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Guide to the Reign

Our Courts

In the society much of what needs to be seen to be done is done at court. We have everything from proposals of marriage to elevations to peerage. It is Our firmly held belief that there are some of Our subjects who love court. It is also Our firmly held belief that there are some of Our subjects who do not. At large events especially, court can be very long and tedious, and thereby lose much of its theatre and magic. So in an effort to please everybody all the time, We have directed Our Royal Herald to arrange court business into two main areas: We will have two types of court.

The first is High Court. This is the court with the most formal and polite atmosphere. Here, the great events of State will occur. This is where Awards will be given, Peers elevated, Branches will make petitions or presentations, or be given new status, Proclamations of Law made and Official Royal Business carried out. The assembled populace will be expected to comport themselves in the especial dignity reserved for solemn occasions. This court will be presided over by the Crown, attended by their Champions, and retinue.

The second kind of court will be much more informal in nature. It may be simply an autocrat's assembly, or may be presided over by one or both of their Majesties. We are calling this the Announcement Court. Here will be all the items of business which do not necessarily require Royal attention, but should be announced in a public forum. Squire/Protege/ Apprentice ceremonies, event announcements, general announcements, TWITS and WOAWS, and other forms of fun and silly shtick, raffles, prize winners, will all be slated for this court. Announcement court will always precede High court and there may sometimes be a break between them. This divided style of court will only be used if the court is likely to be lengthy, primarily at large events.

The reasoning behind all this is simple. Some people want to see everything in court and not miss a minute, others just want to see their friends get an Award or their branch be recognized. With this system, there will be a clear division between the solemnity of High court and the informal gathering feeling of an announcement court. People who want to just attend just one or the other can do that, and not need to sit through hours of what doesn't interest them. Also, We feel strongly that the feeling of dignity of a formal court is a more suitable and realistic setting for Royal business. We also believe that the giving of awards to Our subjects is one of the most pleasurable aspects of being Crown and the High court should be joyous as well as solemn. Having dignity does not necessarily mean no fun. We will be using "Ave", which means "Hail" in latin, to hail the nobles in court during Our reign, and would encourage the populace to congratulate those so honored loudly and happily.

If you have business for court, you will need to submit it to Our Royal Herald who will probably be able to tell you which court your business will be heard in. After he has compiled all the submissions, he will bring them to Us, and We will make the final decisions on placement. It is then your responsibility to seek him out to find when your item will be heard. Please be aware that not all business will make it to court at all, but with the inclusion of a less formal style of court, it may be possible to include more.

It is also Our desire to be available for introductions for members of the populous who would like to do so. If you wish to be presented or to present someone to Us, please approach a member of Our Royal retinue to arrange this. If you would seek an audience with the Crown either formally or informally, then again approach a member of Our retinue who will refer you to Our Chancellor or Chamberlains who will arrange an appointment.

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