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Curia Minutes for January 9, 2000

Curia Clerk: Genovefra Boulanger, Chronicler of the Barony of Madrone

Meeting called to order.

New officers introduced:

  • Lord Christophe de Lascaux (Kingdom Chronicler)
  • Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson (Kingdom Seneschal)
  • HRM Sven (King of An Tir)

Seneschal's Report (Lord Mikill Olafr Bjarnarson)

Not much to report since job just started yesterday. Would like to foster officer communication and cooperation, especially pre-event. Will not be interfering, except for obvious problems.

Exchequer's Report (HL Alanus of Bunghea, Fundraising Deputy - Master Jean-Louis de Chambertin)

A meeting was held yesterday with all exchequers. The large to-do list from September Crown has been whittled down, and modifications to current procedures are forthcoming.

A corporate audit took place in December 1999, favorable report. There is still some problem with getting bank statements sent to the right person. However, up-to-date access is available electronically.

The office of Exchequer has been split into Accounting & Reporting Exchequer, A&R Deputy, and Administrative Exchequer. Fundraising Deputy position will be rolled into other deputy position.

There are current licensing difficulties with opening a corporate checking account in WA (regarding business license). Also, accounts need to be approved by corporate resolution (BoD). Paperwork is being filed for 501(c)(3) status (not-for-profit). Countess Elizabeth has volunteered to be the registered agent of the SCA in WA (mundane function only; no other kingdom duties implied by this title).

Budgets are legal and binding documents. Recommend not spending entire allotment in order to keep same level of funding for next year.

Proposed: to change the fiscal year ending to July.

Officer expenses can be tax-deductible.

Financial policy committee wants to move current cash assets into higher interest rate CDs. The plan is to overlap CDs at 48-month intervals. Future possibilities: mutual funds, etc. The benefits would include generating extra income, removing a portion of assets from easy accessibility, and ensuring funds for fiscal recovery (should it be needed). Policy will be created soon and reviewed by BoD. E-mail Jean-Louis to be on policy mailing list. The plan is to stabilize An Tir finances and financial policy.

Chamberlain's Report (Lady Aoife)

Recently acquired file cabinet for papers. Will be replacing missing regalia and reconditioning equipment in poor condition. Jean-Louis is working on liability insurance for all trailers.

Black Lion Herald's Report (Countess Elizabeth de Rossignol)

Received Crown warrant through May 2001. Now on Known Worlde principal heralds mailing list; receiving good ideas from other heralds. No problems in starting up (except for opening bank account).

Some shires do not have heralds; working on coverage. Working on staff for regional herald. Other staff positions currently filled with good people. Looking for voice heraldry teachers. Have financial deputy for Black Lion account. Duplicate reference materials have been passed to principality heralds.

The pavilion donated for Black Lion use is also available for the use of other great officers.

A kingdom heraldic symposium will be held in Seagirt, on April 8, 2000. Will be traveling to Summits and Avacal, also Ansteorra in June (heraldic symposium).

There is a need for better herald-scribe communication (scribe is Black Lion deputy); work is being done on this. Also, improvement is needed on the Order of Precedence; making a process checklist and setting up review checkpoints. The review process for submissions is going very well (side note: Countess Elizabeth noted for the written record that Madame Rafaella d'Allemtejo can have a pint of her blood at any time).

If there is a problem with a herald or with a heraldic process, please let Black Lion know (that's the only way problems can be fixed).

Query: does the corpora requirement change for branch heralds (every branch must have a herald) affect kingdom requirements? Not certain yet, but preliminary answer is no (until kingdom rules change specifically).

Earl Marshall's Report (Countess Aryana Silknfyre)

Due to robbery of previous Earl Marshall, some current marshal files are missing. All other files have been turned over.

Deputy needed. No other position changes, except possibly the listmistress.

New authorization forms are available. Copies have been distributed to regional marshals. The Crown should also keep a supply handy while touring.

The current emphasis is on teaching and rule awareness. New heavy minimum rules still upcoming.

Confirmed continuation of rule that knights need not present authorization card.

No other changes. Current with Known Worlde Marshall.

Constable's Report (Melissa Kendall, report made by deputy Asi O'Riain)

Major problems being taken care of.

Minor problems - reports are not being turned in. A suggestion was made to send out mail 10-15 days before next report cycle, including past reports from other branches. Will increase compliance considerably.

Minister of Arts & Sciences' Report (Mistress Tegan de Ravelly)

The Kingdom A&S Championship will be held in Glymm Mere in March. Every entrant (single or full entry) must pre-register, so that space may be made available and the appropriate judges found. Judges needed. Submission guidelines available.

Stepping down in March; incumbent deputy may take over position. Also, there are deputy positions available, especially a Web deputy, and more support staff is needed. The Kingdom Chronicler may be able to help with Web needs.

Location needed for A&S 2001.

Subguilds should not get money from local branches.

Chronicler's Report (Lord Christophe de Lascaux)

New officers, please sent change information to the Crier soon (including changes to warrants).

The new Crier editor is Adelheid von Katzenellenbogen. New postal, layout deputies are needed. Also looking for deputies for Grete Boke, Web page compliance, list monitoring.

Publications guidelines are available.

Would like to increase publication of A&S information and ideas.

Would like to decrease paperwork as much as possible. Will be putting more information and forms (including waivers) on the Web for easy access.

The role of the regional chronicler will be changing to a more advisory position.

Chiurgeon's Report (Baron Leif Moonshadow Dalesson)

For this reporting period, there were three major accidents, three minor accidents, and lots of booboos. Lots of dog bites this year.

Minor waiver can be filled out yearly, instead of per event (laminating is a good idea).

A principal chiurgeon for Avacal has been found (reigning prince); however, he must wait to the end of his reign to take office. The Rivers Region needs a new chiurgeon. Kingdom Chiurgeon needs replacement by Twelfth Night 2001 (will have been in office for 5 years).

The Chirugeon symposium was good. There is a new Master Chiurgeon.

Royal Consul's Report (Dux Darius Corvinus Equis)

The proposal for the non-armored combat peerage is being sent to the BoD.

The interkingdom advisory committee is not being used much currently. Plan to "light fires."

New proposed light combat rules (archers to be heavy minimum).

Finally receiving BoD minutes and seneschal summary. Also, Web page getting better. Proposal: work with Kingdom Chronicler to put forms on Web page. Get public feedback on issues. Publish Crier column twice yearly.


July Coronation 2000: Shittemwoode's bid is approved.

May Crown 2000: Bids incoming.

September Crown 2000: Aquaterra has placed a bid.

Twelfth Night 2002: Madrone will place a bid.

Crown Council: No decision yet. Shittemwoode volunteers.

Note: Shittemwoode volunteers its site for use by other branches.

Note: A suggestion was made to set up a rotating branch schedule for Crown events. Branches could trade off with each other, but there would be no anxiety about locations. Also, branches could prepare more in advance.

Old Business

Clark County is dropping matter from July Coronation 1999.

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