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12th Night Curia



Curia Minutes January 15, 2006

In attendance: Their Majesties King Sven and Queen Signy, Princess Amanda of Tir
The meeting opened at 9:20 AM

His Majesty King Sven bid everyone a good morning.
Seneschal - Master Ljotr reports that Curia has started late and requests
officers be brief in their reports. He states that if anyone needs a warrant
signed now is the time to see him.

Exchequer - HL Sara reports. The budget for this year was adopted at the Finance
Committee meeting earlier. Black Lion Herald was apprised that there were some
questions regarding the request for new regalia in the budget. These concerns
and suggestions are documented in the Finance Committee report.
Budgets are flat for this year. The Kingdom is expected to run at an $11,000.00
deficit for the year. HL Sara reminds the group that the budget is spending
capabilities and does not necessarily reflect the amounts actually spent. She
reminds the officers that there is not a "spend it or lose it" attitude.
HL Sara reports that the Principalities still need signatures on warrants, and
invites those that need them to meet with her.

Earl Marshal- HL Carolina de PoliAna reports for Master Duncan. "The Marshalette
is good!"

Equestrian Officer- HL Agelos apologizes for a lengthy report.  There have been
12 events in the Kingdom with Equestrian activities and there are 0 reports of
injuries. There are currently 21 Equestrian marshals and 16 equestrian marshals
in training. This is the highest number of marshals in and Kingdom in the Known
Worlde. An Tir currently has more on line resources for the Equestrian community
than any other Kingdom.
The first Kingdom Equestrian Championship was held at September Crown with 16
entrants. HL Khaidu is the first Kingdom Equestrian Champion.
In the Inter Kingdom Competition those placing in the top 11 are riders from An
An Tir had equestrians who were victorious in competitions at both Estrella and
Great Western War.
HL Agelos reports that the equestrian program has been put in jeopardy by
factional fighting. During a meeting held Saturday January 14th, King Uther and
Queen Angahard stated that those equestrians that wished to continue to
participate in the program were to sign a pledge to be delivered to the Society
Marshal for Equestrian Activities. HL Agelos reports that they will be working
on a way to implement this agreement.

Black Lion Herald - HL Christopher Thomas reports that he has discovered that
Kingdom Law requires him to have a contingency deputy, and that he would find
one immediately. HL Christopher Thomas states that there has been a modification
to the submission process and you no longer need to include a mini-blazon.

Minister of Arts and Sciences - Master Gordon reports that the Kingdom Bardic
Competition went well and that Maestro Giuseppe Giordano Maria Falconieri was
victorious. He states that the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship is in March
in Dragon's Laire. He encourages everyone to attend and assures the meeting that
the event will be great and has an outstanding autocrat (HL Eileen in Loch).
There are currently 11 entries for there Championship.
Master Gordon states that Master Rauthulfr   has agreed to be the Deputy for
Guilds, and that Master Mischka has agreed to become his contingency deputy.
Master Gordon reports that there is a very strong bid for KBC in September from
the Barony of Dragon's Laire.
Master Gordon states that there will be Arts and Science activities at An Tir's
40 Year Celebration in May.

Kingdom Chronicler- Master Arontius reports that there is a new Chronicler for
the Principality of the Summits, and that is Dame Fearga.
Master Arontius reports that the new issue of Kingdom Law is finished and will
be mailed on Tuesday, January 17th. Master Arontius states that the first Arts
and Science Crier went out this quarter and that HL Rycheza is already working
on the next issue. He states that he will be asking for a one-year extension at
September Crown.

Kingdom Scribe- HL Tuirrean reports that it has been a record-breaking year for
the scribes and the numbers of awards and scrolls produced. They will continue
working furiously.

Kingdom Constable- HL Khaidu reports for Master Olafr. Due to illness Master
Olafr is forced to step down from the position of Kingdom Constable. HL Khaidu
has been dealing with the administrative tasks, but as a Kingdom Champion he
cannot take the post. HL Khaidu encourages anyone that is interested to apply
for the position.

Minister of Children - HL Candace reports that of the last 6 Crown Events there
have been children's activities at 5 of them. HL Candace states that an Arts and
Sciences aspect has been added to children's activities with the Pied Piper
handling those activities for children 5-11 and HL Candace handling those 12/17.
While this aspect is growing slowly, it is growing.
HL Candace reports that the number of Youth Combat Marshals has grown from 2
last year to over 10X that many now. There has been some Youth Combat at every
Crown event this year. The interest in Youth Combat is overwhelming. The Barony
of Three Mountains has an outstanding program with loaner gear available on a
limited basis.
HL Candace reports that the College of Pages is growing, and there is at long
last a Preceptor of Pages at the Kingdom Level. HL Candace announces that she
now has a contingency deputy.

Kingdom Chirurgeon - HL Tvorimir reports that the Chirurgeon report has been
sent in but adds "While my report is on the curia email- list, I do need to
state for the record that for the purposes of  Corpora, I am acting Principality
Chirurgeon of Avacal."
Non-Member Surcharge - Master Pyotr reports that there are 28 events that have
not sent in their NMS Submissions. He reminds the meeting that failure to submit
is cause for suspension. He reports that one branch came within 2 days of being
suspended, and currently there are seven branches in danger of suspension for
not submitting the NMS for events. Master Pyotr implored everyone to take this
very seriously, and Master Ljotr agreed with him.

Events Deputy - HL Anika Grace states that she will submit a report.
12th Night HL Penelope reports that the event is going well, and has grossed
over $15,000. She wishes to thank those good gentles in charge of decorations in
the hotel.

Old Business - None was reported

New Business - A bid by Eisenmarche for September Crown was discussed. The site
is a reconditioned gravel pit. The parks service has stated that the SCA would
be responsible for paying for an employee on site during the event. The cost
would be $3000. The site has no water available, it was deemed that the site was
not appropriate for September Crown.

Submitted by,
Brighid Ross
Baroness of Dragon's Laire
Curia Clerk


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