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12th Night Curia

1/9/2005 AS XXXIX


Meeting called to order at 10:15 AM by Viscountess Callista, standing in for Master Ljotr.

Royalty Present: His Majesty King Skeggi, Prince Kathall and Princess Nadezhda of The Summits, Princess Bernadette of Tir Righ..


Earl Marshall

Master Duncan stated that his tenure as Earl Marshal is up at July Coronation and that he is accepting applications for this position. He also informed His Majesty that he intends to re-apply for the position. Master Duncan introduced Sir Daniel, as his contingency deputy.

Master Duncan stated that he would be making some policy changes and that these changes would be announced during Royal Court at Ursulmas later this month. These changes include extending fighter authorizations to 3 years.

He stated the re-writing of the ABCs continues, and that the Society Revisions are also continuing and is nearing completion.

Master Duncan then introduced Sir Daniel as his contingency deputy.

His Majesty expressed his desire that all fighters should find a way to laminate their r fighters authorization cards and attach them to either their helms or their shields. This would create less confusion and excuses for not having them when requested by the List Mistress. His Majesty stated that he would not stand for the List Mistress to be harassed by fighters over this issue.

Discussion ensued regarding the best way to accomplish attaching the fighter authorization cards to the fighters.

His Majesty then requested that the Earl Marshals staff look into purchasing a laminator to help with this issue. Master Duncan will consult with the Kingdom Exchequer and begin the process.


Black Lion Herald

Black Lion Herald spoke about the challenges facing submissions. The Contingency Deputy has stepped forward to help with the slow-down, and Baron David of Moffat is assisting, as they attempt to clear out the backlog of submissions.

The Laurel Level is also behind in submissions with up to a 4-month backlog. This situation is being worked on at a Society level.

Black Lion Heralds tenure ends at September Crown, and he is accepting applications for this position.



HL Sarah presented His Majesty with a re-imbursement check.

The An Tir Exchequers website is being updated and the Exchequer invited all present to view the wonderful changes taking place.

Some work is being done to re-fine the Kingdom Financial policy there would be more details released in the future.

Branches There is new information available regarding what information is required on reports. HL Sarah also has available, and will be mailing the beginning of the year balances to all the branches for use in their Domesday Reports.

Sarah stated that she has several deputies working with her and they would be able to resume reviewing of all the branch finances beginning in March.

HL Sarah also expressed the importance of the Domesday Report and turning it in on time.



HL Arontius announced he has filled the positions of Curia Clerk and Warranting Deputy.

He stated that at this time he has 70% compliance in reporting.

He will be working to standardize the warranting procedures for branch Chroniclers.


Royal Scribe

Dame Tamlyn thanked His Majesty for judging the Charter Competition.

Domesday Booke work continues, Dame Tamlyn is encouraging branches to make the effort to be included in the Domesday Booke.

She stated that her tenure is over at July Coronation and that she is accepting applications for the position. Applicants should be very familiar with heraldry, heraldic terminology, and the heraldic registration process.


Minister of Arts & Science

The Kingdom Bardic Championship happened. Master Cystenin expressed great gratitude to the Barony of Lions Gate for hosting Kingdom Bardic with very little notice. He congratulated Baroness Anastasia on her fine victory.

The Kingdom Arts & Science Championship in Appledore is on track. He encouraged everyone to visit the website for more details.

Master Cystenin is looking for a contingency deputy at this time, but feels he will be making a decision shortly.

The positions of Western Regional and Rivers Regional reporting deputies have been filled.

There was a new Arts & Sciences Guild announced at Court. The College of Book Arts.

The Kingdom Archery guild is building up steam.

Master Cystenin announced that The Kingdom is still looking for a branch to host Kingdom Bardic this year.



The Chirugeonate is currently operating under guild status pending Their Majesties signatures on the warrants. His Majesty asked the Kingdom Chirugeon to make a presentation at Ursulmas, and the matter would be dealt with at that time.

There is currently a vacancy for the position of Principality Chirugeon in Avacal.


Minister of Children

The Minister of Children now has a Contingency Deputy Elise.

There will be childrens activities at May Crown Arts and Sciences, and Youth Combat.

The Minister of Children requested changes on the Kingdom Website to link site for the Minister of Children, the Pied Piper and Youth Combat to the site. A member of the Web team was present and agreed to handle this issue.




12th Night

HL Floralyn, the autocrat, thanked her team, and stated that the even is running in the black and that there were 690 people signed in at gate, not counting the autocrat team who had signed in separately before the event.

His Majesty complimented the team on a great event!

Viscountess Callista reminded everyone of the important of post event reporting, and wrap up reports are critical to the success of future Kingdom Events.


May Crown

The Autocrat's representative reports that the event is up and running. Event copy is in the Crier, and that a contract for the site has been signed. His Majesty remarked that he would be driving down to inspect the site before the event, The Autocrat's representative requested that all Kingdom Officers contact him regarding their needs at May Crown. He also requested that the Kingdom Officers encourage their deputies to volunteer and help out at the event.Spring Crown Council


Spring Crown Council

There will be a Spring Crown Council and bids are being sought for this event.


Board Meeting

Viscountess Callista mentioned that there would be a meeting of the Board of Directors in Portland January 22, the same weekend as Ursulmas.


July Coronation

The site for this event will be decided shortly.


Royal Equestrian

HL Agelos spoke about situation with Equestrian Activities being put on probation: There were 2 reasons, 1) Equestrian Marshals were either not reporting promptly, or not requiring waivers to be signed correctly. 2) Individual Marshals created problems with reporting. The measures taken to correct this situation included HL Agleos establishing a checklist for all Equestrian events that include all requirements for waivers and include reporting deadlines.

The results of HL Agelos efforts were that the 6-month probation was lifted after 4 months. An Tir is the most active Equestrian Kingdom in the Known Worlde at this time. The Society Equestrian Rules have been augmented to fit the needs of An Tir.


Dexter Gauntlet Herald

HL Quentin Martel spoke about computer software to aid in tracking of reporting. He suggested the use of this software to encourage reporting in all disciplines. He is offering to teach Kingdom Officers, or their Reporting Deputies how to use the technology. Kingdom Officers are to contact him if they are interested.


His Majesty King Skeggi thanked everyone for their efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of An Tir with special commendation and thanks to HL Agelos for his handling of the Equestrian issue.


Curia was ended at 10:49 AM


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