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Kingdom History

A Brief Timeline of the History of An Tir

by Countess Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland
Anno Societatis I (1966/1967)
May 1
First Tournament of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Diana Listmaker's (Diana Paxson) backyard in Berkeley California. Participants later march up Telegraph Avenue to protest the 20th Century.
A.S. II (1967/1968)
Jan. 6
West Kingdom Coronation and Twelfth Night, Oakland, California, First knighting of a person from the area that would become An Tir: Jamie of the Oakenshield (from Three Mountains).
A.S. IV (1969/1970)
Dec. 31
First Event in Three Mountains (Portland, Oregon), New Year's Eve Revel.
A.S. V (1970/1971)
May 3
First Tourney in Madrone (Seattle, Washington) Clyde Schumann's Ranch, Olympia, Washington.
A.S. VI (1971/1972)
Oct. 10
First issue of The Crier Published by Roger the Goliard and Nancy Current.
A.S. VIII (1973/1974)
May 27
Royal Tourney of Union. King Paul (of Bellatrix) and Queen Carol (of Bellatrix), Monarchs of the West, sign a Charter joining the Barony of Three Mountains and the Barony of Madrone in a provisional Principality.
First An Tirian Master at Arms - Raymond the Mild.
First An Tirian Companion of the Laurel - Sheen of Ire.
Aug. 25
First An Tir Coronet Tourney and Coronetting. King Henrik (of Havn) and Queen Seitse, Monarchs of the West, invest Sir Frederick of the West Tower and Anne of the White Tower First Prince and Princess of Principality of An Tir.
A.S. XI (1974/1975)
Jan. 18
First Official Event in Lions Gate (Vancouver, British Columbia), Monboggian Mid-Winter New Moon Festival
Feb. 16
Royal Tourney. Shire of Lions Gate. King Paul (of Bellatrix) and Queen Carol (of Bellatrix), Monarchs of the West, charter the University of Madrone (later to become University of Ithra).
A.S. X (1975/1976)
July 4-6
First Session of the University of Madrone.
Jan. 3
First An Tir Twelfth Night Coronetting. Prince Edward (Zifran) and Princess Fiona (di Varanus) pass their coronets to Elrond Blacksabre and Gilrean of Regen. This is the first time the Coronetting was held apart from Coronet Tourney. King William (of Hoghton) and Queen Donna (of Rollingwood), Monarchs of the West, rechartered the University of Madrone as the University of Ithra (means 'excellence' in Arabic)
A.S. XII (1977/1978)
July 16
First Sergeant at Arms Tourney. Barony of Madrone. Only successful candidate is Seamus MacCuraidh of Glenrochaidh (Now known as Duke Thorin Njalson).
West Kingdom Purgatorio Coronation. Big Trees Camp. King Paul (of Bellatrix) and Queen Carol (of Bellatrix) grant Master Michael the Black, founder of the University of Ithra, the first S.C.A. Augmentation of Arms
Jan. 14
An Tir Twelfth Night Coronetting. (Climax of the An Tir Rebellion) A petition of Rebellion against the West Kingdom was presented to Prince Edward (Zifran) and Princess AlmaTea (av den Telemarken) by Viscount Sir Elrond Blacksabre, Friar William of Woodland and Master Duncan of Chisholm, Principality Seneschal. Prince Edward declared that he would hold the Crown of the King of An Tir for its rightful holder in the future.
Mar. 25-26
An Tir Coronet Tourney. Prince Manfred and Princess Koressa institute the Order of the Iron Chain for exceptional physical bravery and grant it to Harrold of Warrington, Morimoto Koryu, and Guillaume de Vinvert for a horse rescue at the previous Coronet Tourney.
A.S. XIII (1978-1979)
Prince Ulfred (Drommefjell) & Princess Valkyrie (Drommefjell) decide to change An Tir from three reigns a year to two and determine that the Champion of An Tir will be fought for at July Coronetting each year.
Oct. 7
West Kingdom Fall Crown Tourney. Big Trees Camp. Viscountess Janeltis Karaine Starfollower, OL, Baroness of the Court, is created Dowager Princess of An Tir by Their Majesties James (Greyhelm) and Verena (of Laurelin), at the petition of the citizens of An Tir.
Jan. 5
West Kingdom Twelfth Night Coronation. Alyanora of Vinca, Baroness Adiantum, is crowned the first Queen of the West from An Tir.
Apr. 28-29
West Kingdom Beltane Coronation. King Steven and Queen Alyanora crown Viscount Sir Steingrim Stellari and Lady Rhiannon of the Lost Star first King and Queen of the West from An Tir.
AS XV (1980/1981)
Jan. 17
An Tir Twelfth Night Coronetting. Barony of Lions Gate. Baron Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Earl Steingrim Stellari, Baron Theodolf of Borogrove and Baroness Anne of Caerdydd petition the Board of Directors of the S.C.A. through Frederick and Nicorlynn, King and Queen of the West, to raise An Tir to the status of Kingdom.
The Board of Directors determine that the next An Tir Coronet Tourney will be our first Crown Tourney.
Sept. 5-7
First An Tir Crown Tourney. Barony of Lions Gate. King Steingrim (Stellari) and Queen Leonora (di Felicie) invest Master Manfred Kriegstriber and Lady Morag Campbell of Glenbourne as Crown Prince and Princess of An Tir.
The other finalists in the Crown Lists were Sir Seamus d'Erochai inspired by Lady Bolverk of Momchilovich, and Viscount Sir Scellanus of Skye inspired by Viscountess Maelen of Catcott.
Jan. 16
First An Tir Twelfth Night Kingdom Coronation. Barony of Madrone. Last Prince and Princess of the Principality of An Tir: Viscount Sir Ulfred Drommefjell, Mistress Sumingo of Amaranth, King Radnor (of Guildemar), and Queen Esmeralda (Dancingstar), Monarchs of the West, crown Master Manfred Kriegstriber and Lady Morag Campbell of Glenbourne first King and Queen of An Tir.
AS XXVI (1991-1992)
Jan. 11-12
An Tir Kingdom Twelfth Night. The Region of Avacal is elevated to the status of Crown Principality. King Tjorkill (Kanne) and Queen Hlutwige (Wolfkiller), create the Lion of An Tir, given but once a reign to the subject whom Their Majesties feel most bodies the spirit of An Tir and the Society. They invest Duke Master Manfred Kriegstriber as the principal of the Honour.
AS XXVII (1992-1993)
May 15-17
An Tir Crown Tourney. The Region of the Summits is elevated to the status of Crown Principality.
AS XXIX (1994-1995)
Jun. 11-12
Council of Crowns, Barony of Dragonslaire. Their Royal Majesties Darius and Jacyntha, King and Queen of An Tir, host the Monarchs of the Knowne World, in the first regular meeting of the Crown Heads of the Laurel Kingdoms.
AS XXX (1995-1996)
July 21
Her Serene Highness Dowager Princess Janeltis Karaine Starfollower passes from our mortal company to the realm of stars.
Mar. 30-31
First Coronet Tourney and Coronetting of the Principality of the Summits. King Thorin (Njalson) and Queen Sineidin (ban Thorin) invest Sergeant Lawrence of the Marshes and Lady Mirriam de Xaintrailles as the First Prince and Princess of the Summits. Finalist in the Coronet Lists: Master Timothy McDaniel, Grendal's Kin inspired by Lady Fearga.
AS XXXI (1996-1997)
Jun. 7-16
Thirty Year Celebration. An Tir hosts the Known World under the leadership of Master Jean Louis de Chambertain, OL, OP.
Jun. 29-Jul 1
First Coronet Tourney of the Principality of Avacal. Barony of Borealis. Duke Rorik Gunnarsson wins, inspired by Lady Gwendolyn Gover. Finalist in the Coronet Lists: Sir Aethelhere the Unsteady, inspired by the Honourable Celine D'Avingnon.
Aug. 2-5
First Coronetting of the Principality of Avacal. Barony of Myrganwoode. King Thorin (Njalsson) and Queen Sineidin (ban Thorin), Monarchs of An Tir, coronet Duke Rorik Gunnarsson and Lady Gwendolyn Gover as the first Prince and Princess of Avacal.

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