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May Crown Curia



May Crown
May 22 AS XL (2005)
Curia Minutes

Curia began at 8:15 AM
Royalty in attendance: HRM King Skeggi, HRM Queen Taisiia, HRH Prince Uther, HRH
Princess Angharad, Prince Gunther Rorikson of Avacal.
Champions in attendance: HL Cinara beguy Urdina Kingdom Arts and Sciences
Their Majesties had no words to begin the meeting.
HRH Prince Uther wished everyone a good morning.
Prince Gunther commented that he had enjoyed working closely with Master Ljotr.

Champions Reports:
HL Cinara wished to remind everyone that the Kingdom Arts and Sciences
Competition in March 2006 would be held in the Barony of Dragon's Laire, and
that she would like to encourage artisans to enter the competition, even if it
is a single entry.

Officers Reports:
Seneschal: Master Ljotr reports. The Kingdom is in good shape. There are two
Shires working towards Baronial status, these are the Shire of Borealis and the
Shire of Vulcanfeldt. There should be more information regarding this process by
July Coronation.

Exchequer: HL Sara reports. The Kingdom Compellation report is ready and was
handed out to Their Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses, along with the Kingdom
only Accounts.  HL Sara stated "Go Canada!" regarding their reporting rates.
HL Sara requested that some warrants be signed, and this was done. She stated
that she still has some incomplete data on some branches relating to warrants
and reporting, but that she is working on this issue.
She gave a report from the Known World Seneschal and Exchequer Symposium in Las
Vegas about the Ansteorran credit card system. This system is ready to be
expanded should other Kingdoms wish to use it. It is the only credit card system
accepted by the Society for Creative Anachronism. While this system is a payment
system and not a reservation system, it can be used with a reservation system.
This discussion was tabled to the Finance Committee meeting.
HL Sara stated that she would put the 2005 budget-to-date on the Kingdom
Exchequer web page this week.
HRM King Skeggi asked for some clarification about the Kingdom Travel fund,
whether the $3000.00 amount was per year or per reign, and requested an update
on amount spent so far this reign. HL Sara confirmed that the amount is per
reign, and assured His Majesty that she would supply him with the figures as
soon as possible.
HRM Queen Taisiia stated that Their Majesties would be arranging some fund
raising activities with a raffle possibly at July Coronation.

Earl Marshal: Master Duncan reports. The new Fighters Authorization Cards seem
to be a hit. HL Caroline de Poliana has acquired a laminating machine (this was
requested and approved at Curia in January). HL Caroline has also volunteered to
work with branches to ensure prompt and accurate reporting. Master Duncan
thanked HL Caroline for all her efforts on behalf of the fighters.
The re-write of the ABC's is in limbo until the Society is done with their
review. This will possibly be in October.
HRM King Skeggi asked about the Heavy/light issue from Honor War.
Master Duncan said that he had not had time to deal with it yet, but would be
working on the issue.
HRM King Skeggi stated that if archers in a war do not wish to be hit they must
wear the white tabard with the pheons.
HRM Queen Taisiia stated that there is confusion about the term light archers
vs. heavy archers.
Master Duncan explained that the confusion is in the terminology. What were
light fighters are now Non Contact Combatants, and heavy archers are now Full
Contact Combatants. To be considered a Non Contact Combatant the archer must be
wearing not only a white helmet covering, but also a white tabard with red
An Tir West War will be conducted with Home Kingdom Rules.

List Mistress: HL Alessandra reports. There are currently 1,023 authorized
fighters in An Tir and 1,478 fighters whose authorizations have expired.
In the Crown Lists on Saturday there were 83 entrants; with Crown Prince Uther
HL Alessandra stated that she has a new shield board that was donated by Richard
Thomas and Mugain Brecc ingel Dungaile, two Gallants from the Barony of Dragon's
Laire. She states she is very pleased with the board, and will be contacting HL
Sara to see about re-imbursement for the supplies.
HRM King Skeggi stated that he was very pleased with the way that the Crown
Tournament was run. It was very quick and efficient and he wished to Thank HL
Allesandra for a job well done.

Black Lion Herald: Lord Christopher Thomas reports. Lord Thomas wished to thank
Their Majesties for their faith in him, and wished to invite all with questions
to contact him.
Lord Thomas suggested that it might be time create a Herald's Pt Pavilion;
sharing space with the lists is getting a little crowded. He also pointed out
that a couple of the poles for the pavilion were damaged and he would be
investigating new poles.
Reporting is improving; he has 2 branches that need to report, and 2
Principalities. HL _______ expressed appreciation for his contingency deputy
Lord Frederick Badger.
HL__________ reports that the Heraldic Symposium held in the Shire of Myrganwood
was wonderful and he would like to encourage other branches to consider holding
symposiums. There is also one at the end of June is Seagirt.
Please remind all groups holding tournaments to contact the Heralds. They are
more than happy to herald any competition, rapier, archery and especially any
children's tournament.

Chronicler: HL Arontius reports. Curia notes will be on the website within the
next couple of weeks. The Web Team is wonderfully efficient at getting this
information updated.
The Chroniclers staff is working on the accuracy of the information in the
Crier. If you see any errors please let the staff know.
Kingdom Law will be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.
A new Kingdom Arts & Sciences issue will be out in September; the editor for
this issue is HL Rycheza z Polska. HL Arontius stated that it is a goal to
create an Arts & Sciences edition every reign.
HL Arontius reports 80% reporting, he is working on a warranting system for
HRM King Skeggi asked how many non-SCA sanctioned events appear in the Crier
every year.
HL Arontius stated that he was not sure of the numbers, but his guess would be 2
or 3.
HRM King Skeggi stated that he intends to change Kingdom Law to bar
non-sanctioned, Non-SCA event copy from appearing in the Crier.

Chirugeon: HL Tvormir reports: He is pleased that he has a new Cloak of Office
that was donated to the Kingdom.
HL Tvormir states that he has been in contact with the Chirurgeon from the West
Kingdom to help organize and coordinate Chirurgeonate activities at An Tir West
There are currently some 80 warranted Chirurgeons in the Kingdom of An Tir and
HL Tvormir would like to see an increase in encouragement in the outlying areas
of the Kingdom. The Chirurgeonate is trying to improve its visibility to the
populace. He requested all the Kingdom Officers to encourage volunteers to
consider looking into and becoming warranted Chirurgeons.
HL Tvormir thanked the Barony of Wastekeep for hosting the Chirurgeon's Website,
and stated that on the site is a list of all the warranted Chirurgeons.

Chatalaine: Not Present

Kingdom Scribe:  Dame Tamlyn reports. Dame Tamlyn requested that Their Royal
Highnesses think about who they would like to serve Them as Royal Scribe, and to
decide as soon as is convenient, what type of scrolls They would like for Their
The Domesday Book is coming along nicely. Dame Tamlyn will be opening her home
up on Memorial Day Weekend to any scribes that need to put finishing touches on
their entries. All pages must be turned into her by 1:00 PM, Monday, May 29th.
Dame Tamlyn reminded the group that her term ends at July Coronation, and that
to date she had received 1 application.
HRM Queen Tassia stated that she had received an application also and would
speak with Dame Tamlyn about this after the meeting.
Dame Tamlyn apologized for missing her last two reporting deadlines due to the
work on the Domesday Booke.
HRM Queen Tassia thanked Dame Tamlyn for all of her hard work on both her job
and the Domesday Booke.

Kingdom Constable: Master Olafr reports: Master Olafr requested that the group
prepare itself for whining.
The Kingdom at this point in time has 64 warranted Constables and a reporting
rate of only 7%. Master Olafr states that this is down from 236 Constables the
last time that he served as Kingdom Constable. He expressed a concern about the
lack of constabulary at May Crown, but then stated that there were no incidents,
that required the constabulary.
Master Olafr reported that several items of regalia were presently unaccounted
for, these include; a banner, a mace, a cloak and the Kingdom Constables
HRM King Skeggi suggested that a request for anyone knowing anything about these
items to be placed on email lists.
Master Olafr announced that after discussions with Their Royal Majesties, that
there will be a change in Kingdom Law announced at July Coronation. This change
will make the office of Constable a required office at every branch at Baronial
level and above. Master Olafr expressed concern that many of our events have
become so large that if we don't supply our own internal security we could be
required to hire off duty officers to supply security for our events. The cost
in doing this would be substantial.
Master Olafr spoke about his vision of the Constabulary; that they are to be
seen as helpers, not as a policing force. In the past there has been some public
relations issues with "heavy handed" constables, Master Olafr requests anyone
that has dealings with a "Constable with an attitude" to contact him.
Master Olafr encouraged the Heralds to contact the Constabulary ahead of time to
set up the ceremonial turnover of the fighting fields from Constabulary to
Master Olafr announced that he now has a new Deputy for Canadian branches.
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion HL Cinara expressed a concern regarding a
shortage of Constable in the northern reaches of the Kingdom.
Master Olafr stated that an on line Constabulary Course is being developed for
far reaching branches.
HRM King Skeggi had a question regarding sexual offenders who had served both
their sentence and probation. He spoke about a situation that occurred at Honor
War in which there was a know sex offender on site, but he was under no
restrictions. His Majesty and Sir Corwin had spoken with him during the event.
Master Olafr stated that he was working on a request under the Freedom of
Information Act.
HL Tayla, the Seneschale of Madrone, asked when the new law regarding the Office
of Constable would take effect.
HRM King Skeggi, after a brief consultation with Master Olafr stated that
branches would have a deadline of 3 months after July Coronation.

Minister of Children: HL Candace reports that she took the office in January and
has been working with branches to from a College of Pages. At one point she was
assisting a branch is Nova Scotia with their program, but discovered that Nova
Scotia while a lovely area is not in An Tir. She has referred them to their own
All Kingdom Pages will now be wearing the same tabards. This will identify them
as Kingdom Pages as opposed to pages for their branches.
May Crown activities were carried out according to plan, with special thanks to
the adults that made the jousting possible.
An Tir West War activities are in the planning stages and will include: A 3 hour
War College for Youth Combat, a Hurley Tournament for those 16 and older, a teen
social Saturday evening, an A&S competition and a Chivalry Combat Competition.
HL Candace requested help from the Kingdom Constabulary to supply some security
to make sure that no one over 21 or with alcohol interferes with the teen
HL states that the Website should be on line soon and will connect all aspect of
children's activities.
HL Candace reminds everyone that a Senior Marshall is not a Senior Youth
Marshall, there are different rules for Youth Combat and that it takes the
signatures of 2 Senior Youth Marshals to create a Youth Marshall.
HL Cinara expressed concerns about the lack of Youth Marshals in the Northern
regions of An Tir, and HL Candace offered to make her a Senior Marshall that
HL Allesandra offered to host the list of Warranted Youth Combat Marshals on the
Kingdom List website.
HL Candace stated that one of her goals is to create a new program for children
8-11 years old, called a  "Children or Youth Guild". HRM King Skeggi told her to
create a plan, begin to implement it, and keep the Crown informed.
There is no current Kingdom Pied Piper or Kingdom Preceptor of Pages, but there
are two applications for Pied Piper.
HL Candace expressed concern over a missing box of information for the Minister
of Children including the College of Pages enrollment papers. She continues to
try and obtain them from the past Minister of Children. HRM King Skeggi stated
that Their Majesties live in the same general area as the previous Minister of
Children and they would assist in this matter.
HL Candace also stated that creating a Youth 101 book for parents new to the
Society was also a goal, and she is currently working on this project.
HL Candace wished to point out the new "equestrian" toy for the Children of An
Tir that was being used in the adjacent eric. The response was overwhelmingly
HL Candace has some warrants to be signed, and this was to be accomplished after
the Curia meeting.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Master Gordon Redthorn reports as the
Contingency Deputy. Master Cystennin's warrant expires at 12th Night, and he is
actively seeking a replacement at this time. Master Gordon has stated that he
would be interested in applying for the office.
Master Gordon states that reporting is pretty good, but that the Principality of
Avacal, and the Barony of Madrone are behind in their reporting.
There are two bids for Kingdom Bardic, and Their Majesties will be deciding that
There was formal approval of the Kingdom Missile Guild.
HRM King Skeggi stated that He understands that Master Cystennin is having some
health concerns at this time, and if he were to choose to step down before his
warrant was up, he could do so with full honor.

Kingdom Royal Equestrian - HL Agelos reports that in the year since he took
office there has been 0 incidents and 0 injuries related to Equestrian
HL Agelos states that legal issues complicate equestrian sport but that
resistance to compliance is dieing down. The new Equestrian rules are finished
and published. He wished to thank Mistress Leonore for help with the typesetting
Authorization cards are now finished with many thanks to HL Allasandra.
After some question, HH Prince Gunther confirmed that there are horses in
HL Sarah de Bonneville commented on a wonderful experience she had working with
some equestrian's that had requested that she teach them to dance while mounted
on horseback. She said it was extremely well organized, a very safe experience,
and very fun.

Kingdom Games Master - HL Tewl Gover reports that he has 3 objectives as Kingdom
Games Master: To create an email list for games and Game Masters; to Create
Principality Games Masters, and to create a Games Master Handbook that will also
be available online.
HL Tewl states that reporting is problematic and very sketchy at this time.
HH Prince Gunther of Avacal stated that after conversations with some of the
Games participants in Avacal, he has found that there is a resistance to the
prospect of having to make quarterly reports, and this may be standing in the
way of recruiting Games Masters.
HL Tewl acknowledged this statement and requested that any Games Masters at
least get a hold of him, so he knows who they are.
HRH Uther suggested the Games Master acquire a Cloak of Office, since that is
helping him identify many Kingdom Officers!
HL Tewl stated that the Kingdom Games Pavilion is in need of some new poles, and
that he will speak to HL Sarah about this issue.

Kingdom Events Deputy - Baroness Khalja introduced herself and the autocrats of
upcoming Kingdom events.
May Crown: Laurencia des Jardins. reports 750 people through the gate with a
gross of about $8,000. There was one medical emergency and that has been
Antir West War : HL Annika reports that the war scenarios will be out in the
next couple of weeks. Pre-registration is trickling in. While the concern of
drought has abated, there is now a concern about mosquitoes. Bring repellent!
There will be archery with a York Round and possible 1 on 1 tournament. The
event has a large encampment coordinator, please contact them if you have a
large encampment. There will be both a brewing contest and a bardic competition.
There will be an updated budget in the next couple of weeks.
Officers, please let me know ahead of time, if you have special needs for the
event. Last minute requests are difficult to deal with.
There was some discussion about whether Kingdom Officers are responsible for
their disciplines at Kingdom Events, or whether they are responsible for
supporting the needs of the local officers. The outcome of the discussion was
that Kingdom Officers and their local counterparts must communicate well in
advance of the event so that any needs or problems can be ironed out early.
July Coronation : Baroness Khalja reports that things are underway for the
event. Once again the drought concerns are lessened. The Autocrat team is
working with HL Agelos regarding Equestrian insurance issues. Site copy will be
forthcoming. The next Autocrat meeting is on June 10th.
September Crown: Baroness Khalja read from very detailed report sent by HL
Rosamund. The event is fully staffed. The autocrat team is working with the
county on the ingress and egress concerns that were expressed by Their
Majesties. There will be 30 regular biffies and 10 handicapped, equipped with
either hand washing stations or hand sanitizers. There is no potable water on
site, but they are looking into the possibility of having one or more water
buffaloes. There will be 2 ham radio operators on site, to help with the
cellular "dead zone" in the event that authorities need to be contacted. HRM
Queen Taisiia asked when the cattle will be removed from the field, to lessen
the "cow pie" issue.
The discussion again turned to cooperation between Kindom Officers and their
local counterparts during Kingdom events and Baroness Khalja emphasized again,
that the communications between Kingdom and branch officers should be improved.
Fall Crown Council  - Baroness Khalja requested that Their Royal Highness inform
her has soon as they have made a decision about the need for a Fall Crown
12th Night : Baroness Khalja reports that the contract difficulties created by
the hotel changing owners has been worked out and an Announcement will be made
in the next week. The group rate must be asked for to be credited to the SCA.
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship : HL Eileen reports that at this time we
have exclusive booking at the hotel in Silverdale. This will change if
reservations are not made by pre-arranged dates closer to the event. She urged
all to make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure that we have the
whole hotel. The rates are reasonable at $79 per night. The management of the
hotel is very excited to have us there, with the General Manager planning on
wearing his kilt and joining in the festivities. There are several suites
available, and one will be reserved for Their Majesties, Their Highnesses. There
will be a hall designed to showcase Kingdom guilds. There will be a 2 track
Ithra and there is an area close by for a possible fight practice.
Baroness Khalja states that the Kingdom is soliciting bids for July Coronation
'06 and September Crown '06.
Baroness Khalja stated that she intends to step down and has highly recommended
HL Annika to replace her.

New Business
HL Tvormir brought up the new Good Samaritan Act that makes it a misdemeanor not
to call 911 to report a crime resulting in injury. He expressed concerns about
the impact of this on the SCA and the Chirurgeonate.
HL Candace had a question regarding the differences in the Youth combat rules
between the West and An Tir. It was decided that An Tir rules would be in effect
at An Tir/West War.
Curia ended at 11:20 AM

Respectfully submitted
Brighid Ross
Baroness of the Court of An Tir
Curia Clerk


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