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September Crown Curia



September Crown Curia Minutes 9-5-05
In Attendance: HRM King Uther, HRM Queen Angharad, Prince Berek and Princess
Liesl of the Summits.
Meeting began at 10:05 AM
Exchequer: HL Sarah stated that 10:00 AM is an excellent time for Curia! A
joyful noise ensued.
Canadian reporting is at about 70% in compliance now, and the Society Exchequer
is pleased.
Us Branch reporting  HL Sarah has given 30-day extensions to several branches.
She still needs to hear from Bearwood, Stromgaard, and the Madrone Culinary
Guild. In The Summits, Terra Pomaria and Southmarch still need to contact her as
Disaster Fund-raising  SCA groups may give donations to other non-profit
organizations such as The Red Cross.  If SCA funds are sent or donated to other
SCA groups this money must be spent on SCA items, and not for personal.
HRM Queen Angharad reminded everyone that a good way to make a personal donation
is to purchase a gift card.
HRM Queen Angharad spoke about an adopt-a-branch program that is being
discussed. She will have more information at a later date.
HL Sarah requested that all branch seneschals either become familiar with, or at
the least, read the Kingdom Financial Policy.
HL Sarah requested a meeting with the Heralds regarding a check that they had
requested.  She also asked for more information about a check request for
re-imbursement of the materials for the childrens horse activities. HL Candace
stated that she would meet with HL Sarah and provide the final amounts needed.
Master Pyotr spoke about NMS reporting. There was good news and bad news. The
good news is that the Kingdom of An Tir has 100% reporting of NMS for the first
quarter of 2005. The bad news is that there are still 30 submissions outstanding
for events in 2003-2004 and the rest of 2005. Master Pyotr requested that all
the branches get caught up as soon a possible. He is starting to get heat from
Corporate, and that heat will be passed on to the branches.
Earl Marshall: Master Duncan reports that all is good within the Marshalette.
There were a few issues after An Tir/West War but those issues have been
resolved.  There is a new society Earl Marshall, and this will facilitate the
updating of the Kingdom ABCs.
Lists: HRM King Uther congratulated HL Alessandra on an exceptionally well run
and organized tournament. A joyful noise ensued. HL Alessandra stated that there
are 1,076 authorized fighters in An Tir. 91 of who fought in the Crown
Tournament. The Crown Tournament lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes using the list
system from the West Kingdom. Duke Sven was victorious, inspired by Duchess
HL Alessandra reported that there were 16 competitors for Kingdom Protector and
17 entrants for the Kingdom Equestrian Championship.
HL Alessandra stated that she will continue to accept the 2-year authorizations
thru January, but that the 3-year cards will be official after that.
Equestrian Marshall: HL Agelos reports An Tir is now considered the quiet
Equestrian Kingdom. An Tir currently has the largest equestrian community in the
known world, most riders, marshals, and events. There have been no incidents,
issues, accidents, or injuries since July Coronation.
HL Agelos states that he intends to continue to promote equestrian activities
Kingdom wide, and in particular mounted archery.
Herald: Lord Christopher reports that things are going well with the heralds. He
is currently seeking a contingency deputy. Laurel Queen at Arms has requested
that someone in the Kingdom put together a back-up bid for the Known World
Heraldic Symposium since the present bid is in a Kingdom directly affected by
Hurricane Katrina.
 Chronicler: HL Arontius states that the publications in the Society are slowly
moving from paper to electronic, but it is a very slow process. The new
advertising protocols begin in January.
HL Arontius says reporting is getting better at this point, and that finances
for this office are doing well. An A&S edition of the Crier will be out in
HL Arontius had HL Valerian speak about her new position as the Publications
Deputy. She reminded all Kingdom officers that all handbooks must go through the
Chroniclers office to be published. HL Valerian reported that a review of
Kingdom Law is ongoing and should be ready for publication at 12th Night.
Chirugeon: HL Torvimir reports that the number of Chirugeons is improving, esp.
in the principalities along with the moral of the group,
HL Torvimir spoke about the Disaster Relief programs that could affect the
Kingdom. He stated that 2,000 refugees were supposed to arrive in the Seattle
area within the week. He urged everyone to donate to the Red Cross, who need
both monetary donations, and donations of man-hours.
HL Torvimir states that the Chirurgeon General is encouraging us  to host the
Known World Chirurgeons Symposium.
(update added 9-12-05) Refugees refused to take any plane evacuations, fearing
difficulty returning afterward. Only a few hundred refugees here, w/
friends/family.  Funds still needed for larger sheltering in the South.  Also,
The Chirurgeon General has given us her blessing to host KWCS on the first
weekend of the An Tir 4YC celebration
Constable: HL Dane Lonewolf reports for Master Olafr. There is now an on-line
constabulary class available. This class was created to give more access and
ease the burden on the constabulary teaching staff.
Minister of Children: HL Candace reports that HL Nimue has been named Kingdom
Pied Piper, that there is an applicant for the Preceptor or Pages, and there are
4 new branch College of Pages.
HL Candace stated that she is still trying to recover the files from Katrina Von
Salsburg, the previous Minister of Children, and is very frustrated with the
HL Candace states that the first ever graduate of the College of Pages, a child
that has been through the entire program, will occur at 12th Night. A joyful
noise ensued. Also at 12th Night, there will be a youth combat activity.
HL Candace acknowledged the help of Amise, and thanked her for all the
assistance rendered.
Events: Baroness Khalja announced that this Curia will be her last, and that HL
Annika will be taking over the position of Kingdom Events Coordinator. Autocrats
for the next 4 events were present to report:
Kingdom Bardic Competition  HL Ula reported that everything is going well. She
has been coordinating with Mistress Isolde, and looks forward to seeing everyone
in 3 weeks.
12th Night  HL Penelope states that 12th Night is progressing well, there is
lots of information on the website. Reservations have been coming in, there are
about 50 rooms left on the original contract. More rooms reserved will result in
lower costs for the event.  There is a ball on Friday evening with a heraldic
costume contest.
Kingdom A&S  HL Eileen reports that a walk thru of the site was conducted last
weekend. We have at this time exclusive use of the hotel. Information about the
event is on the website.
May Crown- Mistress Olivia reports that the event will be at the fair grounds in
Moses Lake, WA. The site comes with buildings and showers. A joyful noise
ensued. She states that people are in place, and she will be discussing plans
with Their Royal Highnesses.
Baroness Khalja wished to remind all autocrats to check on the required Comps.
These include All Royalty, Kingdom Champions and Great Officers.
Calendar: Master Pyotr stated that he would be stepping down in the next year.
He also wished to compliment the Principalities on a great job coordinating with
the Calendar.
Scribe: There have been a record number of awards given out. The Scribes have
gone through three years worth of paper in the last year. This is creating a
budget issue that will be addressed. The position of Royal Scribe will be
changed from a Kingdom office to a position on Their Majesties Retinue.
Arts & Science: Master Gordon Redthorn reports that he participated in the walk
through for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship and he liked the site. He
invited HRM Uther to make a trip up from the West in March to attend the event.
Master Gordon stated that he had it on good authority that the Viking Longship
may be in attendance at the event.
Master Gordon commented that the reporting issues were being dealt with. He
reminded everyone that Kingdom Bardic is this month.
Master Gordon stated that a good time was had by all in the Arts & Sciences
Pavilion on the eric.
New Business:
HRM Queen Angharad talked about the 40 Year Celebration scheduled for May 5-15th
2006. Countess Sinedin is the autocrat, and her Majesty would be helping out
more after 12th Night.

The Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Brighid Ross
Baroness of the Court of An Tir
Curia Clerk


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