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Honey War

June 17, 2011 to June 19, 2011
Glymm Mere

Olympia, Tumwater & Lacey, WA

Autocrat: Alaina Blackthorn device6985OP


For those of you who were not in attendance during evening court at May Faire, there is news that some may find shocking and will, hopefully, rally many to the defense of Glymm Mere.

As you probably know, Johann and I stepped up as Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere at May Faire. We inherited a healthy Barony and an amazing populace. We also feel that we were warmly welcomed by our neighboring cousins. Well….for the most part.

We received great words of wisdom and lovely gifts from the visiting Barons and Baronesses. The Barony of Blatha An Oir had other words for us, however. As we were being given gifts with one hand, we were being challenged by the other. There was an accusation of theft of honey! A challenge and an accusation within mere moments of our investiture!!

We, Baron Johann and Baroness Francisca would request a call to arms. It appears the wish for peace in our time is not to be. So, join with us and the Beevarian Company in defending our honor- and our honey.


So say we,

Baron Johann Matheusson and Baroness Francisca de Montoya

Merhcant Information:


10am Site opens for Merchants
12pm Site opens for Populace
Baron's Dusk Torchlight Prize Tourney


9am York Rounds Start
9:30am Newcomer's Meet & Greet - Court Pavilion
10am Morning Court w/ Champions Exhibition immediately following
11am Archery Range Open
11am Heavy and Rapier Lists Open and Scenarios Begin
11am Pied Piper Children's War Point Prep (TBA)
1pm Siege Cooking begins
1pm Children's War Point games begin (TBA)
2pm Brewing Judging
2pm A&S Judging
2pm Thrown Weapons until 5 pm
4pm Thrown Weapons Championship
4pm Siege Cooking Judging
4pm Archery Range Closes
6pm Evening Court
9pm Bardic Competition

9am Archery Championship Begins
1pm  Closing Court
3pm Site Closes

Site Fees

Site Fees: Camping Adults-$15, Youth 17 to 10- $10, Children under 10 FREE
Daytrip Adults- $10, Youth- $5
Make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Glymm Mere”


War Points

Champion's Exhibition - 2 Points
Come and see the champions of Glymm Mere and Blatha an Oir compete for the first war point given at Honey War! Our archery, heavy, rapier and thrown weapons champions as well as a five-man war band will compete against each other! The barony with the most winning champions will take the war points!

Heavy Scenarios - 8 points
Last man standing with archers (no res)
Zombie battle with archers
Bridge Battle with archers
Save the Sheep with Res. unlimited with archers

Siege Cooking - 2 points
Rules for Siege Cooking
-Three ingredients will be provided
-At least one ingredient will need to be begged, borrowed or traded for- from the opposing "team"
-No leaving site to purchase other ingredients; if it isn't already on site it doesn't exist
-Must use all of the provided ingredients (a little or a lot), however, not all ingredients must be in each dish; at least 2 of the four (the three provided and the one from the opposing force) must be in each dish if you are making more than one dish; if making only one dish, all four must be included
-Judges will be visiting camp during the cooking; please display everything you intend to cook with; both equipment and your own ingredients
-Bonus point for use of honey
Please contact Baron Johann and/or Baroness Francisca with any specific questions.

Archery - 8 points
York 1


Royal Round 1

NOvelty 1

Most Adult Shooters !

MOst Youth Shooters 1

Thrown Weapons:

Highest score 1

Most Throwers 1

Volunteers - 2 points
This event couldn’t happen without all of our wonderful volunteers! For each half hour of volunteer work you do you will receive a coin. Drop it in the box of the barony you are supporting. The barony who has the most coins before court on Saturday evening will be awarded the war points!

Rapier - 8 points

#1:  Roving tourney - (possibly with sherrif's if enough people) Each fighter (does His Excellency have the coins he was talking about?) has 5 tokens, they challenge eachother for the tokens when they find eachother (if the sherrif catches them fighting then they lose 2 tokens if they run out they are out of the tourney), each fighter has to have a second (either one of the fighters or someone else who will act as their "marshal"), the winner will be the one with the most tokens at the end of two hours;  This will be best on saturday afternoon
#2: Raid the Sheep Melee Scenario- In this we will have volunteer "sheep" from the fighters; these persons will act as rebellious sheep from the other side; These sheep are trying to escape and be taken back by their "owners" and the raiding party is attempting to take them back to their "home base" to sell and make money; the buyer can "haggle" the price; this will be done in two rounds one for each side timed at 20 min; the winner is the team with the most coin at the end of their time 7
#3: Blood of Heroes Scenario
A&S - 2 points
Bring your entries with a 3x5 card for documentation to the A&S
pavilion by 1pm. War points will be awarded to the winning entry and
the most entries entered.

Brewing – 2 points
Contestants will be judged on:
Clarity, color and texture:  Does the brew look like it's supposed to look?
Taste:  Does the brew taste like it’s supposed to taste? 
Presentation:  Is the brew in a period looking container or an overly modern one?  If it’s in a modern container, document why you chose that container over a more period one.
Documentation:  At the very least, what is it, who made it and a simple list of ingredients (don’t give us the recipe!  That’s your secret).  Is the recipe period, how long did it take to make, anything interesting you learned, etc.
Please drop off your entries at the A&S pavilion!



Site Info:
Name: Turner Brothers Ranch
10301 Highway 507
Rainier, WA 98576

Directions to Site:


Directions: From I-5 southbound: Take exit 109/Martin Way., Turn right onto Martin Way followed by an immediate left onto College St. follow College St out of Lacey (it will turn into Rainier Rd. in 3.6 miles.) Follow Rainier Rd. 10 miles to Binghampton Rd (HWY-507) and turn right. Follow HWY-507 2 miles outside of Rainier. Northwest Equestrian Center is on the right.

From I-5 northbound: Take Exit 88A/Tenino. Turn right onto Old HWY 99. Follow for 15 miles through Tenino. Northwest Equestrian Center is on the left

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