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Guide to the Reign


We believe that recognizing those subjects worthy of reward is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of the job. It is also a solemn responsibility. It is also a responsibility when you recommend someone to Their Majesties, as you place the weight of your word behind what you endorse about them.

It is to this end that We forward this article to aid gentles in making recommendations to the Crown.

  • Be sure to include the gentle's society name, along with a phonetic pronunciation if the name is unusual. Make sure spelling is accurate.
  • List all the reasons why you believe this gentle is worthy of reward, please include any awards that this person may have recieved in the past.
  • Please try to limit your recommendations to one person per page. The reason for this is when the letters are recieved, after they are noted, the letters themselves will go into separate files.
  • It is advisable to include the name of the branch that this person is from in your letter, and the events this person is likely to attend, during the reign.

Since it is a serious and formal petition to the Crown, We believe that recommendations are more suited to the "old-fashioned" approach, than through using electronic mediums to recommend others. We will not however ignore or place less value upon missives recieved in this fashion, but encourage those who would like to recommend others to send us the best recommendation you can, on paper, and to make it as wonderfully period as possible. This avenue of communication certainly does have it's merits, and having a recommendation arrive in a very timely fashion, can be beneficial in some cases.

Any person of any rank may make a recommendation for any award, even the Peerages. We do not feel it inappropriate for gentles to recommend their own Lords or Ladies.

It is of especial concern to Us that all of Our subjects receive the praise that they deserve, and We entreat all of you to seek out those who have been overlooked in the past, and bring them to Our attention. Look about you and see those who make the extra effort for others, and take the time yourself to make an extra effort on their behalf.

During Our reign, We shall be handing out hand calligraphed and individually illuminated scrolls to the recipients of awards. These will not be the kind of charters that have been given out during recent years, but completely original and unique works. For authenticity, they shal be scribed in Latin, and calligraphed translations will be provided with each one. This is a fairly ambitious undertaking and all gentles who are interested in producing a scroll for this reign should contact our Royal Scribe or Our Chief Illuminator. These gentles are noted in a separate section of this Guide We would like to sincerely thank Lord Lucius Cornelius Asper for the tremendous effort he undertook in translating all the texts into Latin. Propino tibi salutem!

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