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The Chancellory Of The Exchequer

Exchequers are responsible for maintaining the financial records of their branch and for ensuring that all funds are spent to further the Society's non-profit, educational purpose. Branch Exchequers must maintain permanent, detailed books and records of all financial activity. All records must be retained for at least seven years.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (a.k.a. The Kingdom Exchequer)

The Chancellor of the Exchequer maintains the Kingdom financial records. He/she also acts as a member of the Council of the Exchequer. Standard administrative expenses are approved by the Council through each offices' budget done each year in January (usually at Twelfth Night). The Kingdom Exchequer must also be a signatory on all U.S. S.C.A. bank accounts, oversees the financial well being of the Kingdom and reviews the annual budgets submitted by all Kingdom Officers.

Deputies of the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

Kingdom Fund-raiser
A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below
Royal Chamberlain
A Lesser Office of State - See Lesser Offices Below
Principality Exchequers, Regional Exchequers, and the Guild-Ithra Deputy Exchequer.
The Principality and Regional Exchequers provide financial counsel to the branches within their territory. They also act as part of an audit team when a branch's books are audited.
The Guild-Ithra Deputy provides financial council to the Guilds, Ithra, and the College of Heralds.
Branch Exchequers
Branch Exchequers are responsible for the handling of all S.C.A. funds within their branch. According to Society Branch Financial Policy, each Branch is required to have a Financial Committee composed of two or more people and always including the Branch Seneschal and the Branch Exchequer. Therefore, the Branch Exchequer has considerable input into, but does not control, how the funds are spent. They are to encourage prudent use of funds which further the Society's not-for-profit purpose.
Special Reporting Requirements
An addition to the quarterly reports, Branch Exchequers must file an annual Doomsday Report for the reporting period January 1 through December 31. It is due February 1. All reports must be reviewed and signed by the branch Seneschal (or comparable officer) prior to being submitted to the Regional, Principality or Guild/Ithra Exchequer.
Canadian Branches are expected to report by sending a simple consolidated income/expense breakdown to the Principality/Regional/Guild-Ithra Exchequers and by submitting quarterly copies of bank statements/passbooks. They also need to show to the Principality/Regional exchequers that they are reporting to the appropriate agencies within Canada.

Resources for Exchequers

  • The Society Branch Financial Policy
  • The An Tir Branch Financial Policy
  • The Exchequer's Handbook
  • There are a number of resources available on the Internet (both WWW pages and e-mail lists) for S.C.A. officers. We recommend visiting both the S.C.A. Known World site at and the An Tir Kingdom site at

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