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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Seafarer's Celebration III

August 01, 2014 to August 03, 2014
Glymm Mere

Olympia, Tumwater & Lacey, WA

Autocrat: Tristan O'Shea device5719OP
  • Have you wanted to create a nautical persona within the SCA period, but could not find enough information?
  • Have you ever had questions about seafaring topics?
  • Join us for classes, games, heavy combat rapier, archery, revelry & much more!!
  • The all new Tournament of Sins will be an overlying contest!
  • Bardic competition, as well as a bawdy bardic & tablero tournament Saturday evening.
  • Seafarer's Celebration II is an event to celebrate the people of many different time periods and nationalities that made their livelihood on the waters of the world. Plenty of fun for everyone, all ages, seafaring or not! Games and activities for the powder monkeys (wee ones) as well.
  • Tons of classes ranging from food, games, warfare, historic nautical clothing, how to tell period nautical information from non, etc.
  • Feasting, fighting, learning, singing and socializing! What more could one ask for? So fire up your shanties, dust off your thrum cap, break out your ship's biscuits and meet us at Nix Ranch this year!
  • If you missed it last year do not miss it again. Come join all the action!


Friday, 8/1

10:00am- Site opens for merchants

12:00pm- Site opens for populace

  3:00pm- Archery Range opens pending marshal availability

 Saturday, 8/2

  8:00am- Gate opens

  9:00am- Opening Court & *Investiture of Baron Dunstan*…Baronial Pavilion

  9:30am- (or immediately after court) Rapier armor inspection… Erics    

10:00am- Classes Begin (see separate class schedule page)… Dragon Wing, A&S Tent, Other locations as announced

10:00am- Rapier Fighting begins for Pride points… Erics

10:00am- Children’s Treasure Hunt begins (runs all day- pick up & turn in sheets at gate)…entire site

11:00am- Gaming begins for Greed Points…Red Dragon encampment

11:00am- Family Activities begin…Dayshade

  1:00pm- Heavy armor inspection

  1:00pm- Archery begins for Envy points

  1:30pm- Heavy Fighting begins for Wrath points

  2:00pm- Brewing & Cordial Entries to the Baronial Pavilion

  2:00pm- Siege Cooking begins for Gluttony points

  2:30pm- Judging for brewing & cordials begins for Gluttony points…Baronial Pavilion

  3:00pm- Family friendly Bardic for Lust points…Erics

  5:00pm- Evening Court…Baronial Pavilion

  6:30pm- (after evening court) Communal Feast…Baronial Pavilion

    8:00pm- Tablero Tournament for Sloth points…Dragon Wing

  8:30pm- (after Family Bardic) Bawdy Bardic for Lust points- Erics

 Sunday, 8/3

10:00am- Closing & Prize Court

 3:00pm- Site Closes

The Tournament of Deadly Sins

The tournament of sins will encompass a great many different contests and competitions with each affording points of specific nature (i.e. Lust, Wrath, Envy, etc.)

All groups and individuals competing in the overall tournament will register at gate so that the scoreboard can reflect the point values.

When a competitor gains points during the event they can decide to keep the points for themselves or donate them or "merc" them to a group or household for the overall tournament.  Donating points to a group will definitely give a greater advantage for the final win but there can be WAY more gloating if an individual wins the overall tournament.

"Merc"ing yourself or your points out to another group or groups is completely within the rules of the tournament.  An agreement can be made before hand to compete for a group or individual for a certain price (i.e. goods, services, etc); or, after placing in a tournament or tournaments, you can put your points up for negotiation to the highest bidder.

Each tournament will have three winners; 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  Winners will get 3 points, 2 points and 1 point respectively.  There may be additional points allowed and given for specific aspects of each contest.  (i.e. the master of the Pride tourney can give an extra point for an overly elaborate costume or heralding of him/herself.)

The competitions will be as follows:

Rapier (Pride Points):

This tourney will embody the sin of pride.

Bardic & Bawdy Bardic Contests (Lust Points):

These two contests will offer Lust points.  If there are contestants that win in both bardics they must choose which bardic they wish their points to be from (assumed to be the highest point amount, not the sum of both contests).

Siege Cooking, Potluck Dishes & Brewing/Cordial Contests (Gluttony Points):

This large contest will have multiple sections.  There will be a cordial contest for non-brewed beverages, a brewing/vinting contest and a siege cooking contest.  However since this set is for gluttony, ANY and ALL dishes/drink of the same contestant will be summed for their total.  So if the same person submits three brews AND three dishes, they can win ALL places and sum the total points.  This way people who do not fight can still have a chance and it is worthwhile to have fighters branch out.  Welcome to Gluttony!

The potluck dishes are a brand new addition to the contest.  If a person, or persons, wish to make a period dish to share at the communal potluck feast they may gain a Gluttony point.  The dish may be premade and brought to the event or cooked on site, however it must have an ingredient list and period documentation with it.  The documentation does not have to be complicated.  I.e. Your name, the ingredients list and wording of original recipe w/ book or document it came from.  Please make it know to the staff that you are using it for Gluttony points in the contest.  1 point per dish ergo you can bring multiple dishes and/or drinks you can gain a goodly few points.

Archery (Envy Points):

A tournament embodying the sin of Envy will encompass this contest.

Heavy Combat (Wrath Points):

Wrath points can go to most furious fighter, etc.

Tablero Tournament (Sloth Points):

Sloth points will go to the winners of this contest.

30 & 1 (or other period gambling game) (Greed Points)

Greed points will be given to the winner or winners, etc, etc.


Once all the contests are over all points may be donated to your house or ship and totaled.  The group with the highest total (household, ship, fighting group, individual, etc.) with the greatest total of points will be titled Champion/s of Sin!  The prize will be a handmade silk flag symbolizing the 7 deadly sins that will be pridefully flown at all future events!

The winning team will also get a 6' handmade custom flag (pennant) of their choosing to be delivered after the event once they decide what the design will be.


Seafarer’s Celebration Classes!!

Class Name: Norse Wire Weaving
Teacher: HL Andrea Harding -Disa i Birkilundi

Description: We will learn the basics of Norse Wire Weaving. Students will receive everything that they need to complete one necklace.

Class Name: Basic Lampworking (Glass Bead Making)
Teacher: HL Sophia Francesca Bruno

Description: A hands on class on how to make lamp worked beads with a brief history on the methods used in period.

Class Name: Pirates & Privateers
Teacher: HL William Richard Drake -

Description: This class will cover the basics of what is and is not period for pirates and private-men-of-war, as well as exploring the differences between them. We will cover the major nations involved, period terms, and shipboard life. We will discuss what caused the explosion of piracy, and briefly touch on navigation and types of ships and weapons.

Class Name: Period Ships and Their Weapons
Teacher: HL William Richard Drake -

Description: This class will cover various ships used throughout period and the weapons and tactics used by their crews, both personal and shipboard. We will discuss the origin of terminology and technology, the construction styles of ships, when those ships were used, and the evolution of the ships themselves. We will also go over the introduction of ships weapons, when and how they were used, and the tactics involved with the different weapons.

Class name: Dyeing with Indigo (& Woad)
Teacher: HL Sarra the brave
Duration of class: ~ 1.5 hours
Cost: $5 / participant
Minimum number of students: 4
Maximum number of students: 10

Things students should bring: Maximum of 1 pound (16 oz) weight-of-goods to dye per student, whether it's fiber (pre-cleaned), yarn, fabric, or clothing. All natural (wool, silk, linen, cotton, etc.) and many modern fibers are dye-able in this dye bath.

Class Description:
Join me as we do some natural dyeing! We will have a short discussion on Woad and Indigo, discussing period and modern 'recipes', and then, we will dye some items that you bring!
This is interactive, so be prepared to turn blue.
Every class attendee is welcome to bring a maximum of one (1) pound weight-of-goods to dye, whether it's fiber (pre-cleaned), yarn, fabric, or clothing. All natural (wool, silk, linen, cotton, etc.) and many modern fibers are dye-able in this dye bath. (Tye-dyeing is also easy in this bath)
Attendees are welcome to dye, without the formal class. They may stop by throughout the day. They are welcome to bring a maximum of one (1) pound weight-of-goods. Fees will apply regardless.

Class Name: Etiquette & Protocol
Teacher: Ban-Iarla Daedin MacAoidh a' Mhonadh
Cost:  Free

Description: This class will introduce the student to etiquette as practiced in the SCA--forms of address, titles vs. honorifics, how to perform introductions and the precepts of courtesy

Class Name: The "Cure" For A Long Voyage: Preserving Beef, Pork, And Fish With Salt & Spices
Teacher:  Hildegarde fillia Bertrandi
Cost: $5
Min: 0  /  Max: 8

Description:  This class will cover the basics of salt curing as a method of preserving meat (and making it tasty!). We will talk about both wet and dry cures, period methods and modern equivalents. We will discuss optional flavorings (herbs and spices). You will then get a chance to build your own dry cure blend and test it out on a piece of pork belly.


$10 for adult SCA members
$5 for those 11-17
Free - 10 and younger

(Non Member Surcharge of US $5 applies to all adult non-members)


Event Steward:  HL Tristan O'Shea (

Co-Event Steward: Her Excellency Francisca Montoya (

Classes Steward (Register for Classes): HL Rosamond Winder (


Bob Nix Ranch: 220 Nix Rd, Chehalis, WA 98532

Directions: Take I-5 to exit 77 in Chehalis, WA. Turn west onto Hwy 6 toward Pe Ell, go approximately 1.7 miles. Turn left on Hwy 603. Go up hill. At approximately 1.7 miles turn right onto Nix RD. Rd. Go to end and follow one-way road to site.

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