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Background Checks in An Tir

How to Get Background Checks in An Tir (September 2017, 70KB pdf)

Background Checks Deputy: backgroundchecks [at]

Baronial Polling

Baronial Polling Process (February 2006, 464KB pdf)

The Pollings Deputy: pollings [at]


Kingdom Calendar page

Kingdom Calendar Policy (January 2018, 78KB pdf)

Kingdom Calendar Procedures (January 2018, 69KB pdf)

Calendar Deputy: calendar [at]

Crier Listings Update Form

Crier Listings Update Form


Event Stewards of An Tir site

Kingdom Events Deputy: events [at]


An Tir Forms page

Administrative Projects (Forms) Deputy: adminprojects [at]

Governing Documents

SCA Organizational Handbook (Corpora, By-Laws, Corporate Policies, Articles of Incorporation)

SCA Sanction Guide (August 2016)

Seneschals Handbook (2014)

Society Seneschal Resource Documents

Society Financial Policy (April 2016)


To get a general insurance certificate, contact the Kingdom Seneschal, or, if you are in a Principality, your Principality Seneschal

SCA Insurance Ordering Instructions for Also-Named Insurance, as well as Equestrian and Golf Cart insurance

SCA Insurance FAQs (September 2016, 74KB pdf)

SCA Insurance Quick Reference (September 2016, 50KB pdf)


Laws of An Tir and the Principalities

An Tir Laws

The Summits Laws

Tir Righ Laws


An Tir Handbook 2016

Seneschal Checklist (35KB pdf)

Seneschaling Basics (158 KB pdf)

Waiver FAQ for Seneschal (111 KB pdf)

Marshal Tips for Seneschals and Events Stewards (111 KB pdf)

Kingdom Officers and Deputies

Kingdom Officers and Deputies




An Tir Culture Wiki

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