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July Coronation Curia



Curia minutes July 16, 2006

Meeting began at 9:10 AM

Royalty Present: HRM King Amalric, HRM Queen Caia, HH Prince Kheron of Tir Righ,
HH Princess Ksenia of Tir Righ.

HRM King Amalric stated that with all the email traffic that They receive;
please do not hesitate to call on the phone if the matter is urgent. 

HH Prince Kheron requested of the Kingdom Officers that the Prince and Princess
be ccd in any email dealing with Principality Officers.

Exchequer  HL Sarah and Master Pyotr report. HL Sarah introduced Master Pyotr as
her replacement. She stated that Master Pyotr will be much faster in responding
to email.
NMS  Master Pyotr states that while collecting the NMS is still a challenge, Tir
Righ Rocks! After some administrative sanctions, currently submissions are
coming in. There is one exception but Master Pyotr is working with the branch to
resolve the issue.

Earl Marshall  Sir Daniel reports that there are no serious issues in the
Marshallate at this time. HRM King Amalric stated that the 12 foot spear will no
longer be used in An Tir. Sir Daniel stated that the new society regulations
should be finished during this Reign, and with the help of the Kingdom
Webminister, an e-group will be set up to work on the Kingdom ABCs. He stated
that the ABCs will be set at Society minimums with adjustments for An Tir. 
There will be no longer be non-contact archers allowed on the fields. This
should not require any monetary additions to the archers, since the armor
standards are currently sufficient.

Equestrian Marshall  Master Togrul reports that the Kingdom Equestrian
Championship will take place this year at September Crown. HL Alessandra asked
that she be furnished with the times of the competition, so that she can
coordinate her attendance with the other  competitions happening at September
Master Togrul states that while An Tirs equestrian program is still on
probation, he has been in touch with the Society Equestrian Officer and she does
not see any problem ending the probation in September at the six months
initially imposed.
List Mistress  HL Alessandra reports that she will be stepping down at 12th
Night. She would like to highly recommend her deputy Sbyslava Isakova as her
replacement. Sir Daniel stated that the Marshallate would happily support HL
Alessandras choice.

Provost Marshal for Rapier Combat  Don Ramone reports. There is currently no
Provost Marshall for the Kingdom. He will continue acting as deputy.

Black Lion Herald  HL Christopher reports. He presented the new Heralds Tabard
created by Lady Altaliana of Dragons Laire. The rest of the ordered tabards are
under construction.
HL Christopher had a question regarding who signs Principality warrants. The
question was answered and HL Christopher will be sent the warrants to be signed
after the Crown signs them.
Concerning the Equestrian award: The name "ordo equi" will no longer be used. 
It was returned by laurel because it was in conflict with the order of the
Chivalry. "Ordre du Cheval et Lion" will be used for past Equestrian Champion
and is non-armigerous.
"Ordre du Lion et de la Lance is the new name for the grant level equestrian 
order.  This is not replacing "ordo equi" because that order was in kingdom law 
as a non-armigerous order.  The new order will confer a Grant of Arms if the 
recipient does not already have one.
The Order of Precedence will be changed to reflect this sometime in
the near future.  Since the original intent of Ordo Equi was to confer a
Grant of Arms and since they have been recorded in the OP as a Grant all
members of the former "ordo equi" will now be members of the grant-level
Ordre du Lion et de la Lance. 

Minister of Arts and Sciences  Master Gordon reports that he will be stepping
down as soon as a replacement can be found. His resignation and letter
requesting applicants has been submitted to the Crier.

Chronicler  Master Arontius reports that Avacal and Tir Righ are very strong in
reporting and the Summits is catching up. He states that he will be sending
warrants for Their Majesties to sign. Master Arontius expressed his intention to
extend his term in his office for one year. HRM Amalric said yes! Kingdom Law is
being revised and will be published this Reign. 
Viscountess Nadezhda stated that if any officers see problems with the current
version of Kingdom Law please send corrections to Master Arontius, Master Ljotr
or her. 

Kingdom Chirugeon  HL Tvorimir reports that he would like to extend his term by
one year. He states that the Chirugeonate is growing and morale is good.
Teamwork is happening and also going well.
There are some concerns at the Society level regarding titles within the
Chirugeonate. There are some legal concerns about the term Master Chirugeon.
These titles will be changing down the line, but these changes will probably not
impact anything in Kingdom Law.

Kingdom Scribe  HL Turrien reports that Mistress Jill Blackhorse is the Royal
Scribe for Their Majesties. HL Turrien requested that the job description of the
Royal Scribe appear in Kingdom Law. There was some discussion about whether this
was law or custom, and the decision was made to continue the discussion outside
of Curia.
HL Turrien stated that to get the best deal on sealing wax, the Kingdom had
purchased enough to last for years. There has been a request from branches to
purchase wax from the Kingdom. As there were no objections to the theory, HL
Turrien will work on this proposal with Master Pyotr.
HL Turrien stated that the Black Lion Matrix for the seals was no longer working
properly. She requested permission to take bids to replace the matrix. HRM
Amalric said Make it so.
The Scribal Road show has been well received, and anyone wishing to experience
the road show should send a request to HL Turrien.
The website is currently being updated.

Minister of Children  HL Fiona reports. The program is picking up nicely, along
with the Preceptor of Pages program. July Coronation marks the first graduation
from the Pages Program. The program is growing steadily from the Shire of
Dragons Mist outward to the rest of the Kingdom.

Minister of Games  HL Tewl reports. He requests a change in the name of the
office. He feels that Game Master can be intimidating, referencing a mastery of
all games, instead of an interest in fostering games. He asked that the office
be called Games Officer. HRM said Make it so.
 Things are progressing. There are no Principality Games Officers at this time.
A live version of Fox and Geese has been developed and passed onto the Childrens
HRM Caia thanked the Principality of Tir Righ for the lovely basket of games
that had been presented to them.

Kingdom Events Deputy  HL Anneka reports. There is a new events policy on the
website. HL Anneka is trying to reconstruct reports from 2000 and 2001, if you
have reports for Kingdom Events from that time period, please send her a copy.
HL Anneka proposed combining Kingdom Bardic Championship and Kingdom Arts and
Sciences Championships. She cited both attendance levels and financial
considerations as her reason for the proposal. The proposal states that the 2006
Bardic Championship will take place as planned, and that the next Bardic
Championship will be held at Kingdom Arts and Sciences in 2008. Master Gordon
requested time to gather more information before Their Majesties make a
decision. His Royal Majesty stated that while He is seriously considering HL
Annekas proposal, the decision will not be made until Master Gordon has gathered
more information

Deputy for New and Incipient Branches - Mistress Miranda reports that there are
3 incipient groups at this time. She then introduced her replacement, HL

July Coronation  Master Arontius reports early numbers are 1,200 people signed
in on site and over $17,000 gross.

September Crown  HL Quentin Martel reports that due to modern work he has had to
relocate to Madrone, but the event is still in Shittemwoode at Hovander Park. He
requests that Kingdom Officers please contact him with the name of those
responsible for each offices discipline at the event. 

Kingdom Bardic Championship  Tsuruko Sensei reports that there are competitors
that have declared for the Championship. There will be crash space within the
barony upon request. Weather permitting there will be a fight practice at the
event. HRM Amalric stated that he would bring his armor.

12th Night  HL Renart reports that the contracts have been signed, but he will
make no further contacts on the event until August 1st. 

Respectfully Submitted
Brighid Ross
Baroness of Dragons Laire
Curia Clerk


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