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The Marshalate

Marshals are responsible for making sure that all S.C.A. combat is conducted safely.

The Earl Marshal (a.k.a. the Kingdom Marshal)

The Earl Marshal is the chief martial officer of the Crown. The responsibilities of the Earl Marshal include: representing the Crown in the Crown's absence in supervising the fighting on a field of honor; interpreting and maintaining the marshalate standards and regulations of the Kingdom; facilitating the education of the populace in combat with the aim of encouraging authentic, safe, fair, and chivalric combat to the greatest extent possible; providing for the marshal-in-charge (M.I.C.) at kingdom-level tournaments; providing final approval or disapproval of equipment; formulating and maintaining relevant information on armor standards, conventions of combat, rules of the lists, etc., and publishing this information in the An Tir Book of Combat (a.k.a. the A.B.C., see Resources below). The Earl Marshal is also charged with establishing and maintaining the administrative deputies and staff necessary to uphold the Kingdom Marshalate.

Principality and Regional Marshals

Principality and Regional Marshals must be senior marshals in their venue. Their special duties include: acting as or appointing (with approval from the Earl Marshal) a senior marshal to act as the marshal-in-charge for any kingdom-level events which are held within their Principality/Region; giving recommendations for all marshal promotions within their Principality/Region; providing interim approval or disapproval of equipment within their respective venue (All non-standard weapons and armor approved must be reported to the Earl Marshal. The decisions of these officers may be appealed to their Deputy Earl Marshal.); and mediation of disputes arising from combat.

Branch Marshals (a.k.a. Branch Master of Stables)

A branch marshal oversees the administration of the marshalate in the local group. Their special duties are: seeing that information is made available to all fighters on armor standards, conventions of combat, rules of the lists, and any other information they are directed to distribute; ensuring that the local branch has trained marshals present at events; ensuring that fighters and marshals in the local branch receive proper training; supervising marshaling activities at events; assisting in the authorization of new fighters (this means giving local authorization, which is to be redone at kingdom level); and making sure that equipment conforms to the required minimums of the kingdom regulations as listed in the An Tir Book of Combat (See Resources below).

Minister of the Lists

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Armored Combat Marshal

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Royal Archer

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Kingdom Rapier Marshal

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Royal Equestrian

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Warlord of An Tir

A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Grades Of Marshal

A warranted marshal is any marshal who is on the kingdom roster. Only warranted marshals may decide questions pertaining to regulations or authorize fighters. There are several grades of marshals: senior marshals, junior marshals and apprentice marshals. There are also special marshals for rapier combat and for light combat/archery. No marshal may authorize a fighter unless they are a senior marshal within the specific discipline that the fighter wishes to be authorized in.

Authorization Cards

Only a senior marshal warranted by the Earl Marshal of a kingdom may perform an authorization. This marshal must witness the authorization and execute any appropriate paperwork to ensure that the authorization is registered with the Earl Marshal or the lists deputy. The philosophy of the kingdom of An Tir is not to regulate the use of a particular weapon, but to authorize the safe use of a weapon by the individual fighter. To become authorized the fighter should approach any senior warranted marshal, who then observes the fighter's skill with that weapon. If the marshal feels the fighter is skilled enough not to be a danger to the fighter or others, the marshal authorizes him or her to use the particular weapon. A marshal must be warranted in a specific discipline in order to authorize someone in it; e.g., a rapier marshal cannot authorize a armored fighter unless the rapier marshal is also a heavy marshal.

Authorizing Non-contact Participants

Non-contact participants such as banner-bearers, drummers or scouts in combat-related activities must be authorized by a warranted senior marshal in that appropriate venue who will ensure the participants meet the minimum armor requirements and understand their non-contact limitations. The marshal must witness the authorization and execute the appropriate paperwork to ensure that the authorization is registered with the Earl Marshal or the lists deputy. The requirements for the authorization process are found in the An Tir Book of Combat (A.B.C., see Resources below).


The M.I.C. is responsible for seeing that all combat waivers are properly collected and sent to the Kingdom Lists Deputy. In the United States, a paying member of the S.C.A. can show a valid membership card instead of signing a waiver. All others must sign a combat waiver. This must be done even at local fighting practices and demonstrations, as well as at wars, melees and tournaments.

Note that combat waivers are required for people participating in the combat, not for casual spectators. Combat waivers are different from site waivers, which must be signed by everyone attending a combat event.


  • The An Tir Book of Combat (a.k.a. the A.B.C.)
  • The Marshals Handbook
  • The Fighters Handbook
  • There are a number of resources available on the Internet (both WWW pages and e-mail lists) for S.C.A. officers. We recommend visiting both the S.C.A. Known World site at and the An Tir Kingdom site at

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