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This event has already happened, and this information is here for historical purposes. Any contact Information is not valid for current events!

June Faire

June 01, 2007 to June 03, 2007
Dragon's Laire

Kitsap & N Mason Counties, WA

Autocrat: Arontius of Bygelswade device525OP

June Faire XXV (2007)     Barony of Dragon's Laire
June 1-3, 2007               Port Gamble, WA

Their Excellencies Cedric Wlfraven and Brighid Ross, and the people of Dragon's Laire, invite you to join Them in celebrating June Faire's Silver Anniversary. The 25th Anniversary shall feature the 'Champion of June Faire Prize Tournament' in both heavy armor and rapier, as well as archery, thrown weapons and equestrian activities. The Marketplace will be grand and glorious! Bards and period entertainment will abound. The Arts and Sciences Community will put on a grand showing.

This is our annual Demo to the public; please show off your best for the Moderns who attend.

Volunteers are URGENTLY needed to help support June Faire activities. It does not matter how little you think you know, we can use your help. It does not matter if all you can contribute is a couple of hours, your help will be sincerely appreciated! Please contact the June Faire Volunteer Coordinator, Mistress Gwen the Potter at

We are looking for Artisans to demonstrate their crafts at the Arts and Sciences Courtyard (located near the Wedding Pavilion this year). Come and show the SCA and our modern guests your skills as an Artisan. If you’d like to join in the fun, please contact the Arts and Sciences Ministers for June Faire, THL Mad Malcolm and THL Katiana, who can be reached at .

The following Artisans have already volunteers to demonstrate and display for June Faire: The Pewter Casters; Ronald Ducat - Pysanky eggs and chain maille; Missa Hendrich - a display of soaps that she makes; Master Grendal – forge work; Alanus and Lady Jorunn - an ‘Everyday Viking Life’ display; the Dragon’s Laire Culinary Guild; the Kingdom Lampworkers Guild; the Kingdom Moniers Guild; THL Raffaella - Venetian hairstyling; Thorfinn - bowstring making; as well as many spinners and weavers who will be advertising their crafts.


Tables will also be set up with static displays; a Laurel's table; the Baron's and Baroness' prize table; some separate works which will display a progression from materials to finished product in leaded stained glass, metal jewelry making, and possibly some basketry. THL Katian is also working on silk painting some of the devices in the Barony.

The Artisans of the Kingdom (through the efforts of our Prize Coordinator, THL Renart) have already donated the following prizes towards June Faire: Master Andras - 1 dozen hand made arrows; Lord Eadric de Lonestone - Drinking Horn; THL Skadi of Three Trees – ‘Gunnister’ coin purse(s); THL Ataliana de Segna - hand knit stockings; THL Katiana Pomfilova - 8 yards Card Weaving; Marquessa Laurellen and Dame Ellen Fraser  – ‘Ruffs & Cuffs’ set; Mistress Gwen the Potter - pottery feast gear for 2; Lady Anne - machine embroidered pouches; Lord Oliver Tarney - leather belt pouch; Master Ralg – several wood turned items; THL Arion the Wanderer - Scythian repousse design in brass; THL Aelianora de Wintringham – Covered buttons; THL Kassandra of Dragon’s Laire – Oak bound book; THL Mariette Devienne – Banners and flgs; Lady Sophia Francesca Bruno – Lampworked beads; HE Cedric Wlfraven – Norse wire weaving bracelet / necklace . If you’d like to contribute YOUR art-work to this worthy endeavour, please contact the June Faire prize coordinator, THL Renart the Fox, at

The latest, full and expanded, schedule of combat can be found on the June Faire web-site (identified below). There will be six erics of activity on top of the hill this year! Come and watch the fun and feel the thrill of the fight!

On Saturday, the following is scheduled to take place: an armored double elimination tourney on four erics (in the morning), an armored ‘5 on 5 melee’ (hosted by House Wolfstan) on two erics (in the afternoon), a rapier melee tourney on two erics (in the morning), and a rapier double elimination tourney (in the afternoon). When erics are vacated, fights who wish can work with the marshals on ‘1 on 1’ pick-up fighting for both armored and rapier.

On Sunday, the following is scheduled to take place: the ‘Dragon Meat (Armored) Tourney’ on two erics (in the morning), the ‘Dragon Claw (Rapier) Tourney’ on two erics (in the morning), and a ‘Bounty Tourney’ for both the armored and rapier fighters in the afternoon.

Come one, come all to shop in the finest Medieval Marketplace this area has to offer. Skilled artisans come from far and wide to show and sell their finest wares at this event.  This year we have three separate marketplaces.  Atop the hill you will feel like you have just stepped back into time as you shop amidst period pavilions with the fighting fields and clank of armor just a stone’s throw away.  Down the hill you will find food vendors galore and additional merchants scattered throughout.  To make your shopping experience complete, a third marketplace (near the Post Office) will be filled to the brim with the Food Court and even more merchants.  If you have been waiting to find that perfect trim, garb that fits, armour, swords, castle décor or accessories suitable for your persona, plus much, much more, this is the event you do not want to miss for all your medieval shopping needs!

SITE ADDRESS: 1 View Way, Port Gamble, WA, 98364.

HOURS: Friday 10AM to Sunday 5PM; public hours, Saturday 10AM-5PM; Sunday, 10AM-3PM.

FEES: Weekend fees are $10 per adult (18+) and $5 per minor 5-17; under 5 are free. Modern Family Cap of $30. Day trip fees are $7 per adult (18+) and $5 per minor 5-17. Modern Family Cap of $20. Member discount of $3 has been applied to these prices. Make checks payable to 'SCA Inc., Barony of Dragon’s Laire'. PRE-REGISTRATION IS ENCOURAGED (WITH REDUCED RATES)! Deadline for pre-registration is May 11th. Please see the June Faire Web-Site for more information,



SITE INFORMATION: Site is dry during public hours, discreetly wet after hours. Pets OK, owners must clean up pet treasures. We must have the site cleared by 9pm Sunday.

AUTOCRAT TEAM CHAIRMAN: Master Arontius of Bygelswade [M. Aaron Rogers]; 470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98310-8917; 360-307-0526; (E-MAIL PREFERRED, AND FASTEST, FORM OF COMMUNICATION).

DIRECTIONS TO SITE: From Tacoma: I-5 North or South to Hwy. 16 (Exit # 132). Take Hwy. 16 which turns into Hwy. 3 North at Gorst. Stay on Hwy. 3 North all the way towards Hood Canal Bridge. At the bridge, Hwy. 3 turns into Hwy. 104 (do not cross bridge). Follow Hwy. 104 to site. From the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry: take Hwy. 104 out of town and follow to intersection with the Texaco station. Turn right and continue on Hwy. 104 to site.

Site Info:
Name: Port Gamble- Olympic Property Group
1 View Way
Port Gamble, WA 98364

Directions to Site:

From Tacoma: I-5 North or South to Hwy. 16 (Exit # 132). Take Hwy 16 which turns into into Hwy. 3 North at Gorst. Stay on Hwy. 3 North all the way towards Hood Canal Bridge. At the Bridge HWY 3 turns into 104 (do not cross bridge). Follow HWY 104 to site. From the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry: Take hwy 104 out of town and follow to intersection with the Texaco. Turn right and continue on 104 to site.

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