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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998

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The Arts & Sciences Championship Competition

Much of the information on the competition to become the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion has changed since the An Tir Handbook was published. You can find up-to-date information at the An Tir Kingdom Arts & Sciences website. (E.B. 27 Feb XXXVII)

The first Arts and Sciences Champion of An Tir was Mistress Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva, followed by Maestro Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia, Master Guerin de Bourgogne, Master Mark der Gaukler, and most recently the Honourable Linnet Kestrel.
For a list of past champions and pictures see the An Tir Kingdom Arts & Sciences - Past Champions page.

The Arts & Sciences Champion

by Master Guerin de Bourgogne

So you want to be Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion. It's a big job with specific duties and responsibilities. Here is a partial list.

First, you commit to being present at the next Kingdom A&S championship, and at all the coronations and crown tournaments during your tenure. Some of these will be in far off locations that you might not have gone to otherwise.

You will be in direct fealty to the current King and Queen, and their next two successors, no matter who they are. Consider this carefully.

You will be a kingdom champion, and will have to accept challenges to Their Majesties that fall in your domain. It is vitally important that there be recourse to non-fighters to challenge the champions - you are the person that must take up such challenges should they come up.

You will be expected to attend royal courts, and particularly, to process in with Their Majesties, whenever you are at an event with a court. You are part of the pageantry that makes the courts what they are.

You will have to wear the regalia and educate people as to what it represents when they don't know.

In a very real way, you represent the Crown when they are not present. Any dishonour you bring onto yourself you bring onto them. Any honours you bring onto yourself you reflect upon them.

You and the other champions have the right to sit at head table at banquets, subject to the presence of Their Majesties and the hosting nobility. Crown Princes and Princess, as well as territorial Princes and Princesses, have the similar right. Due to the usually limited size of the table you will have be reasonable and show courtesy.

You will be asked to teach in various fora. Be ready for it.

You will be asked to judge competition in areas of knowledge far distant from the ones you are familiar with - be prepared to educate yourself.

Remember, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion is an inspiration to all artisans in the realm. Play that part.

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