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July Coronation

July 15, 2011 to July 17, 2011

Skagit and San Juan Counties, WA

Autocrat: Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd & Rosamund of the Misty Meadows device16OP device395OP




Please join us in celebrating the reign of King Skeggi and Queen Taisiia and the coronation of their successors Crown Prince Thorin and Crown Princess Dagmaer. 

On Sunday, there will be the tournament to choose the next Kingdom Champion.


See the schedule below for activity times.


This event is being co-hosted by the Barony of Aquaterra and the Shire of Midhaven along with help from our friends from the Barony of Dragon's Laire, the Barony of Madrone and the Barony of Blatha An Oir.


The site is the Northern State Recreation Area at the corner of Hwy 20 and Helmick Road in Sedro-Woolley, WA.  The address is 25625 Helmick Road. This is 37 acres of flat grassy ground with a several acre wetland setback from Hwy 20 and facing onto Helmick Road. It is approximately ½ mile east of Sedro-Woolley and is less than 10 miles off Interstate 5.


Site will open at noon for merchant set-up and at 3:00 pm for all others.

The site is without water which means attendees must bring their own.

There are no trees/shade on site except for that which we bring with us. 

Marketplace Coordinator: Arontius of Bygelswade (M. Aaron Rogers) (360)307-0526     E-Mail:  Marketplace Applications are now closed. 


For RV Reservations (there are no RV hook-ups at this site): Baroness Arianne of Falconmoors (Ruth Janus) -


Handicapped assistance: HL Fionnghuala Friseil  (Fi MacKenzie) -


For site questions:  Lord Bryson McLachlan (Bryson McCloughen)  (360) 540-0921


DEADLINE for eric space and large group camping reservations is Friday, July 8th.  Contact:  HL Adeliza a Donyng (Diane Percefull)  (425) 330-5780


Waterbearing (provided by Blatha An Oir): Baroness Elspeth nic Grath (Beth Park) -


Sedro Woolley and area hotels:


Sedro Woolley Amenities List and the Minors Handout re at this link:



Site fee: 

            Adults (18 & over)      $15.00

            Youth (6 – 17 years)   $10.00

            Child  (5 & under)      Free

            Family Cap                 $50.00

$5.00 non member surcharge will be applied.
Make checks payable to "The Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc".

Or use ACCEPS to pre-register:



Fire Safety Rules
*Fire pits may be used on site with following restrictions: must be 18 inches off the ground,

  have water or extinguisher near by and if you have a mesh cover for them they need to be

*Ashes have to be removed from site, and can not be dumped in the dumpster.
*No tiki torches.
*Propane torches are allowed.
*All BBQs/stoves must be 18 inches or higher off of ground.


Other information

*All Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot after unloading.
*Site is pet friendly. You are responsible to keep your animal confined or leashed at all times and pick up after them.
*There are no hook ups for RV's. Generators use is limited to the hours of 8-10 a.m. and 3-5 p.m to ensure minimum disruption to attendees.  No tent camping in RV area and no RVs or trailers in the tent camping areas. 
*Please respect the people around you and their encampments.
*The ground may be uneven. Please be prepared if you have ankle, knee or walking difficulties.
*Quiet hours begin at 11:00 pm.  There is a limited quiet camping area east of merchant's row.

*There will be a dumpster near the entrance/exit - please help us clean-up the site quicker by dumping your trash at the dumpster on your way offsite.


SITE BOUNDARIES: The site boundaries will not be marked. The area to the west and south, over the berms, is protected wetlands and definitely off limits. There is also moving water bordering the site. It’s not terribly fast or deep, but appropriate precautions should be taken.  Please observe the geographic boundaries.

The north and east edges of the site are delineated by the walking trail that surrounds the area. The walking trail, however, goes behind the archery range and there will be caution tape to close access. There will also be caution tape to close access to the road and walkway to the barns. The old dairy barns are off limits per the site owners. If you are outside the boundaries you are no longer on SCA rented property and are trespassing.

*Please follow the site rules to help us make sure this site is available for future events.


 "Full site cries will go out on a schedule set by the herald in charge. If you have business for a cry, you must see the herald in charge at Herald's Point 30 minutes prior to a scheduled cry going out."





Site will open at noon for merchant set-up and at 3:00 pm for all others.

Vigils for Thorkel and Duncan and Bronwen


  7:00am - Town Cry

  8:00am - Chivalry Meeting

  9:00am - Town Cry

  9:00am - Pelican's Meeting

10:00am - Laurel's Meeting

10:00am – Squire’s Tourney

10:00am – Thrown Weapons & Archery fields open

10:00am - Youth Armored Combat fields open

10:00am – 4:00pm – Family Activities

11:00am – Artisan & Apprentices Display and Mimosa Social

11:00am - White Scarves meeting

11:00 am – Black Lion Herald’s Meeting * moved from Sunday

11:30am - 1:30pm  Lists open for Champion's Tournament on Sunday

12:00pm – Cadet’s Tournament to be followed by the White Scarf Invitational

12:00pm - OGGS meeting

12:00pm - Seneschal’s Meeting

  1:00pm - Town Cry

  1:00pm – Lunch break and prepare for Courts

  2:00pm - Final Court of Skeggi & Taisiia

      The Riderless Horse Ceremony will happen during this court.

  5:00pm - Coronation Ceremony

  6:00pm - First Court of Thorin & Dagmaer

  One hour after court ends (for 3 hours) – Aquaterra B&B Candidates Meet & Greet



 When it gets dark: Landed Champions Torchlight tourney



  7:00am - Town Cry

  8:30am - 9:30am - Lists open for Champion's Tournament  

  8:30am - Financial Committee Meeting

  9:00am - Curia

  9:00am – Costumer’s Guild meeting

10:00am - Champion's Tournament entrants present themselves to the Crown; followed by the tournament

10:00am – 2:00pm – Family Activities

10:30am – Tourney Garb Contest begins

10:30am – Sable Rose Rapier Tournament begin

10:30am - Thrown Weapons Marshal’s meeting

10:30am - Youth Combat events begin

11:00am - LoTR/LoVE Meeting

11:00am – Inter-Kingdom Sergeant’s Meeting

11:00am - Embellishers' Guild Meeting (followed by sit and stitch time)

11:00am – Thrown Weapons events begin

11:00am – Archery events begin

12:00pm – Noble Estate Meeting

12:00pm - Chatelaine's Meeting

  1:00pm – Rapier Perks Tournament

  1:00pm – Bookbinder’s Guild Meeting

All activities to stop for the quarter finals of the Champion's tournament

TBD - Final Court

6:00pm - Site closes (if everything is finished)

This is a list of the types of activities you can find at the Family Activities Pavilion: Active games include: stoolball, harpastum, stick-in-the-mud tag, monkey-in-the-middle, I Declare War, battledore, pillow jousting, fencing with noodle swords, hoop running, crack-the-whip.

Passive activities include: painting thank-you cards, coloring, calligraphy, salt dough bead necklaces, weaving, braiding, macramé, Viking whipcord, sewing pouches, kite-making.


Marketplace Listing

* Autumn Creek - - Toys.

* The Blackend Buzzard - Feast gear.

* Burnt Village Wares - Norse Period wares including clothes, jewelry, books, feast gear, games, weapons and armor. Also archery, thrown weapons equipment, some heavy fighter armor and rattan.

* The Cat And Candle - Jewelry, books, flower crowns, liripipe hoods, hennins for children, coifs and arming caps, token pins.

* Cinphire Custom Candles - Custom poured candles in a variety of scents and colors.

* The Creativity Works - Clothing and accessories for adult and child alike. Mainly early period Mid to North European with the occasional late Period piece.

* Dark Ages Games - Medieval games.

* Dragon's Den - Handcrafted (beaded) jewelry, garb, and trinkets.

* Dream Visions - Leather rams, shoes, wool fabric, and some beads.

* Earthy Creation's - Hand thrown pottery and jewelry.

* Edward the Smith - Hand forged metal objects.

* Eviless - Stash - Boffers, oils, incense, boxes, and other treasure.

* Gaean Allusions Pottery - Utilitarian pottery.

* Gifts From Atlantis - Imported wooden boxes, wood puzzles, figurines, scarves, stirling silver jewelry (pendants and earrings), SCA stickers, and more.

* The Hat Lady of An Tir - - All period, all handmade in An Tir - Coats, hats, tunics, leg wraps.

* Hawk and Dove Leather Craft - Leather crafts.

* Lady Lorelie's - Beads, jewelry, and some garb.

* Lori's and Quentin's Home Candles - Hand-dipped bees wax tapers, palm wax pillar candles, and soy joy candles.

* Michael Tinker Pearce - Swords, knives, daggers. All handmade.

* Pastiche, Inc. - Fabrics, bocka trim, etc.

* Red Troll Forge - Blacksmith, ironwork, and custom blades.

* Redwolf - Jewelry, cups, and pewter pins.

* Shaughnessy's - Glassware, flasks, jewelry, and decals.

* Sitkum Arts - Embroidered hats and accessories, banners, custom heraldry. Period pottery.

* Tigre Celtique - Leather pouches and belts, plain and tooled. Handwoven inkle loom trim.

* Whitebird Artisans - Knitted items, bags, hoods, jewelry, and wooden boxes.

* Wyevern Mercantyle - Jewelry, wooden combs, lucets and lucet instruction book, capes, belt pouches, hats, etc.


Limited no conflicts allowed

Site Info:
Name: Northern State Recreation Area
25625 Helmick Road
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Directions to Site:

From I-5 Northbound or Southbound:


Take the Cook Road exit (exit 232) towards Sedro Woolley (heading east)

Turn Left onto WA-20/North Cascades Hwy/WA-9

Continue to follow WA-20

Turn Left onto Helmick Road

25625 Helmick Road in on the Left.


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