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Chirurgeons (Public)
An Tir, Kingdom, WA, OR, Western ID, BC, AB, SK, NT, YK

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Welcome to the An Tir Chirurgeons list. This is a place where the Chirurgeonate (IE first-aiders who hold a warrant in the Society for Creative Anachronism) and those interested in Chirurgeonate issues, can meet and discuss topics of interest. The primary focus of this list is the Chirurgeonate in An Tir. Our purpose is to facilitate communication; to raise issues of concern; to answer questions; and to try to help each other do our jobs better. Part of the purpose of this list is to help us find each other and to get to know each other. readers may not entirely understand the examples given. One last bit. Flames will be subject to the application of a large rolled up newspaper to the nose on the first offence, and the party or parties involved will be invited to take their spat elsewhere. After that they will not be given the option: IE they will be removed from the list. With all that in mind, please come and join us!

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