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The An Tir Handbook, 3rd Edition, May XXXIII/1998



  1. The laws of the modern jurisdictions where an event or activity is held. Modern laws always come first.
  2. The By-Laws of the Society
  3. The Corpora of the Society
  4. Governing & Policy Decisions (a.k.a. "G&PDs") of the S.C.A. Board of Directors. (Found at the end of Corpora.)
The G&PDs are interpretations of Corpora by the Board of Directors. The Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Corpora, and G&PDs are found in the Organizational Handbook. If you don't already have a copy, you can get one from the Society Stock Clerk (See "SCA Marketplace" under Membership Services). By An Tir Kingdom Law there should be a copy of the Organizational Handbook in every branch library.
  1. Kingdom Law
    The Laws of An Tir are published at least biannually in The Crier: as a separate supplement. Changes are published in The Crier. The Laws are created by the Crown of An Tir.
  2. The Word of the Crown (within the kingdom, and only for the duration of the reign)
  3. Principality Law (within the principality)
  4. The Word of the Coronet (within the principality, and only for the duration of the reign)

Kingdoms (not local branches) may follow custom or make law in areas where Corpora is silent, as long as they remain consistent with the general approach embodied therein.

In An Tir, the Crown's Word is law as long as it does not violate Modern Law, the By-Laws, Corpora, the G&PDs, or Kingdom Law. You should be prepared and willing to do as Their Majesties request. A proclamation from the Crown which is not incorporated into law is binding on all subjects who have notice of the proclamation for the duration of that reign. Notice may be actual notice or constructive notice given through the publication of the proclamation in The Crier.

Principalities can make laws which do not violate Modern Law, the Articles of Incorporation, Corpora, the G&PDs, and Kingdom Law.

Local branches may have charters. However, Corpora clearly says that these charters can only be binding on members as long as all of the members agree to be bound by them. Basically, local branches cannot make enforceable rules.

Household rules are only binding on members of a household as long as those members choose to follow them. Because households only have no official status in the Society, they have no precedence over any real rules or laws.

Keep in mind that we have a mingling of many cultures in the Society. Historical rules and mores which are appropriate to your persona do not control how you act. The Society has its own traditions and customs. If there is a conflict, the Society way of doing things is the appropriate way.

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