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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper's responsibilities include organizing activities for children under the age of twelve at Society events; promoting the welfare of children at Society events; educating children on age related topics about aspects of the Society and our historical period of study; and sharing knowledge with interested persons on children's activities. Anyone working with children may be required to provide additional information and submit references.

Pied Pipers are not baby sitters and should not be regarded as such.

Branch Pied Pipers
Branch Pied Pipers are responsible for organizing younger children's activities at S.C.A. events. Children's activities should be considered as an integral part of event planning, so that a suitable location can be set aside. Pied Piper activities can be simple: a coloring station set up with crayons and paper, a set of blocks, and other basic toys for drop-in play. Or they can be contests and tournaments, depending on the level of interest and help available. If possible, keeping toys and activities reasonably authentic, or at least not shockingly modern, is best. The amusement and enjoyment of the children should be the main priority.
In some branches the function of Preceptor of Pages and Pied Piper are combined into one office.


Quarterly reports by Pied Pipers should include: the number of events at which children's activities took place and the number of children who enjoyed them. Sharing ideas for activities is always helpful.

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