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A household is a group of people who share something in common. It might be a group of people who like to camp together at events, or share a particular activity or interest.

Households generally have no official status in the Kingdom or the Known World, but are well-recognized as existing. A household can be as small as three people or be so large that there are members throughout the Known World. Some well-known Society-wide households include the Great Horde (those with Mongolian or related personas), and Clan Blue Feather (homosexuals and friends).

Some households are based around a Peer, Royal Peer, or Peerage couple, and their apprentices, squires, and protégés.

You can belong to more than one household at a time (if the members of the households involved donít mind).

You donít have to belong to any household if you donít want to.

You can register a badge on behalf of the household.

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