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Guide to the Reign


Darius is a Duke of An Tir, he has reigned twice before. During those previous reigns he was intrumental in the creation of the Patronage and of the Noble Estate. It was in his last reign that he formed a treaty with the Kingdom of Ansteorra to adopt the Order of the White Scarf for An Tir. He has put renewed emphasis on fealty during all of his reigns, with an effort to better reflect a period model. He is currently Patron of two groups, the shire of the Eisenmarche, and the shire of Ramsgaard. His most memorable event was his first in AS XV, when Strider and Catherine, then King and Queen of the West, came to Borealis. At was at this event that he recieved his first Award of Arms.

Darius' persona is based in the early sixth century of Britain, he and his family and household have an estate near Glevum, where they try to keep the best qualities and ideals of the Roman era alive, in the face of the onrushing dark ages. He and his Lady try to forge a truce between that which is Roman in origin and that which is British. Bred of Patrician blood, but born on the Island outpost, after the Romans started to pull out, Darius is happy to make his home in Britain, with his Celt lady beside him.

Morgaine is from the tribe of the Brigantes , who ruled a large kingdom in the north surrounding Eboracum, later known as Jorvik or York. She now lives in the South with her Lord, in their villa, surrounded by their household, and holdings. Darius has a son, Corvyn, now nearly seven. Morgaine has a son, Jared, who is nearly six. They have a son together, Darius II, who has recently turned two, at the winter solstice, just one day after his father's natal day. Morgaine was active in offices in her local shire, and her idea of the dream are those 'magic' moments when you can really believe you are a part of the past. She has many memorable events, most recently September Crown and 3YC. Possibly still her favorite though, was a stand-up cocktail party style of revel at a wonderful old house in Wealdsmere a number of years ago. The autocrat was Baron Gwilym Moore, and Duke Gunnar and Duchess Gabrielle hosted the King and Queen. The house itself was a perfect setting as it was far easier to suspend disbelief when there weren't basket-ball hoops over your head. Her Majesty remembers a gentleman called Watt giving a slide presentation in an upstairs room on this wonderful place that became the University of St.Hildegard.

On a more personal note, Darius loves all things Roman and Romano-British, and likes a good political discussion. He is an avid history buff, and wargamer. Games of strategy and skill appeal to him, and his secret vice is Magic cards. His Majesty is a gourmet cook, and enjoys recreating recipes from Apicius, and other period Italian dishes. His favorite flavours are chocolate and almond, coffee, and marzipan. He enjoys working in wood and leather. His personal badge is a black phoenix arising from red flames. His colors are black, red and silver/white.

Her Majesty is a lover of beautiful things and a great supporter of the arts and sciences. She has placed a heavy emphasis on the Bardic arts during this reign, and hopes to see and hear many wonderful performances. She also appreciates fine costuming, and is interested in talking to others with a love for early period garb. She places a strong emphasis on family, and the importance of integrating children into the SCA. Morgaine has worked with the textile arts all her life, and has or wants to dabble in most of them before she's through. Her favorite things are; coffee, fabric, vanilla, amber, and cobalt blue glass. Her personal badge is a crescent moon, usually silver, facing right, like a 'c'. Her colors are black, red, silver and gold.

Modernly, Darius works as a vocational support worker with the mentally handicapped, and Morgaine does custom seamstress work for the entertainment industry, most notably on such productions as "Legends of The Fall", "The X-Files" and "Highlander".

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