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September Crown Curia



Curia Minutes 9/3/06

In Attendance: HRM King Amalric, HRH Princess Signy, HH Prince Tjorkill of the Summits, HH Princess Sylva of The Summits, and HH Princess Ksenia of Tir Righ,

Meeting began 10:07 AM

HRM King Amalric – He stated that at Pennsic he had spoken with Master Aaron Swiftrunner, the Society Seneschal and Viscount Sir Donnan, a member of the Board of Directors, and neither the Crowns nor the Board of Directors enjoy people jumping the chain of command. Please follow the direct lines of the grievance procedure.

HRM King Amalric request that people with a grievance follow this procedure and do not escalate the situation. Let us all act like the adults that we are.

HRH Princess Signy states that she hopes that Baroness Ula is still her friend, and comments “It seems so long since I have sat among you.” Much merriment ensued.

Seneschal - Viscountess Nadezhda reports that things are going “pretty well”. There are some new reporting issues coming down the line.

Exchequer – Master Pyotr reports that the Kingdom is financially healthy, however the Raven travel fund could use an influx of money.

Master Pyotr requests that if anyone having checks from the Kingdom, please cash them.

Earl Marshal – Meistari Duncan reports that the society combat rules re-write is completed! He is setting up a committee to revise the Kingdom ABC’s. His goal to complete the revision is 12th Night. Meistari Duncan reminds all that if there is something in the current ABC’s that needs addressed please contact him.

Meistari Duncan states that there is a need for a new Youth Combat Officer. He thanks Jaul Ulfred for all of his hard work.

Meistari Duncan reports the tournament went well yesterday with 104 in the lists. He thanks the Marshalls for their efforts.

Meistari Duncan states that he will be stepping down at July Coronation, and will be looking for a replacement.

HRM King Amalric had a question regarding the rules change. In regards to more Physical contact allowed between fighters.

Meistari Duncan explained that “You can press with a shield now and you can press with a shaft of a spear or pole arm. It is a more historical style.” HRM King Amalric stated that he is pleased that the rules have changed to comply with the way things are being done.

HRM King Amalric welcomed HH Princess Ksenia into Curia. She reported Tir Righ is healthy and will be holding their Coronet Tourney in two weeks.

Equestrian Marshal - Master Togrul Guiscard reports that since he took office there have been 10 events with equestrian activities. We have 35 new authorized riders including HRM King Amalric. He reports that there are 4 new marshals authorized and 2 more close.

Master Togrul states that he has implemented a new training book. This provides one place for all the required signatures. Other Kingdoms are interested in this new system.

Master Togrul requests Their Royal Majesties approval to make 2 changes in the An Tir Book of Horse.

  1. An addition stating that an Equestrian Marshal must be on site to have horses present.

  2. The elimination of the requirement for a 6 month waiting period to take a test.

HRM King Amalric stated “You have it!”

Master Togrul stated that the 2nd Kingdom Equestrian Championship will take place later today, and as of Friday September 1st, the An Tir Equestrian Program is off of probation.

There was much rejoicing. Both HRM King Amalric and HRH Princess Signy offered their thanks to Master Togrul for all his hard work.

HRM welcomed HH Prince Tjorkill and HH Princess Sylva into Curia, and commented on Prince Tjorkill’s “spiffy” armor.

HH Prince Tjorkill reported that things are doing fairly well in The Summits, and that They hope to resolve current issues. His Highness stated that things may get worse before they get better, but that over-all the Principality is strong.

Black Lion Herald – Lord Christopher Thomas reports that he wishes to thank the Heralds especially Duchess Jacyntha, the Dexter Gauntlet Herald, for her work on updating the OP. He requests to the Kingdom Officers that if they are going to sponsor or run a tournament to please let the heralds know in advance so that they can properly staff the activity.

Lord Christopher will be working with both changes in Kingdom Law, and the Kingdom Ceremonial.

Minister of Arts and Sciences – Master Rauthulfur reports that the Guild village concept at July Coronation was a great success. Kingdom Bardic approaches and plans are underway. Master Rauthulfur states that work is being done on the request to combine Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship and Kingdom Bardic Championship.

Chronicler – Master Arontius reports that things are running well. Dame Fearga is getting up to speed and reporting from the Summits is getting better. Avacal now has a new Chronicler, L Al-Sayidah Umm Bishr Fatimah Amatallah Bint Dirir Al-Qurtobiyyah.

Master Arontius states that An Tir has received a Black Fox Award for Best Cover Art.

Master Arontius reiterated his intentions to extend his warrant for 1 year, and requested that Their Majesties sign the Roster Warrant for the Chronicler’s office.

Chirurgeon – HL Tvorimir Danilov reports. HL Tvorimir reminds all that while there is no An Tir Handbook for the Chirurgeonate, it is an accepted convention within the Kingdom Chirurgeonate that one channel on the radios is set aside for their use.

The change in the titles used by Chirugeons is official and is as follows:

Chirurgeon-in-Training, Chirurgeon, Mentor Chirurgeon, Chirurgeon Emeritus.

HL Tvormir states that if anyone has an issue with any Chirurgeon to please contact their superior, all the way up to His Lordship. He recommends that Crier as a good tool to find out the contact information.

Kingdom Scribe – HL Turrien reports that all is good in the scribal world. The new Scribal Handbook should be completed by 12thNight.

Constable – Master Iaun reports that the Constable’s Handbook is being re-written. Master Iaun will send a copy to Their Royal Majesties.

Minister of Children – HL Candice reports there have been many Pied Piper activities at this season’s Crown Events. She complimented HL Nimue, the Kingdom Pied Piper, on a fantastic job! She states that their will be Pied Piper activities at 12thNight.

HL Candice states there is a new Preceptor of Pages, and that this good gentle shows great enthusiasm for the job. HL Candice also reports that the website will be updated shortly.

Minister of Games – HL Tewl Gover states that reporting is improving and there is an e-group for those interested in games. He reports that more events are hosting games and game competitions.

Kingdom Events Deputy – HL Anneka reports that bids have been received from Wealdsmere and Vulkanfeldt, but she needs more time to analyze each bid.

She reminds all Kingdom Event Autocrats that monthly reports are mandatory.

Event Reports –

September Crown – HL Quentin reports that the event is going well, with 1350 people signed in at gate.

Kingdom Bardic Championship- Tsuruko Sensei reports that plans are underway. She states that there is some construction at the site, and that this may impact handicap parking, but should not be a real problem for the event.

12thNight- HL Renart reports that things are going well with the event.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship is scheduled to be held in the Shire of Mountain’s Edge.

HRH Princess Signey wished to thank Dragon’s Laire for all of it’s hard work this past Tourney season.

Meeting adjourned approx 11:15 AM.


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