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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

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How To Register My Name and Device

When you've settled on a name and device you like and think you can live with, you'll want to register them with the College of Arms. Ask your Herald for a copy each of the Name and Device Submission forms (also available in the Forms section of this Handbook.) Fill in the forms as completely as you can. Attach photocopied documentation for your name (include a photocopy of the title page of the book), and draw your device as line drawing; as simply, clearly and as large as you can in the space provided. You will need to make a photocopied reduction for the bottom right corner of your device or badge submission

Once you have everything together, make five photocopies of everything. Put one in your files, give one to your friendly local branch herald for their files and send the other three with a check for $12 US (effective Nov. 1997) to the Lion's Blood Herald, whose name and address can be found in The Crier (or here).

It will take six to twelve months for your submission to work its way through the registration process. First it will be sent out to the An Tir College of Heralds for comment. They'll check to make sure your name follows good medieval naming practices and that nobody else has already registered a similar name. They'll also check to make sure your device follows good medieval design practices and that nobody else has registered a similar device. If your device passes at the kingdom level, it is sent on to the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, who sends it out to heralds throughout the Knowne World for similar checking. If your submission passes here, it is registered to you. This means that nobody will be able to register a name similar to yours, or a device that might easily be confused with yours. You will receive a letter from the Lion's Blood Herald notifying you that your submission has been registered and you may also use the announcement in The Crier.

If your name or device fails anywhere along the way, you will receive a letter from the Lion's Blood Herald, explaining how and why it failed, and often suggesting ways to fix the problem. If you re-submit the failed item within a year, there is no additional charge. It is possible that your name will pass and your device will fail or vice versa.

More information about choosing a name, designing a device and how to submit both to the College of Arms is available from Black Lion Herald, or can be found at the An Tir website at

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