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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

Honor War

April 23, 2010 to April 25, 2010

Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID

Autocrat: Tova Fransdottir device6243OP


Stories tell of heated words this past fall in the Court of King Cedric, at Baron’s Ball.  Witnesses speak of Baroness Araviere of Wealdsmere accusing Baroness Stjarna of Wastekeep of stealing away her Courtiers.  Baroness Stjarna was heard to say that if the Baroness of Wealdsmere could not support Her courtiers, that Great Wastekeep would lend aid to them.  Tempers lit, both Great Ladies squared off before His Majesty, with strong words spoken and fur flying.  Even sage advice from His Grace Duke Gunnar Brunwulf could not stem the brewing conflict between the two mighty Baronies.


So does Baroness Araviere call to all good An Tirians to support Her bonds of fealty with Her Sergeantry.  And so does Baroness Stjarna call to all Her Sergeantry, current and Emeritus, and all supporters in An Tir, to address Her grievance against Baroness Araviere.  Thus do both aggrieved parties meet upon the lands of Lyonsmarche to settle their differences in an Honor War.




              Heavy War  -  scenarios:


              Rapier War


              Archery Championship


              A &S Championship


             Homebrew Championship


     Sunday:     Rapier Championship Tournament


Archery - Saturday contests include Honey Bee shoot, William Tell shoot, Swinging Vegetable shoot & a Royal Round.  You will find out at the range how our Archery Champion will be determined.


A &S Championship - One entry to enter.  You can enter as many entries as you want.  Please make it something that you have not entered before in the past.  Please bring your A&S projects completed or even if it is a work in progress.  Documentation is a plus.  Displays are really nice.  If you can give the judges a little presentation (what is the item, where in period was it made, when was it made/used in period, it's development, a little histoy, how you made it, how they made it in period, your deviations from period techniques, and why), then that is a huge plus.


Homebrew Championship - Again, one entry is all that it takes to enter.  One bottle per entry.  You may enter as many as you want.  The judges won't complain.  Beer, wine, mead, spirits, etc., etc.  Liquors are welcomed, but there is a preference for other types of entries.  Judging criteria will be based upon established tasting criteria (clarity if applicable, taste, aroma, etc., etc.)  Documentation is a plus, especially if you can show it is period.  That will earn bonus points.  If you have an A&S type presentation to go with your entry, then that will also earn bonus points.


Rapier Championship - Will be Sunday morning.  Details will be in the event copy on-site. 


Please note that our Lyonsmarche Bardic Championship, Cooking Championship, and Heavy Championship are now scheduled to be held at our Fall Newcomers event.


CLASSES: 1) Aodan from Wealdsmere will be teaching how to make Combat War arrows Saturday morning.

                      2) Please email Tova if you would like to teach any classes at Honor War.



Weekend: Ages 16 & up $15, 6-15 $7, 5 & under are free. Family cap $40.

Day fees:  $8 Adult, $3 Youth, and driver pays $4 day parking fee.

Saturday Day parking: If booth at front of park is closed, then pay day parking fee at SCA gate. 

Non-member NMS $3 fee applies.  Checks payable to COLLEGE OF LYONSMARCHE.  


AUTOCRAT:  Lady Tova Fransdottir (Diane Lillibridge)  1513 Airway Ave, Lewiston ID 83501

                          Phone: (C) 208-790-3335  or  (H) 208-743-8970;  Email:


Honor War Schedule


Friday, April 23th, 2010

2:00 pm             SITE OPENS


10:00 pm           QUIET TIME


Saturday, April 24th, 2010

9:00 am  Archery Range opens - or soon there after

9:30 - 10:30 am  Combat Arrow Making Class by Aodan


10:30 am  Heavy Armor inspection

11:00 am - 2:30pm  Heavy WAR


11:00 am – 3:00 pm  A&S and Homebrew entry drop off


2:30 pm  Rapier Armor inspection

3:00 - 4:30 pm  Rapier group battles / War


5:00 - 5:30 pm  Evening Court


Then Feasting and Merry Making in your encampments


10:00 pm           QUIET TIME


Sunday, April 25th, 2010


9:30 am  Rapier inspections start

10:00 am –Rapier Championship Tournament


Noon – Cabin checkout


2:00 pm - SITE CLOSES



MERCHANTS:  Please contact Tova so that I can figure out where to put your booth.  Remember that if you don't have an Idaho Vendor's license, then our Merchant Steward will have the appropriate paperwork for you.  


PARKING: Shuttle will be provided to outer non-fee parking lot as we have done in past years.  Cars remaining in C-loop must be careful to only parked in paved areas - meaning stay off the grass to make the park rangers happy.  If you absolutely want to keep your vehicle in the C-loop, then it is an extra $5.32 / night ($5 + tax).

DOGS: You all know how to camp with pets.  Please make sure they are happy and quiet for your neighbors and of course pick up after them.  Make sure your pets are upto date on shots and are wearing appropriate tags.

Please note this is a State Park so there are FLUSHIES and SHOWERS in the bathrooms in the camp site restrooms.

CABINS:  Cabins rent for $50 per night each plus Idaho State Sales Tax.  There is a $10 reservation fee.  Call the Reserve America at 1-888-922-6743 to make cabin reservations at Hells Gate State Park in Lewiston.


You can also rent these cabins online at


As of 4-19-10: the Locust, Maple, Ponderosa & Sycamore, as well as the Lewis & Clark cabins were rented, 2 cabins are still available.


4-21-10  Ponderosa cabin - if you are arriving after 4pm on Friday, then you need to email to let your friendly autocrat know that she has permission to pickup your cabin key.  Many thanks.

Camp Cabin Amenities: The one-room unit sleep up to five on bunk beds and futons - bring your own bedding. The cabins are equipped with electricity, heat and A/C, lockable windows and doors.  Cook outside on the grill-covered fire pit.  You can setup one tent outside of your cabin.  Central restrooms.  Each cabin includes parking for one vehicle.  Extra cars cost extra per night unless moved to the outer lot.

There are 8 cabins at Hells Gate. The 4 cabins nearest Honor War are located between the B & C camp loop are Locust, Sycamore, Maple, and Pondersa (closest to the C-loop - all have tree names).  The 3 cabins between the A & B loop are Sacajewea, Lewis and Clark (closest to the B-loop) and the furthest cabin in the middle of the A-loop is Tammany.  If you end up in one of these distant cabins, then you will want to drive back and forth between these distant cabins and Honor War in the C-loop.  Checkin is 3pm and checkout is Noon. 

Please email Autocrat and let me know which cabin you have reserved.  She will pickup your cabin key before the park office closes at 4pm on Friday so that you can get your cabin key as soon as you sign-in at our SCA gate.

Camp trailers or RVs -  The C-loop does not have any RV hook-ups.  If you park in the C-loop, then please park north of the bathrooms.  If you need/want electricity and water hook-ups, then these are available in the adjacent B-loop for an extra $10/night.  Please contact the autocrat so that she can reserve a spot.  You will still need to goto the C-loop SCA gate to pay.

Site Info:
Name: Hells Gate State Park
4832 Hells Gate RD
Lewiston, ID 83501

Directions to Site:

Google Maps below gives an excellent view of Hellsgate State Park at the south end of Lewiston.  We will be camping in the C-loop which is at the far south end of the park.  The war on Saturday will be fought in a large field south of our camp area. 

FROM WEST:  Make your best way to Clarkston WA along Rt 12.  Just after the golf course, turn right onto 15th St. Drive about 8-10 blocks to a big stop light intersection. Turn left onto Fleshman Way.  This will take you across a tall bridge.  Keep in the right lane and take the Snake River Ave Exit at the Idaho end of the bridge. Turn left onto Snake River Ave.  Turn Right into Hells Gate State Park


These directions will save you at least 5-10 minutes of driving and skip many traffic lights since you avoid driving through downtown Clarkston and much of Lewiston.  However if you miss the turn onto 15th St, then just drive straight through Clarkston on Bridge St, then go across the Snake River on the blue bridge in the right lane, at the end of the bridge immediately turn right into Lewiston Idaho and onto Snake River Ave, then just drive south until you reach Hells Gate State Park. 


FROM NORTH (US-95 or US-195):  Make your best way to Lewiston ID. From Spokane take US-195 South.  From northern Idaho US-95 South. At the bottom of the Lewiston grade merge onto US-12W on the ramp to Lewiston/Walla Walla to the Clearwater Bridge. On the Clearwater Bridge make sure that you are in the right lane so that you will follow US-12 W.  At the 18th St light by Black Sheep, turn Right onto the Levee/Dike Bypass which you will follow until it dead ends into Snake River Ave.  Turn Right and drive south until you reach Hells Gate State Park.


FROM EAST (US-12):  When you get to Lewiston, take the US-12 W / US-95 N ramp, continue straight onto US-12 / US-95 N, continue to follow US-12 W to the Clearwater Bridge. On the Clearwater Bridge make sure that you are in the right lane so that you will follow US-12 W.  At the 18th St light by Black Sheep, turn Right onto the Levee/Dike Bypass which you will follow until it dead ends into Snake River Ave.  Turn Right and drive south until you reach Hells Gate State Park.


FROM SOUTH (US-95):  Drive north to Lewiston, merge onto US-12 W, continue to Clearwater Bridge. On the Clearwater Bridge make sure that you are in the right lane so that you will follow US-12 W.  At the 18th St light by Black Sheep, turn Right onto the Levee/Dike Bypass which you will follow until it dead ends into Snake River Ave.  Turn Right and drive south until you reach Hells Gate State Park.

From the NORTH, SOUTH, or EAST:   If you miss the light at 18th St in Lewiston, then Main St will turn into D St. which will dead end into the west end of the Levee Bypass.  You would need to turn left onto the Levie Bypass and then the next right would be onto Snake River Ave and drive south until you reach Hells Gate State Park.

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