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Curia Minutes May 21, 2006

In attendance: HRM King Sven, HRH Prince Amalric, Prince Kheron of Tir Righ.

At Master Ljotrs request reports were given in the order that people were
sitting around the circle. The minutes will reflect that order.

Exchequer: HL Sarah de Bonneville reports. Kingdom financial papers and budgets
were presented to HRH Prince Amalric. HL Sarah reports that currently 2 branches
and 1 guild have failed to report. The Canadian branches continue to be a
challenge, but HL is setting deadlines for them.
Budget numbers are in her report; however it breaks down to the kingdom will
more than it brought in. This is not as negative as it sounds. 

Games Master HL Tewl Gover reports that things have been fairly quiet. There is
currently a website for games and an e-list. He states that games are being
incorporated into more events and he commented that during Their reign Prince
Ulf and Princess Amanda had an ongoing games tournament.

Chirugeon  HL Tvorimir Danilov reports that the Chirugeon report has been sent
to the Curia list. He stated his intent to request to extend his term of office.

Constable: Sir Gernon is serving as acting Constable, and reports that all is
well for the constabulary.

Earl Marshal  Meistari Duncan Ravensfuri reports. Meistari Duncan thanked His
Royal Highness and the other fighters for a very chivalrous Crown Tournament. He
stated that it was the most chivalric tournament that he had witnessed in his 30
+ years in the Society.
Society heavy combat rules should be done by July and the ABCs will be revised.
The post of Provost Marshall for Rapier Combat will be coming open and the Earl
Marshall is looking for candidates for the position.

Lists  HL Alessandra de Montefeltro reports that there were 99 fighters in the
Crown Tourney list. She states that there are 1.099 authorized fighters and
marshals currently in An Tir and 1,707 currently expired.  HRH Prince Amalric
inquired whether it would helpful to have authorizations expire at the same
time; but HL Alessandra responded that it is not an ongoing issue at this time.

Kingdom Scribe (Sable Sable)  Scrible activities are going well. She is working
to hold more scribal classes, and is trying to put together a Scribal Road show
to encourage interest in scribal arts. The purpose of these activities is to
make scribal arts more accessible and to disseminate accurate information.
Dame Tamlyn is in charge of the database for the backlog of scrolls. You can now
request a form online. There will be a scribal contest at July Coronation.

Black Lion Herald  HL Gwendolyn Cathcart reports for HL Christopher who is
currently in Europe. Things are going well for the Heralds. She reports that
there was a $1.200 loss in submissions due to a clerical error.
A bid has been submitted to host the Known World Heraldic Symposium in the Three
Mountains area. The Heralds office is trying not to raise submission rates. 

12th Night Autocrat - HL Renart le fox of Berwick reports that 12th Night will
be in Ocean Shores WA in the new Convention Center.

Kingdom Chronicler  Master Arontius of Bygelswade reports. He states that the
deadline for information for the Crier is the 28th of the month, but that
deadline can be extended to the 10th of the month. He states that reporting is
currently good. In the past the position of Chronicler was given to someone
living in the United States due to difficulties in mailing from Canada to the
U.S. However the mailing of the Crier is now automated, which will allow a
Chronicler from Canada.

July Coronation Autocrat  Master Arontius reports that the contracts for the
July Coronation are done.  The local officers will be contacting their Kingdom
counterparts to offer help. Please ask for help if it is needed. The website is
up and will be updated as information becomes available.

May Crown Autocrat  Mistress Olivia reports there are 800 on site; 32
equestrians and 12 horses. So far there are $9,000 in expenses and $11,800 in
There have been 2 ambulances called to site; other than that no incidents to
report and it is a nice event.

Minister of Children  HL Candace de Rouen reports that there is a new Preceptor
of Pages, Christopher MacFrederick Guthrie. He has plans to update the College
of Pages. Classes for the College of Pages are being developed. The first
graduate of the College of Pages will be at July Coronation. A medallion is
being struck for the alumni of the program and these medallions will be
There has been Youth Combat at every Crown event. HL Candace would like to see
Tournaments to be tied more closely with the Minister of Children.

Kingdom Bardic Championship Autocrat  Sensai Murakimi Tsuruko reports that the
Championship will take place on Bainbridge Island WA, the third week of
September. More information will be forthcoming.

Equestrian Marshal  HRM King Sven We are looking to the Equestrian community to
move forward; to work toward coming off of probation. HRM extended his thanks to
HL Agelos and with the new Equestrian officer Master Torgul Guiscard to move
Master Torgul thanked HL Agelos for turning over a very organized office. 

September Crown Autocrat  HL Quentin dOr reports that the event will take place
at the Indian field in Hovander State Park (Shittemwoode). And the set up will
be in the circular village style. There will be 8 full erics and site tokens for
those that volunteer. Duchess Jacintha will be acting as webminister. 


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