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How To Give Money To The Kingdom

The Kingdom depends on the generosity of its populace to assist in keeping the kingdom afloat financially.

There are a number of funds a branch or a member of the populace can donate to. They include:

  1. Greater Officer Funds (there is one for each greater officer) - these are determined by creating a Greater Officer budget once a year. The fund is replenished using the General Fund. The fund is used to keep track of average expenses for the particular office.
  2. Royal Pavilion Fund - for the repair and maintenance of the Royal Pavilion.
  3. Love & Rose Fund - funds raised for a pavilion to be used as a gathering place at events.
  4. Kingdom Land Fund - to purchase property for use as a permanent site.
  5. Estrella Regalia Transport Fund - to pay for transporting regalia to Estrella War.
  6. Royal Travel Fund - to reimburse the Crown for travel to events within the kingdom which do NOT include the required Crown and Coronation events.
  7. Raven Travel Fund - to reimburse the Crown for travel to large events held outside of the Kingdom (e.g., Pennsic & Estrella Wars).
  8. General Fund - used for any reimbursement/expense which does not fall into any of the above restricted funds. It is primarily used for funding Kingdom events and reimbursing the Greater Officers (after being filtered through the appropriate Restricted Fund).

The funds which are almost always in need of donations are the Royal and Raven Travel Funds (mostly Royal).

Presenting Funds In Court: Although it looks really cool when a branch donates a tithe by presenting 1000 quarters (or whatever coin) to the Crown in court, it's really hard for the Kingdom Exchequer. The outcome is usually this: the money is counted out somewhere close to the thrones after the presentation. Even though it is counted 3 times by various people, the final total is never the same. A guess is made, and the money is taken to the bank. It is run through a counting machine, and if the machine's total is more than $5 less than the amount recorded on the receipt, the Kingdom Exchequer has to donate the money out of their own pocket to make up the difference.

The method the Kingdom Exchequer likes the BEST for presenting money to the Kingdom was created by Malcolm MacGregor (Kingdom Exchequer at the time) and Ian Cnulle of the Moneyers Guild.

  1. Have the branch write out a check for the exact dollar amount to be presented (to be made out to: Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. - Kingdom of An Tir).
  2. Give the check to Ian Cnulle of the Moneyers Guild (assuming this is a Crown event, which he always attends),who will provide you with the same value in actual gold/silver/whatever An Tir coins.
  3. Present this at court (they glint and tinkle quite nicely) and the money is passed back to retinue.
  4. The Kingdom Exchequer takes the box (or whatever container that are in) and walks back to Ian.
  5. The Exchequer hands the coins to Ian, Ian hands the Exchequer the check which the branch gave to him.

The branch gets to do a flashy presentation in court, the Kingdom Exchequer doesn't run the risk of being out of pocket, and Ian and the Moneyers Guild gets to see something near and dear to their hearts used and appreciated. Nice, eh?

If this isn't possible, the Kingdom Exchequer's second favorite method is having the branch carry up a very heavy chest which rattles like coins (but can actually be filled with whatever rattles like coins). The chest is opened for the Crown's eyes only, and the check is sitting on top. The retinue ooh's and aah's, and the chest is carried behind the thrones. The Exchequer takes the check, and the branch keeps its chest of heavy rattling stuff.

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