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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Canterbury Fayre (Bardic & A&S Defenders)

March 16, 2013
Lions Gate

Vancouver, BC

Autocrat: Azure Mary MacGregor al Khabeelah & Jaqueline Lefleur device7042OP

Medieval Feast Woodcut Illustration

Winter is waning, the game has aged nicely and the pickles have set. Come break bread in a Welsh hunter's winter feast with the Baron and Baroness Lions Gate, Baron James the Just and Baroness Margaret. Encourage a favorite bard, admire an artist's handiwork, be awed by medieval science in action, or add to your own knowledge and skills-all at Canterbury Fayre and Banquet!

  • Create a new year filled with beauty and amazing works of art and science - compete to become the new Arts and Science Defender of Lions Gate!
  • Regale Their Excellencies with the summer victories in song or story - compete to become the new Bardic Defender of Lions Gate!
  • Take part in the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby and contribute to largesse for Their Majesties An Tir, Their Highnesses Tir Righ and Their Excellencies Lions Gate.
  • Have fun making something at the event in the populace art competition.
  • Gain knowledge and skill in diverse classes on thread craft, scribal, soft metal working, archery, alchemy, heraldry, games and gain TUTR class credit.
  • Take in the artisan Guild displays and learn from those passionate about their craft.
  • Delight in a three remove Welsh feast presented by Mistress Cushag an Ellan Vannin.
  • At the end of the day, enjoy a fine ale from the Renaissance Party sponsored tavern!


Event Schedule


8am                       Site opens

9am                       Gate opens

10am                      Opening Court

10:30am                Classes start
                                Arts & Science competition commences

12:30pm                Classes break for lunch                 

                                (bring your own or indulge in Porter's Bistro three doors away)

1:30pm                  Classes resume

                                Bardic competition commences

4:30pm                 Classes end
                                Afternoon court
Feast time
5 pm                      Hall reset for feast; everyone can help!
                                Feast gate opens - feast only and offboard gentlefolk may now enter

6 pm                      Feast begins: First remove served
                                Tavern opens

7 pm                      Second remove served
7:45 pm                                Subtlety presented
                                Dessert remove served

8 pm                      Evening court

9pm                       Dance; games; roaming bardic

10:30pm                Last call

11 pm                      Pack up begins

Midnight             Everything stowed and cleaned up


Arts and Science Defender of Lions Gate competition

Greetings All A&S Artisans

Soon comes the time again when Lions Gate must pick a new Arts & Sciences Defender on March 16/13. This will give all entrants lots of time to work on their A&S project. A prize will be awarded for the winner.

To enter the competition for Baronial Lions Gate Defender you must have:

  • 1 piece completed of your choice
  • Documentation regarding for that piece

For information on presenting and documentation please see

Baron James and Baroness Margaret add that should you be successful and become Defender you are requested to stand ready in Court and in War to DEFEND the Barony using all your skill and creativity. SeaLion War, Baroness' Inspirational Tourney, Tournament of Armies, and your successor's Defender Tourney should all be included in your calendar.

Your Gate fee for Baronial Level 1 and 2 events are paid for by the Barony so you can focus on being prepared!

Please submit your intentions to compete to HL Cerridwen Ravenhawk of Conway March 1/13 as arrangements must be made for judges.


Bardic Defender of Lions Gate competition

The time draws near. The poets tweak their words. The minstrels tune their strings. The jugglers learn new tricks. The competition will be a single entry, cap in hand Tournament.

There is a fine history of bards, minstrels, jesters, and jugglers who would perform on the streets and in the markets to earn themselves a few coins. The Cap In Hand Tournament honours this tradition.  

Each competitor will do a bardic performance for the populace. After the performances, the bards will go amongst the populace with their cap in hand, collecting coins. The Bard with the most money wins the tournament.

Coins for the competition will be handed out at Gate. In addition, some coins of higher value will be handed out by judges looking for special qualities.  Performers, please note that this is intended to be a street performance directed at the public not at the judges. We do not need any documentation, written or verbal.

The Lists for Bardic Defender will close at the event. There will be a sign-up sheet near Gate.

Baron James and Baroness Margaret add that should you be successful and become Defender you are requested to stand ready in Court and in War to DEFEND the Barony using all your skill and creativity. SeaLion War, Baroness' Inspirational Tourney, Tournament of Armies, and your successor's Defender Tourney should all be included in your calendar. Your gate fee for Baronial Level 1 and 2 events are paid for by the Barony so you can focus on being prepared!


Dirty Dozen Donation Derby

There will be a Dirty Dozen Donation Derby held at Canterbury Fayre!  This is a little competition that was created out of the need for more largesse made by the hands of our very talented artisans.

  • All entrants must create 12 items based on a theme that are suitable for largesse
    • 12 needlebooks
    • 12 hats from different (or the same) period(s)
    • 12 items suitable for a specific time period
    • 12 childrens toys
    • - 12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs
  • All entries must be tagged and ready to be gifted the day of the competition
  • items need not be documentable, this is not an Arts and Sciences competition
  • items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be given to other areas

Judging will be a populace vote done by the 'beans in a cup' method. Both their Highnesses Tir Righ and Their Excellencies Lions Gate will also choose a favorite entry. The winner of the populace vote gets their choice of one item from each of the other entrants. Their Highnesses' and Their Excellencies' favorite entrants will each receive one item of the entrant's choice from the entries.


Populace Embellishment Competition

Show off your embellishment skills by making and embellishing a needle case at the event! Supplies and general instruction on how to make the needle case will be provided, as well as a variety of things to embellish with: threads, fine yarn, metal thread and beads. You can add your own materials, too.


Guild Displays

If you are not quite ready for a class then stop by one of the guild tables and talk with the guild members about their projects. The Metal Workers guild, Embellishers guild, Scribal group and Bookbinders group will all have displays.

Guild Table 1: Bookbinding                           Marie de Cheriseye la Foret

Guild Table 2: Armourers and Jewelers           Aelana Cordovera - Journeyman display
                                                                 Alexander Phillipe  - Armour display

Guild Table 3: Embellishment                       Guidobaldo Marco Odo Romeo d'Aguila will be  doing a demonstration of brocade Inkle weaving

Guild Table 4: Scribal                                   Marie de Cheriseye la Foret


Classes at Canterbury Fayre

There are four tracks of classes, two hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. Choose from classes for artisans and combatants.
For the artisans: embellishment, scribal, thread crafts, soft metal repouseé ,wire-weaving and more.

For the combatants: armour-in the SCA and in history, Target Archery Marshalling and more.
All classes will have University of Tir Righ credit. Sign up across from gate. Please pay your instructor directly. Exact change is always appreciated.

Class Times


Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

10:30 am

Basic SCA Heraldry
Caitrina Aindriasa

Wool Applique
Caitrin ni Cingeadh

Basic Alchemy
Dr. Carus

Metal Point
Marjan English

11:30 am


What does this weigh?
Alexander-Phillipe de Bergerac



12:30 pm

--- Lunch Break ---

1:30 pm

Introduction to Games
Uilliam mac Fearchair mhic Gille Aindrias

Evolution of Armour in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Alexander Phillipe de Bergerac


Introduction to the SCA
Caitrina Aindriasa

2:30 pm



Norse Wire Weaving
Kenneth of Shaftesbury


3:30 pm


Minimalist Armouring
Alexander Phillipe de Bergerac

Junior Target Archery Marshaling
Gareth Haydon
(bring the 2013 Book of Target)



Class Descriptions

Morning Classes

Dr Carus - Basic Alchemy
This class is a show-and-tell with little or no Experimental Demonstration. 
Class max: 8       Cost: $1 Time: 2 hours

Caitrina Aindriasa - Basic SCA Heraldry
An informal discussion of Basic Heraldry rules and how they are used in the SCA.  The benefits and protocols of Heraldic registration and where to go to get started down the colourful world of Heraldic display.
Class max: 8       Cost: free              Time: 1 hour

Marjan English - Metal Point: The Medieval Lead Pencil
In the time of Michaelangelo there was no such thing as a lead pencil, yet many sketches exist in chalk, charcoal and a technique known as Metalpoint.  This class will give participants practice in preparing a suitable "ground" that will enable them to use a metal to draw. The instructor will discuss the history and the grounds used by Medieval Artists. And students will practice drawing with silver on a prepared surface and will prepare another surface for a further project.

Materials:  Staedtler pen with large expanding tip to hold a wide lead (instructor will have a limited supply of practice pens that may be purchased or must be returned at the end of class. 
Class max: 6            Cost: $6            Time: 2 hours

Alexander Phillipe de Bergerac - What does this weigh?
Dispelling myths about metal armour. Learn how much a full kit of armour really weighed in period. How mobile were knights?
Class max: 8       Cost: free              Time: 1 hour

Caitrin ni Cingeadh - Wool on Wool Applique  
Class max: 8       Cost: $2                 Time: 1 or 2 hours

Afternoon Classes

Ylas Annasdoter - Bookbinding - Cancelled

Alexander Phillipe de Bergerac - The Evolution of European Medieval and Renaissance Armour
Learn about the stylistic and functional changes in armour over the 11th to 17th centuries.
Class max: 8       Cost: free              Time: 2 hours

Maighstier Uilliam - Introduction to Games
Introduction to medieval games.
Class max: 8       Cost: free              Time: Up to 3 hours

Caitrina Aindriasa - Introduction to the SCA
Learn a little about these Current Middle Ages.
Class max: 8       Cost: $1                 Time: 2 hours

Alexander Phillipe de Bergerac - Minimalist Armouring: building armour for less
What tools and equipment are needed to make armour. This probably costs a lot less than you think!
Class max: 8       Cost: free              Time: 1 hour

Kenneth of Shaftsbury - Norse Wire Weaving
Learn how the wealth of the Norse was made into wearable art. Silver was drawn into wires. Learn how these were woven into ropes and transformed into jewelry and embellishment pieces.
Class max: 8       Cost: $5 - $7        Time: l hour

Archos Gareth - Target Archery Marshalling
Learn the book half of Target Archery Marshalling. Practical testing will take place at the summer Lions Gate events. Please bring the latest edition of the Book of Target with you to class.
Class max:8        Cost: free              Time: 1 hour

Baronial Banquet Menu

Those items marked with an asterisk (*) are vegetarian-friendly, but may contain dairy or eggs, as noted.

First Remove

Slit Leek Soup *

                Leeks, white wine, vegetable broth, butter, seasonings

Bread, Butter, Cheeses, Pickles *

Cold Fried Ham

                Ham, grape juice, red wine vinegar, sage, cinnamon

Mushroom Tartlets *

                Pastry, mushrooms, olive oil, cheese

Chicken Pasty Lombardy

                Pastry, chicken breast, bacon, egg wash, spices


                Ground pork, spices, slivered almonds, currants

Second Remove

Castle Pie

                Pastry coffin, shredded braised beef, garlic, onions, dates, dried apricot, spices, vinegar

Red Wine Sauce

                Braising liquid, red wine, seasoning

Frumenty *

                Bulgur wheat, vegetable broth, saffron, egg yolk, seasonings

Salat *

Salted almond, currants, raisins, baby spinach, shredded red cabbage, oranges, lemons, sage-infused olive oil, vinegar, sugar

Bashed Neeps *

                Carrots, rutabagas, butter, cinnamon

Tart yn Embre Day *

                Pastry, onions, butter, currants, seasonings, eggs



Welsh Cakes *

                Flour, butter, sugar, dried fruit

Tinkers' Cakes *

                Flour, butter, sugar, shredded apple

Sugared Grapes *

                Fresh grapes, pasteurized egg white, berry sugar

Gingerbread Fairings *

                Butter, brown sugar, dark molasses, flour, baking soda, spices, salt

A Subtlety

Site Info:
Name: Murrayville Hall
21667 48th Ave
Langley, BC V3A 3M8

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