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July Coronation Curia



July Coronation
July 22, 2007

Meeting began at 9:00

TRM Tiernan and Miranda welcomed the officers to Curia and HRM Miranda thanked
them for caring so much, and for making the long trip to Farragut State Park.

Seneschale - Viscountess Nadezhda had very little to report; except that all if
going well.

Exchequer -  Master Pyotr reporting. Kingdom is healthy, and reporting is coming

Black Lion Herald - Lady Gwenlian Catharne reporting - The herald's staff should
be picking up two of the tabards previously ordered. Lady Gwenlian stated that
the Herald's staff had received an email from another Kingdom requesting
permission to give as a token something that resembles a goutte. The email will
be forwarded to Their Majesties.

Earl Marshal - Sir Danial d'Antioch reporting. Master Duncan was unable to be
present to step down at the end of his 4 year term of service; Sir Daniel begins
his term as Earl Marshal. He states that in his first 24 hours there were no
problems! The re-write of the ABC's is on track and Sir Daniel stated that it
appears that combat archer rules will also be going through a re-write. He would
like to fold Archery Combat rules into the heavy armored combat rules; since any
changes affect both participants.
Sir Daniel stated that fighter's authorizations would be going to 4 year
Duke Sven has expressed an interest in the position of Armored Combat Deputy.

Chronicler - see written report below:
Kingdom Chronicler's ReportJuly Coronation, A.S. XLII

1.Contact Information: Master Arontius of Bygelswade (MKA Michael Aaron Rogers);
470 Bridle View Place NW; Bremerton, WA 98311-8917; 360-307-0526;
a.Many thanks to Her Excellency Brighid Ross for taking care of this report for
me. I apologize most sincerely for not being in attendance.
2.Principality Reports:
a.The Summits - Reports up-to-date from Elspeth of Wyre Forest.
b.Avacal - Lady Al Sayidah Umm Bishr Fatima Amatallah Bint Dirar Al-Qurttibiyah
a.k.a. Lady Catherine Belle Forget de Lourdes. Reports are up-to-date.
c.Tir Righ - The Principality Chronicler, THL Meredith of the White Cliffs,
produces the Principality newsletter, ‘The Northern Sentinal'. Tir Righ has
twelve identified Chroniclers. The Principality branches produce seven paper
newsletters and six electronic newsletters. Reports are currently up-to-date.

3.Central An Tir: The Kingdom Chronicler's Reporting Deputy, THL Angharad
Albannes, states that there are eighteen identified Chroniclers producing
sixteen newsletters. Eleven are paper only, three are paper and electronic and
two are online only.
4.Financial report complete for First Quarter of 2007 Calendar Year. Society
stipend for the First Quarter has been received. Second Quarter in process and
should be complete prior to end of July.
5.A statement has appeared in two issues of The Crier requesting applicants for
the Office of Kingdom Chronicler. Several people expressed an interest but only
one has officially applied, THL Angharad Albannes, my current Contingency
Deputy. I would very much like to see her take my position at September Crown if
it pleases Your Majesties. She is very capable and already has quite a bit of
experience working in the office. The change-over would be seamless.
6.Reporting Deputy has increased communications amongst the Chroniclers of An
Tir. Most felt very isolated, with no clear sense of what was expected of them.
As the Reporting process becomes more constant and streamlined, we will increase
dialogue between Kingdom, Principality and branch to see what can be done to
bolster the recording of activity and history in the Kingdom's branches.
7.There is a steady increase in the number of publications that can be found
only online (on a web-site, in .pdf format, or via e-mail). The number of hard
copy newsletters continues to drop. Society is still working towards an all
electronic format, but acknowledges that this will not happen very soon nor will
it be a complete and total switch for some time to come.
8.Third issue of The Crier's ‘A&S' Issue is in the works. The editor, THL
Rycheza, is working at pulling in submissions on a face-to-face basis with
individuals throughout the Kingdom. The goal is to have the next issue out
sometime this Fall.
9.Working on obtaining materials from Grete Boke. Plan is to have this up and
running before end of summer.
10.Stock Clerk is still in the works as well. Still working on details on how
this should work or whether it is an office that is actually still needed.
Master Pyotr stated that Corporate is now strongly recommending the each Kingdom
Chronicler's Office have a financial deputy warranted by through the Exchequer's
office; he says it is not mandatory at this point but probably will be soon.
Viscountess Nadezhda stated her confidence in HL Angharad and inquired of Their
Majesties if HL Angharad was an acceptable candidate to replace Master Arontius;
they agreed and the change-over will happen at September Crown.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - see written report below:
Here follows my Curia report for July Coronation;
Reporting: Based on the responses from last quarter, it looks like things
are getting back on track in this regard. All principalities reported and
only a few branches did not report. I will resume my calling of these
branches next reporting cycle.

Deputies: I've taken on Mistress Gwen the Potter as my warranting deputy and
she is attempting to re-create the warranting roster for this office. She's
made remarkable progress and I think she will probably have the project
mostly done by September Crown or Twelfth Night, at which time we need to
present it in any case. My contingency deputy, Mistress Ellen Fraser will be
taking on the Guild Deputy position so that we can get that section of
reporting back on track as well. Currently, some guilds are under the
impression that they do not need to report at all. I'd like to chat with
Yourselves about putting guilds on probation or revoking guild status if I
continue to meet resistance in this regard.

Events: Kingdom Bardic Competition is rolling along. One thing that very
slightly concerns me is that I've not seen much in the way of advertising
for the event. So I plan on contacting the autocrat and asking if she needs
assistance in this department. Known World Dance Symposium appeared to go
well; I've heard nothing but good things about it. Next up for this office
is Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship. Additionally, I was contacted this
week by the Autocrat of September Crown to see if my office had any
requirements for that event and I think we will try to organize another
Hands-On/Agora for that event. I plan on replying to her and working with
the A&S officers in that area to set that up.

Lastly, I would like to request of Your Majesties/Highnesses/Excellency that
we review the status of Lesser Kingdom Officer for my Bardic Deputy.
Ostensibly, a Lesser Kingdom Officer is subject to the same two-year
requirements as a Greater Officer but I inherited my Bardic Deputy and I
know that office has not changed over in many years. I don't believe that it
merits Lesser Kingdom status as it basically runs only one event a year
while the bulk of the rest of the office falls on the KMOAS and other deputy
shoulders. There is no Lesser status for any of my other deputies, including
the Championship deputy, under whose purview Bardic Deputy often falls.
Additionally, my Bardic Deputy is in the process of finding a replacement so
I believe this would be a good time to revamp that status.
Thus ends my report. I remain, in service to An Tir,
Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin

Chatalaine - No report. Viscountess Nadezhda commented on the find job HL Eric
has been doing reaching out to the local Chatalaines.

Constable - Master Ian reports - The outlines of the new handbook are being
worked on; and he has been in contact with the branches as to how to handle
things in the interim.
HRM Miranda asked if there was a timeline for the new handbook. Master Ian
replied that it should be completed by September Crown.

Chirugeon -  Krystene of Blatha an Oir reporting. HL Mir would like to step down
at September Crown.  Written report follows:
Kingdom of An Tir
Chirurgeon Report
July Coronation 2007
1. Contact info:
SCA Name: TH Lord Tvorimir Danilov
Awards/Titles: MC, GdS, JdL
Mundane name:  Mir Plemmons
Address: 624 Whitworth Lane S
City/State/ZIP: Renton, WA 98057
Phone:   (206) 383-3843
Membership expiration:  2/28/07
CPR expiration:  4/2/07
First aid/equiv. expiration: 4/26/09

2. Name/contact info of Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeons with duty title
Kingdom Contingency Deputy-
Dame Rowan O'Callahan
mka Jari James
7320 6th Ave. #21
Tacoma, WA 98406
Phone: (253) 212-0762

Kingdom Chirurgeon in Training Deputy-
TH Lady Sumayya al Ilbelin
mka Bethany Casey
205 High Street
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 656-4842

Kingdom Training Deputy
TH Lord Zakariah Le Bigod
mka Clayton Mann
15241 SE Way East Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015
(971) 404-5211

Kingdom Web Deputy-
TH Lord Conal Mac Nachtan
mka Bill Knight
PO Box 6979
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 535-2141

Kingdom Reporting Deputy-
TH Lady Gabrielle Lepinay
mka Heather Lazzaretti
33819 36th Ave. SW
Federal Way, WA 98023
(253) 815-0931
3. Name/contact info of Principality Chirurgeons
Principality of Avacal- Position Open-Mir is acting PC
Principality of the Summits-
Lord Brendan ap Llewelyn
mka James D. Sena
18352 Sitkum Lane
Myrtle Point, OR 97458
(541) 572-2180

Principality of Tir Righ-
Vis. Ulfgar Hjartar Bani Thorvaldsson
mka Richard Keffler
1302 Birchwood Ave. Apt. B-6
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 656-6403

4. Name/contact info of Regional Chirurgeons
Inlands Regional Deputy-  TH Lady Solveig Tryggvadottir mka Peggy Backlund
705 Irene St.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 529-6770
Western Regional Deputy- Krystene of Blatha an Oir mka  Kristine Kuchan
6707 35th ST CT W
University Place, WA  98466
(253) 861-4259

Rivers Regional Deputy-
TH Lady Lianna Stewart mka Lynda Heller
53282 West Lane Rd.
Scappoose, OR 97056
5. Number of events held in the Kingdom during the previous quarter (include
only those listed in your Kingdom newsletter) :      63
6. Number of events with Chirurgeon representation during the previous quarter:
Chirurgeon Stats (count only those with current certs)
Level Last report
   Current report    Net gain (loss)
This quarter
Chirurgeon in Training  4  6  2
Chirurgeon        15 17 2
Mentor Chirurgeon    10 11 1
Emeritus       2  2  0
Total          31 36 5

8. Reported significant injuries (significant to the BoD, e.g. deaths, severe
injuries, involve
minors--also send incident report copy):  none

9.Activities of note—collegiums, training sessions, advancements, etc.: none

10. Concerns or issues in the Kingdom that you want to bring forward:  The
previous drop in roster due to compliance levels on acknowledgement of new
post-P35 handbook is still there, but numbers are climbing slowly. One
Chirurgeon who had difficulty with social interactions has left the
chirurgeonate and is unhappy about it, sending emails around. The impact of this
on morale is not major, as far as I have heard.

11.  Good news and commendations (feel free to brag!!):   Patricia McAndrew, a
former Mentor Chirurgeon who moved to Alaska is now rewarranted as an MC in the
An Tir chirurgeonate as she "plays" with her home shire of Midhaven annually and
has no branch to participate with up there in Juneau.

HL Zachariah le Bigod led a team to complete some much-needed repairs on the
kingdom's chirurgeon pavilion, which is why it was not raised at May Crown. We
hope to get at least a couple more years out of it before we come asking for a

Sable-Sable : No report at Curia

Kingdom Events - HL Anneka reporting
HL Anneka spoke about the need for monthly reporting for all Kingdom Event
Autocrats. This reporting is mandatory.
Bids are being accepted for Kingdom Arts and Sciences, May Crown, and July
Fall Crown Council has been awarded to the Barony of Stromgard.

Knowne World Dance Symposium - HL Tayla reports -The event was well attended
with participants from all over the Known Worlde. The numbers should be in
within the next 30 days.

An Tir West War - HL Anneka reporting - It was held at a large private site,
with over 1,000 people in attendance, and the site could probably hold double
that amount.
The final report should be in by the end of the month. The Autocrats have heard
very positive responses about the event.
Sir Daniel stated that he had spoken with some of the fighters from the West and
they would like to see the two Kingdoms come up with a permanent site for the
War. The fighters did seem to like this site.
Countess Elizabeth offered that infrastructure support from both Kingdoms is
crucial; many of the important support tasks, such as water bearing and
heralding need to be shared.
Viscountess Nadezhda stated that there is a plan being investigated to have the
two Kingdoms work on the War every year

July Coronation  - Sir Jorg reporting- There were approx 573 people on sie, and
their seems to be a lot of carpooling for this event. Also the one casualty of
the event was a radio that was dropped into a biffie.
HRM Miranda thanked the Autocrat team and declared them a "gem to work with."

September Crown - Baron Kane reporting- Things are going well. The water issue
on site has been solved. A problem has arisen with the county and road permits,
but even if the road into the site is not paved there will be fresh gravel on
the road for the event.
There are scheduling issues that he will discuss with Their Majesties.

Kingdom Bardic - No report- HL Anneka states that she has received reports and
that the event will be a two day event, with two sites.

Fall Crown Council - has just been awarded to Stromgard

12th Night - Viscountess Bernadette reporting - The contract with the hotel is
ready to sign and the hotel is willing to email copies to Vis. Nadezhda and HL
Anneka for their approval. This will happen this week.
Pre-registration for the event should be ready by the end of this month.
The host hotel is already ¾ full. Rooms have already been set aside for the
All Kingdom officers please contact the autocrat team to let them know if you
need help with your discipline, or if you want the local officer to handle it.
Activities are being requested and the possibilities of these are being
investigated. The hotel is smallish for the event, and some creative solutions
are being planned.
There is a possibility of a fighting opportunity at the event, this is still in
the planning stage.

Meeting ended at 9:35 AM


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