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May Crown ASXXXV
Curia Minutes for May 21, 2000

Curia Clerk: Nadezhda Volynskaiia, Chronicler for Shire of Coeur du Val.

Meeting called to order.

TRM had no opening words.

TRH are looking forward to Their reign. Expect reports in on time.

Seneschal's Report (Lord Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson)

The new drop-dead deputy is Viscountess Callista.

New Western Region Seneschal: HL Rhonwen McBride.

Will be using Master Siegfried as an investigator on some problems, as Olafr can only be in one place at a time.

New conflict policy implemented. Relies mostly on common sense.

Three baronies are currently without seated barons/baronesses. Viceroys are in place.

Northern Region is looking at moving to Crown Principality status.

Glymm Mere trying to expand by taking over more zip codes. Olafr advised them to check with their neighbors first. Appledore and Aqua Terra are talking about dividing for various reasons.

Invited comments to existing law and suggestions for change from the general populace through the Crier.

Court of Inquiry concluded. Reports went to TRM and TRH.

Olafr soliciting bids for a Kingdom Seneschal's Pavilion.

Exchequer's Report (HL Alanus of Bunghea)

Corporate recommended changes to Kingdom Financial Policy to stabilize it more. Report contains rough draft of changes: restructure and incorporate procedures that are currently lacking.

Doomsday report submitted only 2 weeks after deadline. Big improvement.

Bank account materials are in Milpitas. Establishing a Bank of America account to handle exchange of Canadian and American monies.

The Kingdom monies will go into five new CD's, four of which will rotate. Numbers are in the report.

Moneyer's guild - a summary of purpose of the Moneyer's guild will be published in the Crier.

Black Lion Herald's Report (Countess Elizabeth de Rossignol)

There have been ninety-one submissions since January. 94% approved by Laurel Queen of Arms.

Submissions are increasing greatly. Seeking new submission deputy (third one in 2 years due to heavy load of office).

Herald contingent traveled to Avacal and were well received. Plan to do again.

An Tir Heralds email list working excellently.

Kingdom Heraldic Symposium went well.

Northern Region Herald in place. Looking at possible name and heraldry in case they become Principality.

There are 36 branch heralds (excluding Summits and Avacal). There is a 90% reporting rate.

Added Black Lion staff member, who will work with incipient branches immediately.

Want to work out the best way of getting award information to the OP and Crier in a timely fashion with accuracy.

Next Society Heraldic Symposium will be in Stargate, Ansteorra.

Looking for successor. Term is half over.

Earl Marshall's Report (Jarl Sir Master Barak Ravensfuri)

Not present. Report given by Countess Aryanna Silknfyre.

Orderly changes in regional marshals.

Looking for replacement for Kingdom Earl Marshal. Have two possible candidates.

SCA minimum armor standards undergoing third rewrite.

Still have a reporting issue with branch marshals.

Drop off in new fighters. Need to see more incoming fighters.

The Marshallate is strong.

The new authorization form is working well.

List Mistress seeking replacement.

Constable's Report (Mistress Melissa Kendall of Westmoreland)

Not present. Report given by Olafr.

Working on Constabulary plan of action for large/Crown events.

Would like to include Exchequer on events approval.

Minister of Arts & Sciences' Report (HL Isabella Lucrezia Venziano Martini)

Am in touch with regional officers.

Communications are abysmal.

There is a New Kingdom A&S criteria up for approval by Coronation.

Wants to get rid of pavilion! It is too large. Suggests a pavilion shuffle/swap with waterbearer and Chirurgeonate.

Chronicler's Report (Lord Christophe de Lascaux)

Encourage all Greater Offices to send current contact information to the Crier Lists Deputy.

Encourage all officers to use their e-ddresses to cut down on confusion and expedite officer changeovers.

Looking at publishing the first volume of the An Tir Chronicles as provided by the Kingdom Grete Boke Deputy.

Adding Web Assistance and Steps deputies. Will be enforcing the BOD rules on websites.

Has suggestions for the Kingdom website to make it easier to navigate and more user friendly.

Chatelaine's Report (Master Michael of Brecon)

There is a new Northern Region deputy, Ekatarina Borisovna.

Rivers and Western need new deputies.

Lack of reporting is a problem.

Globe and Mail slam in January. Even though well circulated, foresee no long-term negative effect. Short term - those who know the SCA didn't believe the article.

No apparent long-term fall out over An Tir -West war article last July.

Web page needs updating. Will coordinate with the Chronicler.

Possible problem. Reports of brand new first time fighters fighting at demos. Countess Aryanna says this shouldn't happen: too dangerous.

Survey says for every 10 new people, we lose 6, 2-3 remain as fringies, and 1 hard-core keeper.

Chiurgeon's Report (Baron Leif Moonshadow Dalesson)

Not present. Report given by Deputy Chirurgeon, Master Gabriel McFarlane.

Kingdom Chirurgeon plans to step down prior to Coronation. Successor (with approval) will be Master Rauthulfr.

No injuries of note to report.

The number of chirurgeons is decreasing.

Rauthulfr would like a period pavilion large enough to screen off a treatment area. HisRH suggested using the old waterbearing pavilion. Discussion of whereabouts of waterbearing pavilion ensued.

Looking at taking bids / donations for regalia.

Excess inventory will be dealt with.

Annual Chirurgeons meeting proposed.

Would like to expand Chirurgeon's staff. Adding Kingdom deputies for webpage and apprentices.

Royal Consul's Report (Dux Darius Corvinus Equis)

Not present.


July Coronation: Shittemwoode

September Crown 2000: Dragon's Laire

Crown Council: TBA

Twelfth Night 2001: Seagirt

May Crown 2001: TBA

July Coronation 2001: Bid from Terra Pomeria

September Crown 2001: Vulkanfeldt

Twelfth Night 2002: Bid from Madrone

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