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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Good Yule

December 01, 2012

Snohomish County, WA

Autocrat: Sabina di Zorzi device8421OP

Come join us in 10th century Byzantium for Aquaterra’s Good Yule. Experience an entertaining education on how the Vikings changed from being the raiders from a far off land to the elite Varangian Guards of the Byzantine emperors. This is a story which included a little violence, a little bribery, and no shortage of excellent food and entertainment!

Please visit our website for the most current information:

Site/Feast Fees

Entry & Feast:

$20/seat adult (18+), $10.00/seat youth (7-17), $60.00/family cap

Entry only / Non-Feast fee:

$15.00/adult (18+), $5.00/youth (7-17), $40.00/family cap

Child (Age 6 & Under): Free
Non-members: A $5.00 NMS fee will be collected for all non-member adults at this event to meet the standards of a Level 2 event. Table space and chairs are first guaranteed to Feasters, but anything left will be available for Off-board accomodations. Picnicking is acceptable, unless disruptive to Court and no warming accommodations will be available.

Reservations are required for the feast. Reservations deadline for feast is November 17th. This means your check needs to be in our hand by that day confirming your reservations. We have a maximum of 120 feast seats available, but you can still join in the festivities without a reservation, but as off-board (bring your own food) seating. Off-board seating will be separate from the reserved feast seating for the sake of our servers and no warming accomodations will be available.

Please contact us to reserve your seat early to help the Feast-o-crat. Include:

  • SCA and mundane names of each seat you are reserving
  • a phone number to contact if there is a question on your reservation
  • If each is an adult (18+), youth (7-17), or child (6 or younger).
  • If there are any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or other concerns.

We will e-mail you confirmation of your reservations once we have received your payment. The prices can be found above or on our Site Info page. Reservations can be made by either e-mailing amara.visweswaran@gmail.comor via the Feast page. Thank you!

Feast Menu

Weary of the constant raids from the Norsemen, called the Varangians in Constantinople, the Emperor and Empress have invited the Norse leaders to a great banquet, to convince them to cease hostilities and join with them as an elite force of personal guards. We look forward to you joining us at the feast table! We are lucky to have Baroness Fiamma the Unquenchable as our head chef! If you have any questions about the menu, she encourages you to contact her at


Menu: A Roman style dinner in three courses: Gustatio (appetizers), Mensa prima (main course), Mensa secunda (desserts). The menu items consist of Norse comfort foods (as interpreted and prepared by a Byzantine chef ;-) to make the guests feel at home, and exotic Byzantine specialties to tempt them to stay.

Menu subject to change according to availability of ingredients and cooks whim.


Gustatio (Appetizers)

Suggested beverage/aperitif (byob): Mead, vermouth, spiced wine


Jarlsberg cheese



Barley flatbread and/or rye crackers

Smoked salmon

Pickled herring or cod

Dried fruit mix; cherries, apples, plums, pears



Cucumber salad

Artichoke hearts with eggs

Cheese pate

Duck liver pate

Olive paste

Apricot appetizer

Cheese crackers

Roman style wheat bread or rolls

Olive oil

Mensa Prima (Main course)


Wild goose and Beef braised in mead with apples and onions

Roasted pork loin with plum sauce

Millet 'polenta'

Venison roast



Duck 3 ways:

Duck and turnip soup

Duck leg confit

Roast duck breast with nut sauce

Lettuce omelette

Fried carrots and parsnips

Lentils with chestnuts

Chickpeas with cheese

Roman style wheat bread or rolls

Olive oil

Mensa Secunda (Dessert)



Lingonberry or cherry preserves





Dates stuffed with pine nuts in honey


Sesame wafers

Site Rules

Please don’t park in the play fields or the long driveway.  Vehicles will be towed.  Please carpool if you can to help us prevent this from becoming an issue.

Site is discretely wet.  Alcohol must be contained within the auditorium.

No pets allowed except service animals.

Children must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

The adjacent buildings, fields, and play area are not part of our event, so please leave them alone.

Preliminary schedule

12:00 PM Site opens to populace. Activities: classes, contests, guild displays, entertainment.


Byzantine Beading 12:30 pm - about an hour - cost $5.00

Nordic Costuming 2:00 pm - about an hour

Nordic Lawsuit 3:00 pm - about an hour

Page School 4:00 pm - about a half hour


Contest entries due!

5:00 PM Feast begins with entertainment throughout.

7:00 PM Court begins and is followed by more entertainment.

Gate closes

10:00 PM Site closes to populace


Our classes are inspired by the Varangians (Vikings) bringing their culture to Byzantium:

Nordic Lawsuit 3:00 pm - about an hour  - a presentation by HL Skallagrim Grimkjellson.  Participate in a Gautish trial and learn how the Geats, a Nordic tribe, settled grievances in court and how it demonstrated their values. Students will play the part of the jury and pass judgement as they see fit after witnessing the court presentation.

Byzantine Beading 12:30 pm - about an hour - cost $5.00  -  Try your hand at recreating some of the richest and visually stunning embellishment from the Eastern Empire. Countess Octavia shall give a brief lecture on the modern interpretation of Byzantine clothing decoration through beadwork.  The class will focus on decorating a rondel (circle). Fabric with rondel, some beads, and design examples provided by the instructor. Please bring your own embroidry hoop, various size needles and thread.  Limit of 6 seats available for this one, so e-mail to get on the list!

Nordic costuming class 2:00 pm - about an hour - HL Mýrún Bjarnardóttir will give a lecture on constructing apron dresses and underdresses using rectangular construction.  This is a very good class for those interested in learning more period accurate clothing, even without previous knowledge in making their own clothes, as this is a very basic method of construction that can be used for many types of clothing.  The class will include handouts. Limit of 6 seats available for this one, so e-mail to get on the list!

Page School 4:00 pm - about a half hour - Her Excellency Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh will be teaching the Page School about court etiquette!

Contests - entries due by feast (except Best Skald)

Our contests this year are centered around our theme of Vikings visiting Byzantium in the tenth century.  We will be holding a Coptic Tunic costume contest, games competitions, a Best Skald contest, a Soap”stone” carving contest, as well as a Gold Key Iron Needle:

Try your sewing skills at Aquaterra’s Good Yule’s Iron Needle competition! Fabric will be provided from noon to 4:00. Bring your own tools, trims, thread, and talent! The challenge: to hand sew a wearable garment. Entries will be presented during the feast and all entries will be donated to Gold Key. The prize for the best entry will be a sewing kit as well as a platinum needle provided by HL Aenor de Pessac.

Soap”stone” carving

The Byzantines had an increase in soapstone carvings during the tenth century, and as much fun as it would be to have people chipping away at actual stone all day, we thought we’d make it a little easier for more people to participate, so we are going to have a soap carving contest!  We will provide some bars of ivory soap for people to carve in the Byzantine style and have this available along with some tools at a table for people to work at. If people would like to bring their own tools or soap, they are welcome to.  We would like to make this available from the time people are allowed on site to just before the feast so they would have time to work on it and participate in other areas of the event if they would like.  The pieces will be displayed during the feast to add to the Byzantium atmosphere.  Also, there will be a prize for the winner!

Coptic Tunic costume contest

We welcome people from all lands, but would like to invite guests to participate in our Coptic Tunic contest.  For more information on Byzantine costume, please see:


One of the best ways to share a culture is to learn about what people did to entertain themselves while passing the time, so we will have a games table for you to enjoy.  If you would like to compete for a chance to win the beautiful handmade game boards that will be used for this event, join in the Tafl and Byzantine Chess competitions held by Her Ladyship Rhiannon Boyle.

Guild displays

Are you new to Aquaterra’s family?  Do you want to learn what there is to be experienced in our society, a little beyond the basics?  Come attend our exhibition of guild displays designed specifically to help those new to the group learn more about what our great barony has to offer and to remind others of areas they may have forgotten were available to explore!

We will even have Gold Key available to make it easier for those who are new to our family to come enjoy the feast!


Bards, do you like to entertain?? Then come to Aquaterra's Good Yule! Performers of all genre are welcome and we have space for musicians to set up and play, as well as a bardic stage, where you can entertain the gathered masses!  Performances do not have to fit our theme, just our society!

Ready for some friendly competition??  Come and tell us your best skaldic poem, with a historical or eulogic subject, detailing the deeds of the Baron of Aquaterra or the King of An Tir, in a Norse style. This will become a competition with prizes if enough interest is shown!

Bards are needed to fill time between noon and 9pm, with a break for court, on Saturday, December 1st, at Beautiful Savior Church in Everett. Please send the following information to Yvette du Coeur at

Modern Name:
SCA Name:
Performance type:
Time available:
Skald competition:

We look forward to enjoying your performances!

Giving at Good Yule!

This is the time of year for giving, so we are excited to offer many opportunities to give to both our SCA society and our modern one:
Our Silent Auction has been given voice!
HL Gideon Hravensfuri has agreed to run our auction! Proceeds will be split between the Raven Travel Fund and Aquaterra’s youth activities, so come ready to shop! If you would like to donate an item to be added to the auction, please let me know. We currently have people donating a game board, fingerless gloves, and desserts, but are happy to have a range of items!
Gold Key needs your donations!
Do you have garb you once loved, but your persona has grown out of? Has your fabric collection grown out of control? Then turn your overfilled closet into a donation to helping a newcomer take their first steps in the SCA! Aquaterra’s Gold Key will be accepting donations of fabric and clothes at this year’s Good Yule to help us build the stock in time for Ursulmas. Please bring your gently used, clean excess garb or fabric to HL Aenor de Pessac.
NEW! Toy drive for the USMC Toys for Tots program!
This year, along with the food drive, we are also pleased to have a toy drive for the USMC Toys for Tots program run by HL Pani Katarzyna Miloshova! The Toys for Tots program only accepts new, unwrapped toys. No realistic guns or weapons please. Gifts can be either for a boy or girl up to age 12. This is an amazing program that has helped to spread the joy of the Holiday season to thousands of kids who might not have received gifts if it wasn't for this program.
Food Drive
We will be hosting a Food Drive with Loftr’s help! If you can, please bring dry goods to the box by Gate to donate! Donations will be made to The Hands of Hope Food Bank - located and operated out of Lifepoint Church in Everett. From their website: The Hands of Hope is the largest food bank in south Everett serving over one-hundred families every month. It is a part of the Snohomish County coalition and receives weekly donations from several local businesses and churches. ere is a list of the dry goods they like to have on hand:
Baking Items including Flour and Salt
All-in-one meals including tuna, hamburger and chicken helpers
Mac & Cheese and Ramen Noodles
Pasta and Pasta sauce
Side dishes (Rice-a-roni, Pasta-roni)
Canned food of any kind: meat, fish, poultry, fruit, veggies, beans
Breakfast items (cereal, pancake mix, syrup, oatmeal)
Peanut butter
Dry beans
Rice (brown or white)
Baby food and diapers
Personal Items and Pet Food

Site Info:
Name: Savior Hall Lutheran Church
12810 35th Ave SE
Everett, WA 98208

Directions to Site:

On I-5, take exit 186 and turn right onto WA-96 E/128th St SW and go 2.3 miles. Turn left onto 35th Ave SE/Thomas Lake Rd and go .2 miles. Savior Hall at Beautiful Savior Church will be on the left at 12810 35th Avenue SE Everett, WA 98208.

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