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An Tir, Kingdom, WA, OR, Western ID, BC, AB, SK, NT, YK

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Administrator: Rauthulfr Meistari inn Orthstori Gothi

This list will serve anyone who holds an office in any of the guilds and wishes to chat with other guild officers about admin issues. It allows officers of any guild contact with the A&S Guild-Deputy, while at the same time sharing issues so that other guilds (who probably have the same concerns) not have to reinvent the wheel. In essence this list serves as an administrative link between all those involved in Guild Activities within An Tir, its regions,
and local branches. It is a place to ask for ideas, and to share them.

This list serves all Guild officers at whatever level by providing an open forum. Naturally this is not a place for dispute resolution, flaming or non-guild admin notices. It is monitored by the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Guild-Deputy who can be reached at .

You can subscribe to this mailing list at the Missives site.

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