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July Coronation ASXXXV
Curia Minutes for July 12, 2000

Curia Clerk: Tayla of Winds, Canton of Porte de L’eau.

Meeting called to order.

Kingdom Champions are expected to attend, they may not have been aware of this.

Seneschal's Report (HL Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson)

Baronies are in a state of flux, Terra Pomaria has completed their Baronial selection process. They were the last Barony to start the process and are the first to finish; they give a great example of how the process should be run.

Seneschals & Exchequers meeting will follow immediately after Curia.

The banishment of Draggi is complete and submitted to the BOD.

Crown Council – Bids have been received from UW and Evergreen, waiting for a few more.

Seeking bids for May and September crown AS XXXVI.

There is a new Bid Form, and it is the only one that will be accepted. This new form asks several critical questions regarding email and posting addresses online.

Comments are currently being accepted for changes in Kingdom Law.

The Heralds Pavilion:

The pavilion is a year old and has only been used 4 times. The stakes are missing and one of the bags is torn. It is failing to be maintained correctly.

The pavilion is the joint property of the Heralds and Lists, it has been difficult to keep track of who is responsible from event to event.

The Black Lion Herald and the Earl Marshal will discuss a plan for handling the pavilion in the future.

Calendar Deputy to the Seneschal: HL Togrul Guiscard

HL Valerienne de Menton will be taking over at September Crown.

The new Bid Form must be used. It includes questions about posting Autocrat’s address info and requests for email addresses.

Exchequer's Report (HL Alanus of Bunghea)

Branches currently keep the merchants fees for Kingdom events that they host. In the past there was not a consistent plan for handling fees. There are now new sheets & rules for handling these issues.

$50,000 has been placed in CD’s at 5.99%. They expire at 6-month intervals just before the beginning of each reign. This way any necessary funds can be removed or just rolled over.

Get budget requests to Jean Louis. Most budgets will be decreased.

Black Lion Herald's Report (Countess Elizabeth de Rossignol)

30-50 submissions are passed a month, 93% of them are approved by the Laurel. The Submissions herald is leaving the position in September and no immediate replacement is available. These tasks will be split & handled internally until a replacement is found.

The BLH is stepping down in 10 months and is actively seeking her replacement.

The Black Lion Herald’s office now has a checking account again.

Earl Marshall's Report (Sir Aethelred Cloudbreaker)

List mistress has resigned the position, still accepting applications.

The EM intends to re-work the authorization and back-end processes so that it is clear who is authorized for what.

Constable's Report (Mistress Melissa Kendall of Westmoreland)

Focus on training, both for new volunteers and re-training old.

There has been a recent lack of Constables. HRM commented on the reduced number of patrols.

Minister of Arts & Sciences' Report (HL Isabella Lucrezia Venziano Martini)

Kingdom A&S Champion rules have changed, details are available on the website.

Bids are being accepted for the A&S championship event, info on the requirements are available on the website or in the Ministers Handbook.

A&S forums are happening at local events.

Chronicler's Report (Lord Christophe de Lascaux)

Budget challenges have existed pertaining to the Crier.

Currently seeking an Inlands deputy.

Many details and responsibilities are being passed on to the regional officers.

Chatelaine's Report (Master Michael of Brecon)

Not present.

Chiurgeon's Report (Rauthúlfr Meistari inn Orthstóri)

15 master, 30 apprentices, 15 at a mid level as well.

An Tir Chirurgeon’s manual is pending.

Bid for the Chirurgeon’s pavilion is $1200. The Chirurgeon current has no pavilion, only a donated dayshade.

Equipment is being inventoried.

Testing new forms and seeking donations for Banners.

Royal Consul's Report (Dux Darius Corvinus Equis)

Not present.


September Crown 2000: Dragon's Laire

Crown Council: Glymm Mere

Twelfth Night 2001: Seagirt

May Crown 2001: TBA

July Coronation 2001: TBA

September Crown 2001: TBA

Twelfth Night 2002: Bid pending from Madrone.

Old Business

None mentioned.

New Business

Details and forms are being posted to the web more and more.

Entrants to Kingdom Championships need to be members. By default, champions at all levels will be assumed to be officers and must therefore be members. Champions may be designated as non-officers in branch by-laws.

Thorin Olafsson is attempting to start a leather workers guild. 1 person attened the meeting on 7/15, but he will persevere.

Who notifies local EMTs as to the location of the event? Is this part of the Autocrat’s responsibilities?

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