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Saint Eggberts Feast

April 13, 2013
Myrtle Holt

Grants Pass, OR

Autocrat: Anwn Grayingham Hamilton

Gate Fee $12.00 Adults   $8.00 7-16 years of age    under 7 years free      Family cap of $30.

Non Member Surcharge of $5.00 applies to all non members...

Gate opens at 10:00 am and closes at 10:00pm

Wet site

Come help us to honor Myrtleholt's patron saint, St. Eggbert.

The Story of St. Eggbert of the chickens:
Eggbert was born, the third son of a fowler at Hennford, England in the year 402 AD.  The local priest taught him letters when he was seven. He bacame a wandering monk preaching to any listener.  He used a hens egg to explain the Trinity and while happily dining on roasted fowl said:  "if thy right wing offend thee then then pluck it off."  Eggburt was a pious but odd man often sleeping in hen houses.  One night, fierce vikings raided the small hold.  Eggbert, half asleep in the coop was beaten to death by a huge Dane wielding a pair of pilfered cocks. 

The Shire of Myrtleholt celebrates St. Eggbert's Feast is because many years ago the Shire was given a mystical sign.  There had been a feast wherein all meats were poultry.  After this feast shire members exhibited red itchy rashes, fevers and swelling of the bodies - all indicative of the Pox of Henne.  Superstitious mutterings causes one Lady to even change her name from "de Poullet" to "de Faucon".  The plague caused people to look to heaven for help.  A story was circulated about the man called Eggbert who seemed a Saint.  A large statue of a rooster was located in a nearby village.  Plague victims and survivors made pilgrimage there to beseech Eggbert to end the plague.  They honored him with a feast in the Fall.  The Plague of Henne was gone.


It is in this vein that we continue to bring to your enjoyment a variety of activities both serious and silly...  This year, as we've been forbidden by the involved fighters from ever again performing the "white alligator and chicken" form of the Gatekeeper Tourney there will be a round robin Gate Keeper tournament...

Myrtleholt's 2nd annual A&S Championship

  • Our current Champion came up with this wonderful competition:
            (Re)Making History
    Each Competitor shall:
    • Entry #1 (required): find some form of documentation (picture, painting, drawing, textual description, etc) of a item from any SCA relevant time and that will be their "inspiration piece" and their "documentation" for their first entry.  Entries may be in any Art or Science area, and must abide by the following rules:
      • The item must not have been entered into any other competition within the SCA before.
      • The item must be the work of the entrant alone
      • The item may contain materials that are not period, however, the entrant must be able to discuss why they chose that/those materials
      • The "inspiration piece/Documentation" must be submitted with the entry for judges to review, and must be as clear as possible for judges to verify consistency of the entry with the "inspiration"
      • Colors may be substituted, so long as the entrant is able to explain reasonings for doing so.
      • Performance work (bardic, musical performances, etc) are acceptable as they too are "Arts"; entrants must provide music scores for performance works
      • Entrant must be ready to discuss their methods, materials, and other details of their entries.  No other "written" documentation will be required.
    • Entry #2 (optional, but recommended):  Entrant will produce a "period" representation of their primary entry that is in some way different to the "inspiration piece".  In other words, if their primary entry is from a photo of an period artifact, they can submit a hand drawing, a painting, a period description of the item as their second entry.  If the initial "Inspiration piece" is a painting, they may submit a drawing, or a period description, or perhaps a poem.  The point here is for the entrant to provide a second entry which is thematically connected to the first by the "Inspiration piece" but exhibits a different artistic skill.  Example:  An entrant may choose to use a painting of a 14th century nobleman in armor as inspiration for a suit of armor, and submit Item #1 as the suit of armor.  Their second entry could be a carved clay figurine that is clad in the armor, painted to match the inspiration piece.
    • Entrants will abide by the following:
      • Entrants must not be a current A&S Champion from another SCA branch, or have won more than one other Myrtleholt A&S Championship in the past
      • Entrant must be a current resident of the Summits
      • Entrant must be available in person at event to discuss their entries with judges
      • Entrants must file "intent to enter" to Myrtleholt's Minister of A&S and submit what their entries will be at that time.  Letter of Intent should be emailed to  This letter of intent will allow our MoAS to coordinate Judging resources.  The  deadline has been moved to the April 13 at site for those who wish to enter to accomodate more entries...but please if possible notify the MoAS via email by Friday April 12!!!!
  • Return of the Gatekeeper Tournament  (Heavy Fighters) Round Robin starts at 12:00 Noon
  • Table setting contest with Egg theme. 
  • Rapier Cut and Thrust Tournament Double round robin starts at 2:00 pm
  • Trading Blanket: throughout the day...
    We've been having much fun with getting people together to bring things that they may no longer need or have a use for, and getting them together to bid and trade for other items that others have.  Sometimes the bids can be quite spectacular when the bidding gets stiff!!!  So bring anything that you might like to trade... maybe you don't need it any more, it might be just what somebody else needs... for their costume, their encampment, their feast-ware, or to be creatively reused for some other purpose...
  • Classes:
    • Butter making - (adults and smalls) 4:00 pm
      Each student will be given the materials and taught how to "churn" their own butter, which can then be used to supplement your sumptuous goodies at the Feast.  Best butter may be awarded an honor!!!
      Cost:  Free
    • Chain Mail making class (adults and smalls) 10:00am
    • Hat making class 4:00 pm
    • Lucet class 2:00 pm
    • Kumihimo class 12:00 noon
    • Gold thread Jewlry 12:00 noon
    • Smalls animal painting on rocks class 2:00 pm
  • The Game of Goose competition
    As has become traditional gaming for our St. Eggbert's, this year we will once again be bringing out the Gooseboards and getting those ardent boardgame players to the table for some serious competition.  If enough people are involved, we may even have a tournament... maybe even a prize will be offered... 
  • The Feast:
    We will be starting the feast approximately at 5:30-6:00 bearing in mind that there are no changes to our agenda.

TENTATIVE FEAST MENU (Subject to change):

1st Remove:
    Fowl w/ Orange & Ginger Glaze
    Herbed Rice
    Crudites w/ hummus & a yogurt/strawberry dip

2nd Remove:
    Lemon & herb stuffed Salmon
    Balsamic Brussel Sprouts
    Custard pie (strawberry)

3rd Remove:
    Salad w/ Raspberry Vinagrette dressing
    Roasted Venision & Vegi

4th Remove:
    Various dessert items that the feastocrats are fine tuning


HL Felicia of the True Layne, HL Robert Engleson, L Kirstianna Olsdottir, HL Aelfric Thorfastson, HL Monique de Toulon

Site Info:
Name: Josephine County Fairgrounds Floral Building
1451 Fairgrounds Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Directions to Site:

Proceed north or south on I-5 to exit 55 "Redwood Highway"

Continue on Grants Pass Parkway until it turns into Redwood Highway

Josephine County Fairgrounds will be on the right with much signage to make itself obvious.

The event will be being held in the Floral building which is the second building on the right side
after you enter the fairgrounds.  There is plenty of parking both near the building but also towards
the fairground entrance from the building.

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