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Minutes from Curia 5-20-07

HRH Princess Miranda stated that she and HRH Prince Tiernan look forward to
working with all the officers.

Black Lion Herald - Lord Christopher reporting. There is a new Acting Lion's
Blood with one email address that will forward all traffic. He stated that the
heralds are still waiting for the delivery of all the tabards.

Exchequer - Master Pyotr reporting. The Kingdom is financially healthy and at
the Society level they are reasonably happy.

Earl Marshal - Master Duncan reporting. Society rules are in effect and have
been finalized. The office is working on a database issue and should have a
rough draft of the new Kingdom ABC's available at July Coronation, with a final
version ready to be signed at September Crown. They are trying to eliminate
conflicts now.
Combat archery standards are undergoing a re-write at the Society level and the
subject is complicated and the rules very confusing at this time.
HRM King Sven asked if that is why the Kingdom of Aeteveldt suspended combat
archery. Sir Daniel stated yes, among other reasons.
Master Duncan stated that he that after four years of service would be stepping
down at as Earl Marshal at July Coronation.
Viscountess Nadezhda commented that it would be good to have a new Youth Combat
handbook. One is needed.

Equestrian - Master Togrul reporting - (the following is his report submitted in
I have completed my first year as Kingdom Equestrian Officer as of this event.
I have been answering many questions that the equestrians have had and I find
that by encouraging communication back and forth between myself and all the
other equestrians that An Tir has suddenly become rather quiet as far as
problems in the equestrian community.  Right now the biggest confusion that
people are trying to understand are issues that came from the Society level on
minors riding and training of people to ride.  Minors riding is already been
addressed in both the Society Equestrian Rules and An Tir's Book of Horse.  I
have been clarifying this rule for the populace.  The issue of training came up
in the context that the SCA does not train people to ride horses so Equestrian
Marshals need to make sure that they are not saying that they train people to
ride.  We do train people to ride our games.  If you need to learn to ride then
there are other avenues to do that outside the society.  Equestrian Marshals are
in effect nothing more than safety officers of the society and need to remember
We are just starting the tournament season and already have 14 events scheduled
to have horses at in the Kingdom with a couple others being worked one.
We currently have 126 Authorized Riders, 115 Authorized Ground Crew, 29
Equestrian Marshals, and 11 Equestrian Marshals in training.
There has been no action on the new proposed Society Equestrian Rules as of yet.
 We are still continuing along under the old rules.
In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Master Togrul Guiscard, OP
Kingdom Equestrian Officer for An Tir
HRM King Sven thanked Master Togrul for stepping into a difficult situation and
dealing with it so efficiently.

Kingdom Chronicler - Master Arontius reporting - There are now 3 Principality
deputies and that is good. The biggest problem at this time is regarding print
versus electronic mediums. The new policies are creating more questions than
answers. It is Master Arontius' belief that in the future all publications will
most likely go electronic.

Kingdom Arts and Sciences - Dame Ellen Fraser read Marquessa Laurellen's report
(taken from the written report)
Kingdom A&S Report: Curia Report, May Crown 2007
Avacal, Tir Righ, Inlands, Rivers, and Western all reported. Summits did not
report. This is the second time in a row for Summits. Phone call from me to
Summits A&S Minister forthcoming.
Very few Guilds reported but I would expect, given that this is the first
reporting period since Master Rathulfr stepped down, many reports may have
gone to him instead of to me. I'll rectify the situation by contacting
Master Rathulfr and sending out a Greetings Message to all Guilds in which I
will remind them to report and introduce the new Guild Deputy, Dame Ellen
Fraser.Dame Ellen is also my contingency deputy.
I am also looking for a Warranting Deputy, so if anyone feels like being my
anal sidekick, send them on over.
Preliminary Reporting Figures:
Previous period reporting percentage: 35.5% (abysmal)
Current period reporting percentage: 56.6% (acceptable)
Principalities/Regions Showing Improvement: 4  (Avacal, Tir Righ, Inlands,
Principalities/Regions Not Reporting: 1 (Summits)
Principalities/Regions Showing No Change: 1 (Western)
Other Tidbits that will be fleshed out in my official report:
Known World Dance Symposium
Master Trehearn has been communicating with Society A&S about this. As I
understand, from the cc's I've received, it looks like things are rolling
Kingdom Bardic Championship
I just reviewed the bid from Aquaterra and gave it my Stamp of Approval.
It's a one day bid and, while I do not anticipate being able to stay with
one day for this event, at this point, one day will do. I'd rather get the
ball rolling so that we can publicize the bejeebus out of it and get people
to it. September is only four months away and we've already missed the June
Crier deadline, leaving us July, August and September's issues.
I remain, in Service,
Laurellen de Brandevin

Kingdom Chatalaine - HL Eric de Dragon's Laire reporting. The file boxes from
the previous Kingdom Chatalaine were just delivered to HL Eric at this event. HL
Eric stated that he now has a deputy for the Principality of the Summits and
that makes a deputy for each Principality. He now knows who the Chatalaines are
for about 60% of the branches and he is trying to figure out the rest. Once this
is accomplished his plan is to start working with the Chatalaines on new ideas
and Chatalaine skills.

Kingdom Constable - Master Ian reporting. The Kingdom needs to completely
re-work that current Constabulary Handbook and until that is completed Master
Ian has suspended all Constbulary within the Kingdom of An Tir.

Kingdom Chirugeon  - HL Tvorimir reporting - (the following is from the written
report submitted)
Chirurgeon Stats (count only those with current certs) See Item #10 re: losses
this quarter
Level Last report
   Current report    Net gain (loss)
This quarter
Chirurgeon in Training     10 4  -6
Chirurgeon           29 15 -14
Mentor Chirurgeon       11 8  -3
       Emeritus            2  2  0
Total             52 27 -25

Reported significant injuries (significant to the BoD, e.g. deaths, severe
injuries, involve
minors--also send incident report copy):  None.

Activities of note—collegiums, training sessions, advancements, etc.: Quietly
reinstated Mistress Katherine of Hindscroft as a MC after she returned to the
chirurgeonate, participated fully for the tourney season and demonstrated she
was still a leader and a good voice and example among us. As noted in the Crier,
our reporting cycle has changed per Society. There is a new revision of the
Chirurgeons Handbook that came out in March, it's linked on our website and
reading the new version is a requirement of maintaining a current warrant.
Please be absolutely welcome and encouraged to read the new one! It's important
to note both newly defined authorities and the newly defined limits and required
reporting that go with them.

Concerns or issues in the Kingdom that you want to bring forward: Our warranted
level has dropped significantly this quarter due to people not verifying they've
read and will comply with the new society chirurgeons' handbook. They're
trickling in now that people are noticing roster lists with their names missing…
I extended my term due to lack of a qualified replacement, but have someone I'm
training - Krystene of Blatha an Oir.  If she or some as-yet-unknown applicant
is acceptable to SC and Crown (and myself!), I'll be able to step down this

Good news and commendations (feel free to brag!!): I'm really pleased right now
with the number of chirurgeons who are availing themselves of further training,
and the increased amount of pre-event EMS contact being done and communicated to

HRM King Sven wished to discuss a proposal brought to him regarding Estrella
War. An Tir has been offered the opportunity to be a principal in the war, this
would add An Tir to the West, and Artemesia. Artemisia is looking for help. HRM
thinks it is a good opportunity and would like to explore setting up a separate
fund for this. It would create a permanent alliance with the 3 kingdoms. It
would allow An Tir into the treaty negotiations. The numbers of An Tirians
participating in the war and as volunteers goes up every year. And volunteer's
Kingdoms are paid out of gate receipts. The commitment would be in providing X
amount of marshals and support staff every third year. (?)

Lists - Liadain ni Sheanachain reporting. There were 97 combatants in the Crown
Lists and the Tournament ran 5 hours. The Liadain stated that the database needs
to be improved and will be checking to make sure all the information she has is
correct, and what additional information is needed by the branches.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brighid Ross
Baroness of Dragon's Laire
Curia Clerk


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