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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Celtic Revolt and Baronial Champions' Tourney

May 24, 2013 to May 27, 2013

Spokane - Spokane County, WA

Autocrat: Fina MacGrioghaire device3767OP



"The Celts are revolting! The Celts are revolting!" Once again war cries sound in the Barony of Wealdsmere. With the advent of the warmth spring comes news from beyond our borders, the Celts have once again set their sights on our fair land, and they are making their way here intent on war, thieving, and plunder.  The Celts are revolting, and the Baron is calling for fighters to assist in the defense of the Barony.



Once more, Wealdsmere is proud to accept the Hospitality of HL Sgt. Michael of Lancaster. Come enjoy Lancaster’s Tower for Heavy and Rapier to play with, additional perimeter walls for Siege enjoyment and the property that belongs to the Department of Natural Resources that is available for our use.

Saturday will feature war scenarios, classes, A&S and the Baroness’ Brine Delicacies Contest, and other activities, including but not limited to: "Thieving Celts", Siege Cooking Contest, and a special activity for children.  Sunday will feature Champion’s Tournaments for heavy, rapier, archery, bardic, and A&S. So, come one, come all, to this year's Celtic Revolt. Additional information for tournaments and A&S will be posted to the Kingdom Calendar as it becomes available.




3:00pm - Sight opens

 Smelting – evening (tentative)



10:00am Morning Court

11:00am Heavy armor inspection

11:00am-3:00pm  Archery Range open

                Lunch break form 1 to 2

11:00am Siege Cooking Begins

                Judging at 1:00pm

11:30am Heavy war scenarios

12:00pm pickling contest set up

                Judging at 2:00pm

12:00 pm Subtlety Contest set up

1:30 Light armor inspection

2:00pm Rapier war scenarios

3:00pm Ladies Tea

6:30pm Pot Luck

7:00pm Champions Bardic


Sat Classes

11:00am Embroidery

11:00am Basic Italian Rapier

12:00pm SCA 101

1:00pm Ceramics – Make a Medieval Pinch Pot

2:00pm Intro to Documentation

3:00pm Basic Armoring: Elbow Cops 101

8:00pm Black smithing



9:30 Champions Processional w/ banners and inspirations

10:00am Champion Rapier Tourney

10:00am Archery Champion competition

10:00am Champions A&S set up

                Judging at 12:00pm

1:00pm Heavy Champions Tourney

2:00pm Culinary Guild meeting

3:00pm College of Pages

4:00pm Canton of Silverhart meeting

5:15pm  Closing Court


Sunday Classes

10:00am Pit Firing

11:00am Chatelaine 101

12:00pm Cheese Making

1:00pm Japanese Persona in the SCA

After Champions Tourneys – Intermediate Italian Rapier



12:00pm Site Closes 



Bardic Champion's Tourney:

Here is the information the Tourney for those who are preparing their entries:

There will be three divisions for the entries:

  1. Childrens (ages 7-12)
  2. Adult Song and Dance
  3. Adult Spoken

You must sign up with the current Champion, Lady Emma Griffin, prior to the start of the Bardic Competition to be considered.  Extra points will be awarded for period pieces.

Each division will have a prize.  However, the overall champion will be the judges' favorite entry from all the divisions.

A&S Champion's Tourney:

Here is the information the Tourney for those who are preparing their entries:

There will be three divisions for the entries:

  1. Beginnger, which will require no documentation other than to be able to verify that the art was in existence in period.
  2. Intermediate, which will have documentation and is for people who have never won A&S contests before.
  3. Experienced, for people who have won contests before and who are ready to be held to the highest scrutiny.
Each level will have a prize.  However, the overall champion will be chosen by populace choice.


Baroness' Brine Delicacies Competion:

In the spirit of fun and a love of pickled foods, Her Excellency, Baroness Kara, will be holding a competition for the best pickled fruit, vegetable, and/or protein.  All pickled food items must have been prepared by the person entering the competition.  All persons wishing to enter should bring either one large unopened jar or two small unopened jars of the item/items they are entering.  Entries will be judged on taste, texture, and appearance with additional points being given for unique display of the entry.  So bring your best pickled food, and see if you can win the pickling prize!

Subtlety Contest:

Do you have an interest in medieval cooking?  Have you always wanted to make food that looks like something else?  Well, here is your chance.  Subtleties took a wide range of forms throughout the period from simply vividly colored foods (like frumenty) to more elaborate displays representing allegorical, mythological, or historical events (e.g. models of castles, cooked meats redressed to look like the animal they originated from).  Entrants must include a list of ingredients with their entry.  Documentation is not required for this contest, but you can present it with your entry if you so choose.

Siege Cooking Contest:

Participants will be provided a bag of ingredients and three recipes. The recipes will be written in Old English; so the participants must either be able to read it or decipher it. Participants will have 2 and a half hours to complete the recipes. They must bring their own serving and cooking gear. They must be present for while their entry is being judged and be able to describe it to the judges.  There will be a limited number of supplies for this contest.  Those wishing to enter are asked to contact the Event Stewards (contact information below) prior to the event so that enough supplies will be available for those wishing to enter.

Silent Auction:

A silent auction will be held at Celtic Revolt as a fundraiser for the Barony's Sergeants Trials.  The auction is being hosted by the Grand Bazaar on Merchant's Row.  Bidding will begin after morning Court on Saturday, and it will close just prior to Closing Court on Sunday.  Anyone wishing to donate an item to be placed in the silent auction is encouraged to contact the event's Merchant Coordinator.  His contact information can be found below.



A number of classes will be offered at this year's events.  Day and time of each class are still to be determined.  A class schedule will be posted once the schedule has been finalized.  The following is a list of classes that are being offered:


  • Basic & Intermediate Italian Rapier
  • Ceramics Workshop 
  • Pit Firing
  • Cheese Making
  • Embroidery
  • SCA 101 for Newcomers
  • Basic Armoring
  • Blacksmithing
  • Japanese Personas in the SCA


Merchants are welcome.  No merchant fee is required, but a small donation to largesse would be appreciated.  Please contact the autocrat team in advance so that we can work on setting up a Merchants' Row.

For specific questions, you may contact the autocrats (please include "Celtic Revolt" in the subject line):





Co-Event Steward:

Honorable Lady Fina MacGrioghaire



Co-Event Steward:

Kayte Sondrasdottir




Merchant Co-ordinator:

Ted the Merchant



Special Rules:

As a reminder all Champions are required to swear fealty to the Baron and Baroness of Wealdsmere and must help prepare/run and attend the next year’s Championship competition.


Site fee:

Weekend or portion thereof: Adults $12.00 (+ NMS $5.00) (age 16 and up)

Youth $8.00 (age 7 to 15)

Day Trip:                   Adult $10.00 (+$5.00 NMS)

Youth $5.00

Family Cap Rate $40.00. Children 6 and under are free.

Please make checks payable to "Barony of Wealdsmere, SCA Inc."

Site will open Friday at 3:00 pm and closes Monday at Noon.


Some Basic Rules: Please respect the site and hospitality and follow the rules.

All pets must be at owners control at all times.

Clean after your pets.

There is potable water on site, but if you want to bring drinking water, please do so.

All trash is to be packed out.

Diapers must be properly disposed of in the trash and not in the biffies.

Fire pits above ground and ashes must be empty at Bardic pit.

We won't know about fire conditions until the day of event; so, this information will be posted at Gate.

Particpants shall not violate any state, federal or local laws.  Illegal substance use and underage drinking will NOT be tolerated and are grounds for IMMEDIATE removal from site and notification of modern authorities.

In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal.  As it is still illegal under Federal Law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions. January 2013 Board Meeting.



Site Info:
Name: Michael Lancaster Estates
6325 Hwy 291
Nine Miles Falls, WA 99026

Directions to Site:


Coming from the I-90 West and East;

1. Take the 281 exit to Hwy 2 (N. Division).

2. Go North to W. Francis make a left at the W. Francis light.

3. W. Francis is also Hwy 291.

4. Continue west; stay on the right lane, until W. Francis turns into N. Nine Miles Rd.

5. Drive North passing Nine Miles Falls (on your left), keep going North on Hwy 291.

6. You will inter Stevens Co.

7. Continue north, you will pass a Zip’s on your left, a small shopping center and gas station further on the right, you are now getting closer.

8. Continue north, you will see mile markers, pass marker 16 at your left, you will see Sundown Rd, Villier Rd and to your right, mile marker 17, the next left is the site, it will be clearly marked.

From N. Stevens Co.

Take Hwy. 395 south, it will turn into Hwy 2 or N. Division.

Continue south until you reach N. Francis, take a left at N. Francis and follow the directions from # 4 above.


Take Hwy. 395 south until you reach Hwy 231.

Take Hwy 231 south take a left into Hwy 291.

Continue on Hwy. 291 pass the town of Tumtum; continue south the site will be to your right.


If you look it up in Google Map, as you come from the south, the site will be directly to the left of a red building pass the Corkscrew Canyon Rd. letters on the map, the road is marked but not named. The Hwy 291 number and the number 6318 are right pass the driveway.


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Note that the above Weather and Map information is generated from the site address and can be easily confused. The weather will say if its for the branch or for the site. It will be for the site if the site can be found, but this again is not always the case, and if the site is some distance from the branch then the weather may be different.

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