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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

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Being King And Queen

by ban-Iarla Daedin MacAoidh a'Mhonadh, Countess of An Tir

Although I am no authority, I would like to give you my thoughts on the functions and duties of the Kings and Queens of An Tir. Allow me to begin by saying that this should not be construed as a complete list of the things that our Monarchs do or how They do them, but should serve as an overview. Also, these conditions continue to change over time as our situation changes. That having been said, allow me now to continue...

Our Monarchs are chosen in a double-elimination single combat Tournament held twice yearly in May and September. After the tournament is held, the victor and his or her consort become the Crown Prince and Crown Princess until their Coronation. Coronations are held in July and January, so the victor in May becomes Monarch in July, the September tournament's victor is crowned in January. The time spent as Crown Prince and Crown Princess is the 'training period' for the victor's Reign (although it is considered to be in poor taste for anyone to assume that they will rule before their Coronation, as a courtesy to the current Monarchs). Once one steps down as a Monarch, one is granted entry into the Royal Peerage of An Tir (which is considered to be like the 'Royal Family').

Functions of Monarchs:

  • To preside as the ceremonial centerpiece of An Tir in courts, state functions and inter-Kingdom functions (actually, at any event that they attend!).
  • To create Peers and recognize those members of Their populace who They find worthy of meritorious award.
  • To create and modify Kingdom Law and Kingdom governance policy.
  • To marshal the forces of war in defense of An Tir's borders and to defend the people of An Tir from harm both external and internal.
  • To enhance the atmosphere and pageantry of our recreation of the medieval period.
  • To stand as the voice of the people and to use their council in the governance of An Tir.
  • To appoint Kingdom Officers and ceremonial functionaries (Barons and Baronesses and Royal Patrons) to aid in the administration of policy and rulership.
  • To create or dissolve branches within An Tir according to Kingdom and Corporate Law.
  • To encourage and support the Arts and Sciences in An Tir.
Duties of Monarchs:
  • To attend Their Coronation, the Crown Tourney to choose Their successors, and Their successor's Coronation.
  • To attend events both here and in other lands as the Representatives of our Land.
  • To create, negotiate and execute inter-Kingdom treaties.
  • To harken to the council of the populace of An Tir.
  • To stand as examples of honor, courtesy, chivalry, and graciousness.
  • To increase the honor and reputation of An Tir and to foster a higher ideal of behavior and attitude.
  • To bind Themselves in oaths of mutual support and allegiance with those who swear fealty and support to Them and An Tir.
As you know, the fact that we have Kings and Queens sets us apart from most other groups. It is something unique and special, and is part of the magic of the S.C.A. But remember that all Monarchs are people just like you, but with a pretty big job to do--just like officers in the S.C.A. It is expensive and exhausting to be a Monarch, but it can also be infinitely rewarding--particularly when recognizing those members of An Tir's populace who are worthy of award. And it can be very exciting to stand in the presence of your King or Queen as a member of the populace of An Tir.

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