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12th Night Curia



Curia Meeting 1/14/07

Meeting called to order 9:15 AM

Viscountess Nadezhda introduced herself as the new Kingdom Seneschale.
12th Night - HL Renart stated that the preliminary gate count showed 804 in
attendances with Gross receipts $11,300.00 including pre-reg, but not including
merchant fees. Final costs would be determined by the number of hotel rooms
rented. There is a price break for the convention center for every 100 room
nights rented.
May Crown - The site is the Toppenish Rodeo Fairgrounds. Things are progressing
on schedule.
An Tir/West War - Needs a bid. You do not have to live in the Summits to place a
bid. There is lots of support and help out there for those willing to step up.
July Coronation - Plans are going well except for the site issues. But the
autocrat is in contact with HL Anneka.
Sept Crown - There is a bid coming in, and it will be analyzed and presented
Kingdom Bardic - Open for Bids
12th Night 208 - Lion's Gate has presented a bid, but there is one more bid
coming in.

Chatelaine - HL Eric de Dragon's Laire reports that he received no records from
his predecessor and will be doing some catch up. He states that his number one
priority is to find out who the Chatelaines are for each branch. As he finds out
this information he is encouraging them to join the e-list.

Black Lion Herald - HL Christopher Thomas reports that the financial problems
have been solved and that the heralds are moving on line; this will
substantially help the submission process. He requested a 1 year extension for
his warrant, and this was granted. He states he will be working with the Lion's
Blood Herald to help make this office work more efficiently.
Principalities are now responsible for their own rosters. Principality heralds
will no longer appear on the Kingdom roster. HL Christopher reports near 100%
reporting in the Kingdom at this time.

Exchequer - Master Pyotr reports that the Kingdom is financially healthy with a
net worth of $172,523.14. He requests that receipts are turned in promptly for
reimbursement.  He states that the budget for 2007 will pretty much echo the one
for 2006. If any Kingdom officers need changes in the budget please contact him.

Web Team- Master Pyotr reports that the Kingdom has moved to a new server. It
will take some time to deal with the changes. List owners are responsible for
dealing with the issues of their lists.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Marquessa Laurellen reports. She received no
files from her predecessor. She will be working on improving reporting and on
communications within the Arts and Sciences officers. This communication will
improve from the top down. Marquessa Laurellen states that her next priority is
to encourage Arts and Sciences at individual events. This will be an ongoing

Kingdom Chronicler - Master Arontius reports. Avacal and Tir Righ have been
super at reporting in the last quarter, while The Summits needs to continue to
work on this issue.
The Arts & Sciences edition of the Crier is in the mail at the time of the
meeting. The latest edition of Kingdom Law is still being revised and will be
published as soon as it is completed. Master Arontius expressed his desire to
step down from his post in September, wit the October Crier as his last edition.

Kingdom Chirugeon - HL Tvorimir reports, and introduces the western regional
Chirugeon, Krystene of BaO Dame Rowan is the contingency deputy. Please see
report sent to Curia list. In addition to the report HL Tvorimir mentioned that
there is a new Society Chirurgeon who had served as the Chirurgeon in Charge at

Minister of Children - HL Candace reports. She asked for a 1 year extension,
which was granted by His Majesty. She stated that she has a contingency deputy
in place. HL Candace spoke about the Pied Piper. She stated that HL Nimue is
delightful and an outstanding Pied Piper. She has planned and executed more
activities at more events this year than last. At the last event there were two
full days of activities. His Majesty King Sven echoed HL Candace's words,
stating "Her Majesty loves Nimue!"
The office of Preceptor of Pages is open. HL Candace describes this as a very
important office that is very paperwork oriented. The former Preceptor or Pages
has returned all the supplies, and the tent, so everything is ready to go for a
new officer.

Kingdom Scribe - HL Turrien reports. A Scribal contest was held at 12th Night
with 11 entries. The numbers of volunteers for charter painting continues to
grow with new requests for Kingdom Charters all the time. Also the numbers of
awards being given is also growing. This may cause budget issues; HL Turrien
will contact Master Pyotr to discuss this issue. HL Turrien is working on
getting the volunteers to turn in receipts for re-imbursement. HL Turrien states
that there are still reporting issues with many Scribes thinking that they have
to report through the Herald's office. Education continues to correct this.
There still needs to be a bid for the new Herald's seal. HL Turrien will contact
Sir Torfinn. Black Lion Herald requested that HL Turrien remind all scribes
doing original scrolls to clear the use of titles with the Herald's Office.

Kingdom Constable - new rules are coming down from Society. These will be
disseminated. Master Ian is working on fixing a reporting glitch.
Kingdom Equestrian - Master Togrul reports - (These minutes are taken from his
written report)
 An Tir Kingdom Equestrian Officer Report for 12th Night 2007 Curia
January 14, 2007
Since I took over this office at May Crown we have come out of being on
probation and have come along ways in being the cohesive group that the Kingdom
can be proud of.  We will still have our bumps along the way but we are working
them out.  I am very proud of the An Tirian Equestrian Community.
We had Equestrian Activities at 18 events this past year along with the numerous
official practices that go on throughout the Kingdom.  There are quite a few
people that have contacted me to find out how they can get involved.
We currently have 116 Authorized Riders, 107 Authorized Ground Crew, 29
Equestrian Marshals, and 11 Equestrian Marshals in training.  This is by far the
most in the Society.  We have more marshals than some Kingdoms have authorized
The new corporate rules are going to be presented to the board at the January
meeting.  There are many major changes in them.  All of them seem to be for the
good.  There are also a lot fewer restrictions.  When they are approved by the
board then we need to take a look at An Tir's rulebook and make a lot of changes
to it.  It looks to me that Yaasamiin, the Society Equestrian Officer, has taken
the advice of some very wise people and is presenting new rules that make total
sense.  It will be left up to the individual kingdoms to add additional rules
that are needed to cover the legal aspects of our game in each of the modern
jurisdictions that we play in.  I actually foresee us having probably half the
number of rules that we currently play under.  If/when the new rules are
approved we will go away from the rider levels and will have two forms of
authorizing.  These will depend on whether you are going to be playing the
marshaled games or not.  This will open up opportunities for many more people to
authorize as riders that don't particularly want to ride these games but are
more interested in other types of activities with their horses.
In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Master Togrul Guiscard, OP
Kingdom Equestrian Officer for An Tir

HRM King Sven states," I am looking forward to working with all of you, you do a
fantastic job and We have great respect for you. Thank You.

Meeting adjourned at 9:57 AM

Respectfully Submitted
Brighid Ross
Baroness of Dragon's Laire
Curia Clerk


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