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July Coronation Curia



July Coronation
July 17, AS XL (2005)
Curia Minutes

Curia began at 8:05 AM
Royalty in attendance: HRM King Uther, HRM Queen Angharad Angharad, Prince Ieuan
and Princess Gwyneth of Tir Righ

Their Majesties wished everyone a good morning, and requested that the meeting
move along quickly, as there was a lot to do this day.

Officers Reports:

Exchequer: HL Sara reports. She has preliminary numbers for officers budgets and
has sent reports to Their Majesties. HL Sara has received notification that
Corporate wants all outstanding NMS current ASAP. At this time the outstanding
amounts are from branches in Canada. The good news is the Kingdom of An Tir is
current for the 1st quarter of 2005!
The Society has imposed a 90-day process to bring Canadian branches in An Tir up
to reporting standards for the rest of the society. Work is being accomplished,
and the branches should be on line by then end of the process.
Warrants for Canadian branch Exchequers are being updated. Stand by for news
from the Society on this issue.
All officers have budgets. Now is the time to turn in your wish lists for next
years budget. Please dont leave it until the last minute.
Kingdom Event reporting is becoming an issue. Please send your reports promptly.
Concerns about the travel re-imbursements have been updated. Check on line for

Kingdom Royal Equestrian  HL Agelos reports there have been 0 incidents and 0
injuries since the last Curia meeting.
The Equestrian handbook is available on line.
HL Agelos states that he will focus on promoting equestrian activities in
outlying areas. Another area that will be focused on is promoting mounted

Black Lion Herald: Lord Christopher Thomas reports that they have purchased
poles for the Black Lion Pavilion. Reporting is improving and is almost at 100%.
He continues to promote heraldic symposiums on the Principality level.

Minister of Arts and Sciences  Master Gordon Redthorn has taken over the office
for Master Cystennin. He will be listing the position in the upcoming Crier.
There are classes being planned at September Crown.
The Kingdom Bardic and Kingdom A&S Competitions are on track.

Chronicler: HL Arontius reports that he has the latest warrants to be signed by
Their Majesties. An Tir Laws will be updated and published by 12th Night.
There have been 8 nominations in the Kingdom for the Black Fox awards.
HL Vallerianne has a proposal for a new deputy to the Chronicler, The
Publications Deputy. This would permit all officers to submit officers handbooks
to the Chroniclers office for publication. It would make the handbooks more
uniform, would be more economical to print through the Kingdom publisher, and
would facilitate the handbooks going online.
This idea will be discussed between now and September Crown, with a decision in
time for the Kingdom Law changes at 12th Night.
More and More branches are moving away from written newsletters towards
electronic medium. A decision about official matters and printing will be made
at a society level.

Kingdom Scribe HL Turrien reports. The Domesday Booke is finished and was
presented to Their Majesties at court yesterday.
The Scribal budget has been exceeded by about $100.  This was spent on paper for
charters. The exact amounts will be available at September Crown. Everything
else is going well at this time.

Chirugeon: HL Tvormir reports that his report was sent to the Curia list, and to
Their Majesties. See report for details.

Kingdom Constable: HL Dane Lonewolf reports that he has not received a report
from Master Olafr.

Minister of Children: HL Amice de Chatillon reports: Childrens projects are
under way. HL Nimue has been named Kingdom Pied Piper and is present at the

Kingdom Games Master  HL Tewl Gover reports that he is working on finding
deputies on Tir Righ and Avacal. He states that reporting is still an issue at
this time.

Earl Marshal: Not Present

List Mistress: Not Present

Chatalaine: Not Present

Kingdom Events:
July Coronation:  Event is going well.

September Crown: HL Rosamund Reports that the event is on track. The extensive
paperwork required by the county has been completed! Any officers that would
like to be on the e-list for the event should contact HL Rosamund. There is no
access to the site until August because there is a crop growing. The team is
working on the egress and ingress issues. Work on the schedule will start

Kingdom Bardic: The event is on track and the contracts are signed. It has been
arranged for some non-messy foods to be allowed in the basement.

New Business  None reported.
Curia ended at 8:30 AM

Respectfully submitted
Brighid Ross
Baroness of the Court of An Tir
Curia Clerk


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