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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

Customs, Etiquette, and Playing the Game

Forms of Address or "But what do I call them?"

Based on ban-Iarla Daedin MacAoidh a’Mhonadh’s Protocol in the S.C.A. class notes.

Untitled Nobility:
"Milord/Milady" (Milord Bob/Milady Jane). Everyone starts with this address and people of ANY RANK can properly be styled in this manner.
Award of Arms:
"My Lord/My Lady" (Lord Bob/Lady Jane)
Grant of Arms:
"Your Lordship/Your Ladyship" (The Honourable Bob/The Honourable Jane)
"Your Excellency" (His Excellency, Baron Bob/Her Excellency, Baroness Jane).
All peerages come with a Patent of Arms and are equal in rank.
  • Order of Chivalry: Members of the Order of Chivalry come in two flavors: Knights and Masters at Arms. Knights are generally addressed as "Sir Bob/Sir Jane", Masters are generally addressed as "Master Bob/Mistress Jane".
  • Order of the Laurel: "Master Bob/Mistress Jane".
  • Order of the Pelican: "Master Bob/Mistress Jane".
Royal Peerage:
Royal peerages generally come with a Patent of Arms and have varying levels of precedence.
  • Viscounties: "Your Excellency" (His Excellency, Viscount Bob/Her Excellency, Viscountess Jane). Viscounties have the lowest precedence of the Royal Peerages.
  • Counties: "Your Excellency" (His Excellency, Count Bob/Her Excellency, Countess Jane). Common equivalent titles include: Earl, Jarl, Graf/Graefin, Mormaor/Banamormaor, Iarla/ban-Iarla (Pronounced: ‘YAR-la’ and ‘ban-YAR-la’). Counties have a greater precedence than Viscounties.
  • Duchies: "Your Grace" (His Grace, Duke Bob/Her Grace, Duchess Jane). Common equivalent titles include: Jarl, Iarla/Jarlina, Diuc/Ban-Diuc. Duchies have greater precedence than Counties.
Current rulers during Their reigns.
  • Tanist/Tanista: The heirs to a principality seat. No set titles. Sometimes referred to as "Lord [name of principality]/Lady of [name of principality]" (Tanist Bob/Tanista Jane). The Tanist and Tanista have the lowest precedence of the royalty.
  • Prince/Princess: The rulers of a principality. "Your Highness" (His Highness, Prince Bob/Her Highness, Princess Jane). The Prince and Princess have greater precedence than the Tanist and Tanista.
  • Crown Prince/Crown Princess: The heirs to the Throne, the next King and Queen. "Your Royal Highness" (His Royal Highness, Prince Bob/Her Royal Highness, Princess Jane). The Crown Prince and Crown Princess have greater precedence than a Prince and Princess.
  • King/Queen: The rulers of a kingdom. "Your Majesty" or "Your Grace" (His Majesty, King Bob/Her Majesty,Queen Jane). Also referred to jointly as "The Crown" or "The Throne". The King and Queen have the highest precedence of anyone in the kingdom.
(More information on Alternate Titles in many languages.)

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