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An Tir 12th Night

January 09, 2015 to January 11, 2015

Eugene, OR

Autocrat: Yseult of Broceliande device100OP

Come, join us for the coronation of the heirs to the Lion Thrones of An Tir!
This event will be at the wonderful Valley River Inn in Eugene January 9-11th 2015. We have lots of fun things planned for the event; visit the event website for more info.

Site Fees
$20 for SCA member adults (+$5 for non-members), 17 and under are free

Meeting Space
Do you have a meeting planned for 12th Night that you need space for? Your autocrats would love to hear from you! Please contact Marian at mch AT efn DOT org.

Hotel Info
All the rooms at Valley River Inn have now been reserved!

A block of rooms for Royals, their retinue, and vigils has been held aside, including all of the suites. Heads of retinue and people interested in holding a vigil/reception should contact Mistress Yseult (pam at bobwhitman dot com).

For everyone else, there are two options. Valley River Inn is keeping a waiting list in case there are cancelations and rooms become available. You can contact VRI and get on the list. And/or you can reserve a room at one of the nearby hotels listed conveniently on the 12th Night webpage. Please note that there is unlimited, free street-level parking around Valley River Inn, so staying at a separate location and driving to the site is convenient. We will have a room where folks staying off site can leave cloaks, etc.

Roman Baths at 12th Night!
The Baths of the Two-Tailed Sea Lion will be open for attendance during the next 12th Night! Your event stewards are working feverishly on decorations to transport Valley River Inn's spa back to a Roman Bath complete with mosaics and murals and graffiti!

The Roman Bath Party will offer a hot soaking tub and the use of saunas to relax and soothe you. Julia Sempronia has offered a class on Roman Bathing Culture, and Ariadne will be teaching how to use Strigulae. Sharon Rose will be taking appointments for massage during the party and if you require, I'll be available to drape togas or arrange hair. We'll be allowed to have food and drink, but please leave your glass vessels in your rooms. We hope to have a Roman Lunch Plate available for purchase from the Inn.

Friday Night Fun
Our dance master, Good Old Lord Petronius, has planned for those weary travelers joining us Friday night to have, in his words, “a sedate and elegant ball, with none of that flashy footwork and flourishes so inconceivably loved by the youth.” The great hall will be in process of being set up for the festivities of the next day, and Petronius doesn’t want dancers getting underfoot.

However, rumors from Adiantum have started spreading. Certain… ladies… of An Tir have declared that they know exactly what weary travelers are looking for Friday evening… FUN! To that end they’ve conspired against dear old Petronius, and have plans to send him to bed early whether he wills it or no, as they intend to take over the ball! Join the courtesans of An Tir for a lively evening of getting underfoot. They welcome all − those brave enough to be seen in the company of courtesans and those who would hide their identity behind a mask.

Along with the dancing, our lovely courtesans are hosting a couple of competitions during their ball; one for the best Documentably Trashy Garb, and one designed to be a social mixer during the dancing.

For the costuming contest, bring out your best documentable courtesan (or less noble working profession) clothing, and let our judges know about what folks in the world’s oldest profession were wearing during your period. Yes, documentation is required; it doesn’t need to be a research paper, but consideration will be given to depth of research.

Anyone that wishes to participate in the social competition will be given a dance card at the beginning of the ball. Before each dance there will be a moment to write in the name of your partner for that dance. Whoever has the largest number of different partners during the evening will win!

A&S Room
There will be space for the Aritsans of An Tir to display their skills and prowess in the Arts & Sciences room. If you have something you would like to display or demo, please fill out the form here.

Inline image 1

Labyrinth and stained glass windows at 12th Night 2011.

Site Info:
Name: Valley River Inn
1000 Valler River Way
Eugene, OR 97401

Directions to Site:

To map directions from your own home please refer to the events website. From the South or North Take your best route to I-5 north. THEN. . . . From I-5 to exit 194b (I-105 west), then take second exit marked #1 Delta Hwy/Santa Clara - Junction City. Merge to the right lane and take the 1st exit to Valley River Center. Get into the left lane as you are coming over the overpass. At the bottom of the overpass there is a four-way lighted intersection: turn left onto Valley River Way. Follow to the end, on the left. From Airport; Leaving the airport terminal, turn right onto Greenhill road. At the four-way stop turn left onto Airport road.   Follow to the end and turn right onto Highway 99. Go about 1.5 miles to Beltline road east (right hand on-ramp) follow Beltline east to the Delta Highway exit. Exit off of Delta Highway, take the Valley River Center Exit. Take the center lane at the exit. There will be a four- way lighted intersection. Go straight through onto Valley River Way and follow to the end, on the left. Also with today's gas rates a highly feasible option is the train! Check out Amtrak Rates- they may be more reasonable compared to a couple tanks of gas!

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