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Gentle Arts

January 19, 2013

Victoria, BC

Autocrat: Brigid Moor

The Barony of Seagirt harbours a multitude of talented Gentles among its Populace. Come to witness and inspire those who compete for the honour of standing in The Baronial Court as the Arts & Sciences Champion, the Bardic Champion, or a Scholar of Seagirt!

The applicants and competitors will gather on January 19, 2013 to demonstrate their skills, display projects and research, and be tested in the many Gentle Arts that add grace and authenticity to these modern middle ages.

Site opens at 9am, closes at 11pm. There will be NO day food, please come prepared.

The Duck & Drake Tavern will be open at 4pm.

Event Steward: Lady Brigid Moor (Sarah Johnson); 250-888-3543,

Fees: Adults $10, youth 12-17 $5, under 12 free; $5 NMS applies to non-members; make cheques payable to Barony of Seagirt.


Arts & Sciences Championship Format

You must submit the following 3 items:

·         1 example of an art with documentation

·         1 example of a science with documentation

·         1 example of either an art or science which can be a finished piece or in progress (which would also mean that the documentation can be in progress, but there must be some written evidence of research)


One more thing...

Because the children of this barony are near to my heart, the twist on this year’s competition will be that one of your entries must be something that a child in period would have used. It can be a toy, a piece of clothing, or even a common tool that a child might have used. Have some fun with it!

* Be aware that your item may be tested by underage judges.

In addition to the Championship, I am also introducing The First Ever Seagirt Orcameat A&S Competition. This past October (2011), I saw a new person to our barony bravely enter the Seagirt Arts & Sciences Championship in order to learn more about what an A&S Competition entails. I was so impressed by her initiative that I present the following competition:


Orcameat A&S Competition Format


In order to enter, you must meet the following conditions:

·         You must have joined the SCA no more than five years prior to the contest

·         You must not have won an A&S competition


You must submit the following 3 things for judging:


1.   A summary of your persona no longer than one page. You will need to complete this first in order to get started on your entry. Your summary should include the following details:

                  ·         Your persona’s name and age

·         Your persona’s nationality and time period

·         Your persona’s family (or lack thereof). Is your persona married?

·         Your persona’s occupation

·         Your persona’s social class

·         Your persona’s dwelling (house, barn, cave?)

·         Languages that your persona can understand (but not necessarily be fluent in)

·         Your persona’s level of education (can he or she read? Did they apprentice? Are they in the process of becoming a member of a religious order? What have they been taught?)

·         Major events that occurred during your persona’s time-frame (flood, famine, religious persecution, war, change of government)

·         Does your persona fight? Does he or she keep house? Does he or she serve as a government official? Does he or she write? Does he or she perform? If so, where did he or she acquire these skills?

2.   1 example of an art or science that your persona would have used in period.

o   For a list of what might be considered an art, look here:

o   For a list of what might be considered a science, look here:

3.   Documentation for that piece


Each competitor for the Championship should perform 3 pieces, one from
each of the following categories:

1) Best documented piece - just like it sounds. For this you do not
necessarily have to be the best performer, you just have to KNOW what
you are talking about and provide _something_ written down that will
pass for proper documentation.

2) Most creative - Take an old piece of music and write new lyrics
(could even be something near and dear to the heart like an ode to our
Barony, for example)... Or create something new entirely...
Choreograph and dance a dance (yes, dance IS a bardic art and would
qualify for the Championship)... Get those creative juices flowing.

3) Audience appeal - A topic will be chosen at random, on site, and
made available to contestants as they arrive, and they have until the
judging of this category (exact timeline to be announced later, to
create a piece on this theme. This piece should aim be SCA appropriate
(no noticeably modern pieces, please unless they fall under the filk
category and are somehow related to an SCA theme or feeling). This
piece should add to the ambiance of the event and draw people deeper
into the bardic world. The judges for this will be the populace. At
gate, every person who comes in will be given a token. After the
Audience Appeal portion of the evening, the populace will be asked to
bestow their favors upon the creator of their favorite performance.
The more favours recieved, the higher the score.

Each piece should have documentation, written for the first two, and
verbal for the audience appeal piece (so it might be an idea to have a
style or two in mind for the audience appeal before you arrive so you
can prepare).

Each piece should be between 5-10 minutes long plus 5 minutes for
background information provided outside of the judges Q&A period if
required by contestants. Please keep to your time limits.

The winner will be the person with the highest total combined score
from all three pieces.


Site Info:
Name: Eastern Star Hall
3281 Harriet St.
Victoria, BC V82 3S3

Directions to Site:

Directions: From Westshore and up-island: Going south on Hwy 1, pass Tillicum Road then turn right onto Harriet Road. The Hall is across from the park.

From Downtown: North on Douglas, turn left on Burnside Rd E, right on Harriet. Parking is limited.

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