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The Chroniclers

Chroniclers are responsible for producing newsletters which keep S.C.A. members informed about events and activities within the area that the newsletter services and which educate their readers about aspects of the middle ages. No branch below the Kingdom level may have paid advertising in their newsletter.

The Kingdom Chronicler

The Kingdom Chronicler is in charge of all Society publications within the realm. The Chronicler is ultimately responsible for the regular publication of the Kingdom newsletter The Crier. Either directly or through deputies, the Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for: taking Curia minutes; publishing the updated Laws of An Tir; encouraging the publication of the results of research by any subject of the Crown; facilitating communication within the Kingdom; maintaining a record of events and other matters which may be of historical interest; and reviewing the newsletters within the Kingdom to make sure that they comply with Society policy, don't violate copyright laws, and present a favorable view of the Society.

The Crier Editor

A Lesser Officer of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Grete Boke

A Lesser Officer of State - See Lesser Offices Below

Stock Clerk

The Kingdom Stock Clerk sells educational materials and handbooks which are specific to An Tir.

Curia Minutes & Clerical Deputy

The Clerical Deputy keeps the minutes at Curia meetings and distributes them in a timely manner to Kingdom Officers and Royalty. Traditionally the minutes are published in The Crier.

Financial Deputy

The Financial Deputy handles the accounting functions of the Chronicler's office.

Principality and Regional Chroniclers

The Principality and Regional Chroniclers produce area newsletters or inserts for branch newsletters. They also act as a resource for branch chroniclers.

Branch Chronicler

Besides producing the branch newsletter, the branch chroniclers are responsible for keeping minutes of the branch business meetings and keeping a history of their branch. This latter function may be delegated to a branch Grete Boke officer.

Guild Chroniclers

A guild chronicler produces newsletters for their guild.

Officer Newsletters

Some offices; e.g., the Chirurgeon's Office, produce newsletters which keep their officers informed about developments in that area of endeavor.

Complimentary Copies

All branches or guilds which publish a newsletter are required by Kingdom Law to provide a complimentary copy each to the King, Queen, Crown Prince, Crown Princess, Kingdom Seneschal, and Kingdom Chronicler. It is encouraged that complimentary copies also be sent to the Grete Boke and Regional or Principality Seneschals and Chroniclers.


  • The Chroniclers Handbook
  • There are a number of resources available on the Internet (both WWW pages and e-mail lists) for S.C.A. officers. We recommend visiting both the S.C.A. Known World site at and the An Tir Kingdom site at

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