and Suncrest on Hwy 291.

6.   Past Suncrest start looking for mile markers.  Site is just past mile marker 17 to your left and will be clearly marked.


From N. Stevens Co.

Take Hwy. 395 south, it will turn into Hwy 2 or N. Division.

Continue south until you reach N. Francis, take a left at N. Francis and follow the directions from # 4 above.


Take Hwy. 395 south until you reach Hwy 231.

Take Hwy 231 south take a left into Hwy 291.

Continue on Hwy. 291 pass the town of Tumtum; continue south the site will be to your right.


If you look it up in Google Map, as you come from the south, the site will be directly to the left of a red building pass the Corkscrew Canyon Rd. letters on the map, the road is marked but not named. The Hwy 291 number and the number 6318 are right pass the driveway.

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Note that the above Weather and Map information is generated from the site address and can be easily confused. The weather will say if its for the branch or for the site. It will be for the site if the site can be found, but this again is not always the case, and if the site is some distance from the branch then the weather may be different.

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